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  2. This was my most anticipated album and I'm completely underwhelmed. Best song on the album is Stay With Me Part 2. Also Chloe killed her verse on Woman of the Year, just wish the whole song was like that. The magic of Vol 1 is completely missing and a lot of the rap features don't exactly work. Also why are the choruses so lacking??? I also surprisingly liked Busta Rymes track but agree with others about the sound mixing, just is off throughout the album. Disappointed to say the least.

  3. This record is so cohesive that 90% of the songs sound alike. 💀 I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU! HOW DARE YOU!

  4. Honestly I'm confused, it almost seems like a prank so that people won't ask for vol 3. A lot of it is a bit too similar for me. The mixing is all over the place, especially with the vocals. What did normani, busta rhymes and especially charlie puth do to piss off Calvin harris for him to mess with their vocals. Normani's are chopped up, busta rhymes sounds like he recorded it through a zoom call and Charlie's sound pitched down or something. Half of the instrumentals sound weirdly low quality (not in a fun, purposeful sounding way). Tinashe, jorja smith, snoop dogg and the 6lack song are the highlights to me. New money could be good if someone sang the Chorus, imo 21 savage is too monotone to carry the song. Maybe itll grow on me, but first impression is a no.

  5. @the person who replied to my comment then deleted it. you shouldve left it up, it was an interesting comment, unless you completely made it up.

  6. Gotta take shenseaa off it tho she was total ass. No one wants to hear a verse that just complains about men with no other substance

  7. overall i think it fits the vibe of volume 1 but the string of collaborators are what made this worse and to top it all off songs on this album has a common problem, a weak chorus in almost every songs

  8. My expectations were low based on the singles but jeez… I didn’t think it would be this bad. Almost all of the tracks sound the exact same: empty and no climax. I think it also doesn’t help that there’s so many rap features and most of them don’t even fit the tracks. Woman of the Year, Stay with Me and New to You are the only ones I can see myself listening to often.

  9. wait guys am i legit crazy or can you hear an obvious mouse click after swae lee says "nobody asks how you feel" in the chorus. ive rewinded it multiple times but cant identify the sound

  10. The main issue I have this album is that it's the same basic formula repeated over 14 tracks. There's very little variation in the sound or tempo. I might be more forgiving if this was a quick follow-up to vol 1, not something released 5 years later. That said, I do like most of the singles already released and some of the new tracks. Jorja Smith's vocals on Somebody Else are so good.

  11. This. All the beats were extremely similar. Vol. 1 had a lot of variety while still being cohesive. Vol 2 is cohesive to the point where it sounds like the same song for 40 minutes.

  12. The comments have me quivering girl like did we really wait 5 years for daddy Calvin to drop vol 2 only for it to be a mess?? Someone say sike quickly

  13. It's good, and fun. Not as good as Vol 1 but most will like it. This is the reddit dirt bags with no life and want attention listening on their old flip phones.

  14. I think it's fine honestly, far from my favourite project of the year but it's breezy and fun. I'll never not get a kick out of 21 Savage rapping about turning someone to chicken noodle soup.

  15. Unpopular opinion but this album isn’t as bad as people are making out, it’s actually similar to Vol 1 but I think the fact it’s more laidback and has less major features is making people’s opinions skewed.

  16. Yeah I went in expecting the worst from these comments and it sounds.... just like vol 1. I think people are remembering Vol 1 a loooooot better than it was.

  17. Music isn't like food, it's like drugs. Lukewarm, kind of okay music isn't still sustenance the way that lukewarm, kind of okay food is. Lukewarm, kind of okay drugs don't actually get you high, they just leave you with a bad cough or a nose full of powder for no good reason. The "standout hits" are the only songs that ever actually feel like anything, at least as far as this genre is concerned.

  18. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE vol1 but man vol2 is the definition of mid. Stay With Me is a total bop but the lyrics on this album feel like they were written in 10 minutes as a first draft. Super generic lyrics without many catchy hooks. Vol1 had some wack lyrics but the production was at least varied and the songs were BOPS. This is an album without anything standout and after vol1 had so many awesome tracks this is a huge disappointment. The production is solid but the lyrics and hooks leave much to be desired. It feels like the leftover tracks that didnt make vol1.

  19. On my TL I saw Calvin Harris blocked a mutual of mine today on Twitter bc they said he lost his spark lmao....and I can tell he knows it too.

  20. I was LITERALLY gonna tag you tell you he included the extended part from Stay Wit Me video— like Calvin, babe, you should have thrown away part 1. Part 2 tore the fuck up. James Fauntleroy can write a fucking song!

  21. One thing I will point out is Nothing More To Say, 6LACK sounds absolutely fantastic on the track and suits the beat very well…it’s just once Donae’o comes ending every line with “nanananana” it completely takes away from the song.

  22. The new Chainsmokers album actually kinda slaps, it's a slow burn but it has became one of my favorites this year so far

  23. God dammit Calvin. Please make EDM again. 18 Months style. You can do it. You made My Way and By Your Side. You can do it, you just don’t want to.

  24. For me, this album is the perfect example of an album that I listen to just once, and never again. There's no f*king reason to listen again. Absolutely monotonous and without soul.

  25. Wait, Slide is from Funk Wave vol. 1— but I agree, I prefer his EDM records. EDM isn’t big on major pop radio so I get why he’s sticking with this sound again.

  26. The melodies and production on this album are all fucking great and will be enough to keep this in rotation for a little bit…but man some of the vocal performances here really prevent the songs from reaching their full potential.

  27. I don't understand how the melodies are great. The whole album sounds the same. Utter disappointment.

  28. I feel like the only person in the entire world that likes this more than Vol 1... The only song that stuck with me on that album is Feels. I love Stay with Me (one of my favorite songs of the year) and Woman of the Year is really really good, I also like Potion a decent amount. I just prefer this laid-back feel than most of the first album

  29. SAME maybe it’s because I’m high at the pool rn but I find the vibes and flow of this album rather satisfying 👌🏻

  30. These songs will not be on rotation except like 2. I feel like all the features phoned it in except Justin Timberlake IMO, who was great. Apparently one of Busta’s verses was taken from another song? How strange if that’s true.

  31. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: this is on par with Vol. 1, and the overwhelming hate is due to people looking back with rose-tinted glasses.

  32. Uh, gotta hard disagree. Nowhere is there a track that matches Rollin's brilliant synth lead, Feels' sticky af guitar, or Slide's Frank Ocean feature. So many of the tracks are suprisingly low energy, and many of the features sound so out of place. Woman of the Year has nearly the same bassline as Slide, and it's so much less interesting here.

  33. Yeah this album isn’t as bad as people are making it out to be. It’s just that Vol. 1 was so top notch that people held their standards to that

  34. Omg these comments are scaring me rn. I loved funk wav bounces 1, but I have a feeling this new one is going to be a huge setback. Im hoping I enjoy this album

  35. It’s not horrendous as people are saying. None of the tracks reach Slide or Feels level but they’re songs I’d put on a summer playlist. Like I’ve said in a comment before, I think people held Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 in such high regard that they unfairly compare this one to a top tier album

  36. I don't think it's bad, but the mixing is inconsistent. Like, the vocals on 'Somebody Else' sound louder than the rest of the album for some reason, and "Potion" sounds like it was filtered through 2008 YouTube quality. Also this has to be the quietest Snoop feature of all time, dude sounds half asleep.

  37. Personally, I think it was a mistake not having Tinashe and Normani trade off lines or harmonize or do something cool together with their vocals on "New to You"

  38. Listened to this a few times at home and in the car. Don’t write it off, let it play through in different environments.

  39. Was waiting for that one guitar solo on the Lean on Me for the entire album. I got what I wanted, i am happy

  40. What a fucking snoozefest, I turned it off halfway through. I love Calvin Harris but yikes, this is not it. Volume 1 was better.

  41. 5 years worth of waiting for this album, I love all the tracks, but it’s still hard to find my favorite one. This album is so good and has its own uniqueness, please don’t compare it to volume 1.

  42. this is just as samey and bad as vol. 1 was. idk why people are just realizing it now. he needs to go progressive/house again

  43. Incredible production, beats, chords, and very near perfect composition to the songs. Like you can really tell Calvin Harris is a natural talent. However, it’s all ruined with the shitty vocals. It’s like Harris threw a dart at a list of names with whoever he thought could make his songs go viral. These collaborations are so forced. Charlie Puth has the best feature followed by Jorja Smith. I love hip-hop but most of the rap verses were so uninspired and cringe. It just felt outdated. Hayley Williams does not belong on this album. The Busta Rhymes feature was kind of cool but I think the juxtaposition of Rhymes’ loud dirty raw-ness is kind of dissonant and overpowering to the instrumental. Like Logic, for instance, could have a similar flow and I think it would sound familiar. This album was a disappointment. Wish he would’ve done a collab with Beyonce since she’s in her funk / disco era rn. She has the appropriate vocals to compliment Harris.

  44. I personally prefer the instrumentals of vol. 2 over 1, but it's hard to argue that the features are handled better. Some of them are clearly just send-in's and have no chemistry or sense of interaction with the artists. And sticking some artists by themselves (Swae Lee and 21 savage) was a big mistake, because they cannot hold their own on these kinds of tracks. There are definitely some highlights, and I don't find much offensive, but i do not think there will be a vol. 3.

  45. So disappointing I listened to Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1 religiously and was so excited for this follow up. My favorite song is definitely Stay With Me.

  46. I haven’t listened yet but people are maybe being too harsh on the album as I also found vol 1 underwhelming apart from the singles until it massively grew on me overtime. So I’ll let vol 2 simmer as well. Although I will say I wasn’t massively impressed with these singles so far.

  47. I very rarely talk about an album before I've listened to it at least 3-4 times... But I'm 9 tracks in and I don't see this getting any better. I was so excited for this. I had given up hope on getting a Vol. 2 and the announcement came out of nowhere, but now I'm wishing that this all never happened. This album just sounds so lazy.

  48. Quite the contrary. Vol 2 is the live beach party. There’s more live instruments and natural sounds. Vol 1 was more of a playlist of tracks thrown together. Arguably, Vol 1 is much better in terms of bangers and fun songs, but Vol 2 is much more chill. He said this album is more psychedelic and smooth like Tame Impala for example. After a few listens in the car and home speakers, this is honestly a great album to chill to with friends.

  49. I only listened to first half of it (I plan to continue listening tonight) and I think it's nice. My fav for now is Potion (Dua sounds so great here).

  50. I fell in love with Vol 1 back in 2017, and I hoped for a Vol 2 for years, so I was incredibly excited when I heard there would be a Vol 2 after all.

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