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  2. I can't blame him. Follow the money, I guess. He'll probably have T-Pain moment of entering The Masked Singer or something similar and shocking people that he is actually talented.

  3. Demi Lovato. Her voice is fine enough, but she tends to over-sing. Its like Demi, we know you have nice pipes, but you don’t need to sing everything like you’re doing an NFL national anthem. It’s really overwrought sometimes and it gets distracting.

  4. My best friend is a singing instructor and she calls Demi a "screlter" aka a scream belter. Whenever Demi tries to belt it makes me physically wince. I just can't listen to them.

  5. Camila Cabello. Please. Im so sorry. She has skills no doubt but it’s in the way she chooses to produce the sound of her voice and the stuff she does with it LOL 😭 even back in fifth harmony her sound stuck out in a bad way alot of the times

  6. I agree with this. I am an OT5 stan of FH but damn she always stand out when singing with them and it does not blend well with some of their songs 😭😭😭 Her voice is has a high pitch to it which to me (sometimes) is coming out as a squeak or she's just screaming 💀

  7. I remember I was really getting into her song “Consequences” and then she hit a falsetto “oo-oo-oo-ooooooo” at the bridge. Skillful? Yes. But it was way out of place.

  8. she sounded a lot better when she first auditioned for txf, in my opinion. She had great vocal control and though she was a bit extra, her voice was a lot more tolerable. I think she should’ve gone on as a solo artist on the show, I think that would’ve gotten her the proper vocal training and she could’ve come out of the show with a much better voice than the one she’s settled with now.

  9. I totally agree but I also think she has potential. She just needs a really decent vocal coach who leans into her lower register more, and also maybe just shouldn't sing pop. Don't get me wrong, I'm also okay if she just disappears.

  10. Demi in general seems to be her own worst enemy. I legitimately think she has one of the best voices of all the mainstream singers, a huge range too. If her PR team could just ban her from social media that would be a good start…

  11. Feels like every two years she releases a “raw” single where she’s screaming about her mental issues. It flops, she disappears briefly and then comes back and tries again.

  12. Being a victim is like her entire personality. She always sounds like an attention seeking teenager to me and at almost 30 years old it’s super cringey

  13. It really shows in the way he used to sing 'Harder To Breathe' back when the song first came out to how he sings it now. The guy is trying to hit notes that he can't hit anymore, and that's fine, that's mainly due to age. But there's just no emotion to his voice anymore, everything is so passive. Like, I hate 'Moves Like Jagger' but at least he sounds like he's having fun on that song.

  14. Sofia Carson. Her voice is technically good I suppose and she can emote decently well but her tone and the nasal quality of her voice is just off putting to me. She doesn't sounds like she enunciates well to me? And it sounds like nasally slurring when she sings.

  15. I‘ve can’t listen to Sofia Carson without hearing Camilla Cabello …and then preferring to listen to CC

  16. I understand her tone is an acquired taste. This is a unique choice! I recently got into her music and debut album like a month ago and I really like her voice. It's airy w/o mimicking Ariana and nasally but not too much like Camila. It's the perfect blend.

  17. Their voice invokes synesthesia to me but in a really bad way, they sound like the sensation of someone painting extremely dry wood with a latex-based paint.

  18. She’s so so talented, but Chloe oversings like no tomorrow. She often sounds like she’s trying to imitate Beyonce but throw in every vocal technique possible. I think when she’s with Halle she tends to pull back a bit and they balance nicely. Solo, she’s a LOT.

  19. Lorde has raw talent, but to me it just sounds like she’s trying to swallow all of the vowels as she’s singing them. Writer in the dark is the best example

  20. Christina Aguilera. Undoubtedly an absolutely superb voice but in my opinion just waaaay too brassy, waaay too showy and completely lacking in subtlety.

  21. It weird because she has a beautiful tone and she can add texture to it, it's the excessive runs and yelling in inappropriate parts of a song that can ruin it.

  22. The greatest line I ever heard about buble was where someone commented on a todd OHW about 'Me and Mrs Jones'. It went something like, "Buble's cover sounds like it's from the perspective of a high school student with a fantasy crush on his math teacher."

  23. When she belts out one of those long notes, it legitimately hurts my ears sometimes and they go on way too long, that’s my hot take. Vanity on bionic has one of those

  24. I thought immediately of her especially since there was a recent post talking about legacy and most of the comments were talking about her singing

  25. I'm sorry but I really cannot get behind Billie's whisper singing. She makes good music but I can only enjoy a handful of songs.

  26. As much as I like Billie, I think her voice is the least impressive part of her music. But she knows how to use it well when she needs to- I couldn’t imagine “Your Power” having the impact it has if she belted it, for instance.

  27. The hype around this girl's singing ability genuinely confuses me. When people first told me about her I was expecting something super different but I don't see her doing anything different from the huge swath of whiper singers before her.

  28. I agree- it's fine in small doses. I think that she has a genuinely beautiful voice that she isn't utilizing. She could be a great jazz singer. It'll be interesting to see how her music evolves over time.

  29. Maybe it's cause I have severe misophonia, but the whole era of ASMR in my music really really bothers me. I can't listen to her or else it gets me really angry

  30. I've compared Trey Songz's voice to a bleating sheep or goat. He has a really nice singing voice, but some notes he hits it sounds like he's bleating.

  31. When I listened to “The Kids Are Alright” (album) by Chloe x Halle, my take on them was “excellent voices but something about it is almost too good and a little overwhelming.” I really loved Ungodly Hour, though so I think they got better at using their voices in a way that I didn’t find overwhelming.

  32. They were quite young when the first album was released, as they get older, they’ll just keep getting better. I really liked Ungodly Hour and I love Chloe’s solo singles

  33. ariana grande, she has so much range but she hasnt moved from that weird, high-pitched “yuh” style in AGES and no hate at all, but i kind of cant stand it.

  34. She demonstrated more vocal acrobatics on her earlier albums. She's not going to try singing you under the table like she would have on My Everything or Dangerous Woman, but she still has it in her to do that. My friend prefers the live version of "God is a Woman" to the recorded version for that reason.

  35. I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion or everyone thinks this but I couldn’t care less about good-singing. I’d take someone who makes good music over someone who has the best voice in the world yet makes boring music

  36. I love Olivia Rodrigo as a talented young artist and I love her personality. I know she has a good voice but I just don’t like it. I’m sorry and feel guilty to say that.

  37. Her voice and singing style sounds so common. Like, if I play a random indie pop (not sure if that's the right genre) singer, she sounds just like them.

  38. I loved sour, but to me her voice sounds like she hadn’t found her unique voice yet. She still sounds like she’s trying to mimic Lorde or Hayley Williams when she sings their style of songs. Instead of find her own niche.

  39. Honestly, she is still young and Sour was recorded around the time she was 16 to 17 years old. Her voice has still got time to develop. She's already starting to get a bit more confident with her belts. I feel like I will be able to truly judge her after a few years, she's still in the debut era.

  40. To me she just sounds...high school. And I don't mean her age, just her skill level. I am curious to hear how her voice evolves as she gains more experience and skills.

  41. My two in this category are Alecia Keys and Darius Rucker. Both of them can’t hold a note without it turning down and going flat. Don’t believe me? Give them an objective listen. It makes me cringe every time they do it.

  42. Aw man. I’m with you on Keys 100%, she was going to be my pick. but I’ve never thought Darius’ voice was anything other than wonderful.

  43. I cannot stand Charlie Puth’s voice, when I hear his falsetto I just turn it off. It’s his voice and his songs for some reason they just irritate me. The only song I like by him is Marvin gay and get it on. The rest of them I refuse to listen to.

  44. Omg really? That's his worst song. I hate that song in general - how did they make a song about Marvin Gaye's let's get it on into the most SEXLESS piece of music ever??? Bubblegum K-pop is sexier than that song.

  45. "How Long" and "Done For Me" off his sophomore album have him using a lower register than usual, so you might enjoy them more than other songs of his you've been exposed to.

  46. I absolutely love Bon Iver’s deep voice, but I’m not a fan of the high falsetto he uses most of the time.

  47. I don’t think anyone thinks he’s a good singer tho… his songs are catchy which is why he’s famous but his voice objectively sucks

  48. Her voice is bad and the production on this song (and other songs of hers I've heard) is real bad. It's like 808s don't exist where she's from.

  49. Kacey Musgraves 😬 Something about her tone is just very…tinny to me? I can’t stand it. Don’t tell my friend who worships her pls

  50. As a moderate Kacey fan, I get you. Wait until they filter her voice with excessive autotune. Ugh. I hated starcrossed because of that.

  51. She sometimes sings like the equivalent of when people have "dead eyes". And I love her and a lot of her tracks, but until 30, a lot of the album cuts did nothing for me other than grate on my nerves.

  52. Adele needs to start leaning into the more uptempo/energetic stuff at this point - she ran the ballad shtick into the ground with 30.

  53. Yep. Even when live, you know you’re gonna get that same version of the song. No extra notes, no having fun with it, no impromptu runs or adlibs. Just the radio cut….but sang kinda flat.

  54. Bruno Mars. Great singer but I just don't like his voice color, it annoys me and I can't explain why. Nothing against the guy tho

  55. this is how i feel about all of his artistry. he's a fantastic performer, an accomplished songwriter, and i am the exact person his whole throwback homage schtick would appeal to, and yet! i can't get into him. i almost feel bad that i didn't care for silk sonic. the project seemed perfectly engineered for me but my feelings are aggressively neutral

  56. Voice color is the perfect way to describe it! He doesn't really do my style of music, but the tone of his voice drives me absolutely batty.

  57. Christina Aguilera singing a Christmas song, OMG, girl ur about to blow our ear drums out. It's a Christmas song, u shouldn't be belting like that. We get it, we know u know how to sing but u shouldn't be overdoing it

  58. I love Christina so much and have her Christmas album, but legitimately cannot stand to listen to it! The label was really trying to make her Mariah there and it did not work

  59. Adele. even after her vocal issues & “fixing” her voice she still has bad technique. she often strains at the top of her range and goes flat/sharp a lot. i can’t stand that video of her singing To Be Loved that everyone was obsessed with because it’s a prime example of this

  60. everyone always raves about how amazing of a vocalist she is, and i’m more inclined to believe it’s because they don’t know any other mainstream singer rn who just stands onstage and sings ballads 😭 but she’s really a b-list singer at best, her range is so limited and she can’t do much with her voice.

  61. Shakira. Some of her songs are good enough to ignore that but in others (mostly released after 2010) I really can't stand her voice.

  62. I had to scroll way too far for this one. I know she's technically a great singer, but there's something offputtingly nasally or airy about her voice that just doesn't click with me

  63. i love her voice typically but hate when she does the super nasally singing, it's really pervasive on certain songs like no tears left to cry and one last time and they're almost unlistenable

  64. Agree. She is very talented but i just can’t get into it. Every song sounds the same and I can’t understand what she is saying

  65. Jennifer Hudson is my go-to for stuff like this. By all accounts has a great instrument but over sings nearly every song. Like girl, you’re not on AI anymore you don’t have to sing to survive.

  66. She would have killed in the power ballad era but she’s wasted on the music she’s put out. It’s too much too much of the time on uninteresting songs.

  67. Adele and Sam Smith. Like it just feels draining. Not emotionless cus I know it's emotional but it has like an emotionless feel to it? I really don't know how to describe it😩

  68. For me, Halsey has never evolved beyond that video of them singing Blink-182 in a mall. Every song sounds like the

  69. my more recent one is Maggie Rogers which pains me to say. i didn’t notice it as much on her first album but on Surrender she sometimes has this extremely nasally, wailing-type sound to her voice that grates on my ears. it happens especially in Horses and Anywhere With You

  70. I hate Miley’s voice. I love her songs and she has some bangers, but find her voice really grating.

  71. I’m kind of the opposite on her. I hate almost all of her music but I LOVE her voice and think it has so much potential and grit and such an interesting timbre. Probably my favourite female vocalist currently in pop.

  72. I loved her voice so much more before her rock era, like in the backyard sessions, her summertime sadness cover, and the happy hippie performance. Now i kind of worry about how she’s using it, she still sounds good and I do think she suits rock but I feel like with the way she sounds now she’s heading toward ruining her voice. Idk I could be wrong about that but I just preferred how it sounded in those earlier times I mentioned.

  73. I'll say this as a Miley fan, I really don't like the thing she's doing lately (post 2020) where she overexaggerates her husky voice. I prefer when she sings more naturally like in Unholy, Space Bootz (lower register) or FU (higher register).

  74. Ariana Grande’s voice is beautiful but can’t take her seriously when she doesn’t enunciate the words

  75. I struggle with Beyonce. I have to really really like a song to enjoy it with hers. Something about her voice doesn’t do it for me, but I know that she is a great singer.

  76. With Beyonce I always beg her to catch a breath. Good voice, good technique, but doesn't really use dynamics in her singing. Not everything need to constantly be dialed to 10 or 11. Sometimes 3 or 4 is more appropriate.

  77. It’s her tone. She’s objectively a great singer, but her tone doesn’t really give certain songs emotional layers. I have this same problem with Adele. Belting doesn’t help either.

  78. Yes her technical skill is excellent but the natural tone of her voice is just not especially pleasant. Loooooving every track on Renaissance though and I think she mostly sounds fantastic on it.

  79. I appreciate her singing and she has a lot of AMAZING songs, I love her debut and lemonade, but I don't get what people see in her tone. It's got nothing special. I really enjoy her belts and growls and the weight she carries in her singing

  80. I used to actually be the exact same towards her! Then something just clicked and when it clicked...it really clicked.

  81. I have the same struggle as well. I find that she makes her songs wayyyy to complicated for me enjoy. And i agree that she is an amazing singer.

  82. Thom Yorke's technique is not objectively good, he just uses his voice really tastefully. But there are some times where I agree that he sounds insufferable.

  83. Justin Bieber. He"s got a good voice and I'd like it if he did other genres, like maybe rock or Indie, but I hate his style of music. It's too bubblegum tween pop for me lol

  84. I agree. He’s trying to go R&B but he really doesn’t have the right voice for that and it makes him sound like a child. But yeah he’d be better off doing pop/punk tbh. His voice reminds me more like today’s pop/punk singers than with today’s R&B singers.

  85. Ugh. Demi Lovato. She has an amazing voice, dare I say one of the most powerful of this generation. But she tends to oversing and try to hit the highest note possible. It all comes off as yelling. Take Walk The Line w/ Xtina for example. A song with some beautiful parts but is for the most part a screaming match.

  86. Jennifer Hudson, she’s an amazing singer but when she goes for them high notes, it’s so squeal-y and annoying.

  87. One of the main reason I never listen to Bieber is his vocals super annoying to me, the only song that I love by him and I think it fits his tone perfectly is Love Yourself

  88. Not a fan of Florence Welch, I feel that she just yell-sings and the power of her voice distracts from the fact she has a fairly limited range. Also Sia. Can’t stand her voice and a lot of her songs are super annoying.

  89. Demi lovato. She has a fantastic voice but I always feel like she just likes to show off her vocal chops. It’s gotten better ever since tell me you love me but early on it was a bit insufferable.

  90. I'm ready to lose my life and say Ariana Grande. She is so talented holy shit, I just can't stand what feels like nose singing? Same deal with Mariah Carey

  91. i know britney has a good voice but i cannot stand listening to most of her songs. something about her vocals just hit my ear the wrong way

  92. I literally LOVE The Weeknd but he has two voices: his Album Deep Cuts Voice and his This Is Going To Be A Single Voice — I can always understand what he’s saying on his singles, but his album deep cuts his voice is always so damn high and I can maybe get 30% of what he’s saying

  93. It's interesting because I love him and his vocal color but I'm not always fond of high pitched vocalists. He also changes the pitch and rearranged some of his concert songs indicating that he's not always comfy singing in their originally recorded pitches

  94. Jacob Collier is probably one of the most talented singers/musicians today. But his vocals just have a weird… quality, I guess. If you’ve ever heard him sing, you know what I’m talking about. I hate that sound for no reason. But I like when he provides backup vocals to songs, like when he did that song “Erase Me” with Lizzy McAlpine

  95. He's insanely good and super talented, and I really enjoy his live performances and his interactions with the audience. But damn, I don't like a single one of his songs. I just can't enjoy them.

  96. Liam Payne has, and has always had, such a boring voice. It was even worse when he was part of 1D as Harry and Zayn had much more interesting voices (especially after the first few albums when they were allowed to do their own thing a bit more)

  97. I know he is not a vocalist but Lil' Wayne is an amazing rapper and lyricist yet his voice is super annoying (I still listen to him tho lol)

  98. Florence Welch, but only during the Ceremonials era. Pitchfork said it’s like she’s simply holding out a single note at top volume for an hour and they’re right. Her technique was awful and her voice really wasn’t clean enough for the style she was going for, even though it worked for Lungs.

  99. Beyoncé. I don’t like her singing anymore and the style of her music isn’t what is was back during bday. Bday was her vocal peak in my opinion. I miss her high soprano voice and runs, she can’t really sing like that anymore

  100. Why is every comment like, "I'm sorry but [person who is not an undoubtedly good singer]'s voice really annoys me,"? Did y'all miss the prompt?

  101. If the tryhard edgelord stereotype had a voice, it would be Dorian Electra's. The way that teenagers who do the cringey anime/game character exaggerated bouncy movements to record themselves lipsyncing to songs, in their heads they sound like Dorian Electra.

  102. I remember watching Dreamgirls for the first time and then I watched for Beyonce, I waited for her solos... Then I heard Jennifer Hudson. Beyonce's voice became just good, not amazing, but good. The way Jennifer emotes, the power of her voice, the growls and lightness in the right places. Anyone would pale in comparison, but since then I just don't put Beyonce on the pedestal like before, she's good, not great

  103. Lot of the top comments here keep boiling down to the same thing. "I know x has great voice and their ability to do y is incredible, but why do they have to do it all the time" Y is most commonly going for the highnotes with slight variation on technique based on the singer. Lot of singers should remember that just because they can, doesn't mean they always should.

  104. Billie Eilish. Her songs sound fine on radio but hearing her live i just wanna yell at the TV " speak up girl, stop whispering"

  105. I understand her Adult Contemporary-leaning ballads might not be everybody's cup of tea, but she has a very diverse catalogue, so I would recommend you to give her another shot.

  106. A lot of Beyoncé's music is just really over sung for me. Listened to 4, Beyoncé, and Lemonade to prepare for Renaissance, but really Lemonade is the only one I connect to. So many different styles and emotions in there, where with the others I think she has so many songs that are Diva Belting and full of riffs that it distracts from the lyrics. Lemonade has her best vocal performances because they sound more natural in service of the story she's telling.

  107. ariana grande was the first that came to my mind. beyonce is a great vocalist but I don't like her voice color. miley's voice is good with rock music but anything other than that is a miss for me. in kpop, I don't like rosé voice at all. i know people call her '' golden voice '' or something like that but i cannot stand it. IU voice is too high pitched for me. she makes my ears hurt.

  108. I know Adele's voice is amazing, but I can't enjoy her music and the intense vocal runs as something I would listen to regularly.

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