1. The upgrade in production and composition from your last post I saw is very noticeable! Great job man keep on improving.

  2. Thanks bro, we both have youtube channels and all that so follow us there if you wanna see what we end up doin next :D

  3. Wow…just wow, I remember commenting months ago telling you how to improve a little and by gosh man…you sure have improved. Incredible. Haven’t seen anyone else saying this yet…but…sounds very Manuel Gardner Fernandez to me🤣

  4. Hey guys just lemme know if I shouldn't post this here or if I should stop posting or that type of thing. Obv this isn't directly Polyphia related but we both have Thbb10's and I thought you guys might like it. Please go easy on me lol

  5. I like it a lot. And thanks for upgrading your camera, it makes a difference. Also the fact that you used cuts instead of trying to do it all in one take is good.

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