1. Cancelling the peaceful expression of one group at the threat of violence by another group only emboldens those who would use violence to get what they want.

  2. I mean if they really were offended by guys in drag reading to kids. The actual answer is pretty simple. They should just volunteer to read to them instead. And take up all the open slots. Which explains why violence was their only answer.

  3. Imagine what kind of loser is terrified of checks notes drag queens. I wish I could show them some pics of Bob Hope and Milton Berle in drag.

  4. I was hoping to see a regular occurrence of armed guards at these types of events. Surrendering to this will only cause more of it. They now know they can win simply by announcing their intent to show up.

  5. It’s worse then that, this was also an attack on our freedom of religion. A supposedly “Christian” group just got away with threatening to attack another denomination’s house of worship… the holy wars are upon us again.

  6. I would normally agree, but I wouldn't want them to show up with kids there. Turns out they'll show up and do major felonious damage just for a normal drag show. 18+. I live in NC and they just shot up a couple of substations. Cut power to 40k people...and the drag show. Be like that till Thursday or so. Residence, hospitals, fire departmens, business. All shut down. They're crazy. It's still conjecture, but it's not hard to put 2 & 2 together.

  7. And try cry about "censorship" on Twitter. They are liars and those that aren't lying about thinking that's happening are the dumbest people on the planet.

  8. Republicans have their own Nazi-style Brownshirts now. Looks like they've decided to go all in on the fascist tactics.

  9. It's weird that they're so willing to show up to a library all decked out in gear to stop people from reading to kids while never volunteering to read to the kids themselves. There's all sorts of time for army cosplay and terrorism, but not 10 minutes to read The Hungry Caterpillar.

  10. Meanwhile I’m over here working 50-60 hours/week and wishing I had that kind of free time. (Albeit to do something positive rather than just to show up somewhere to intimidate others who are simply expressing themselves.)

  11. Well, in all fairness they were expecting that they would get to murder some people. And that's really what they want.

  12. Why the fuck aren't the police armed and standing in front of them completely blocking them and recording everything, including facial close ups? This is our future if we don't stop it now!

  13. Stop calling terrorists protesters. It’s playing into their game of painting civil rights protesters as terrorists.

  14. The statement from the police department, where they try to "both sides" this bullcrap by equating an armed wannabe militia with a handful of people counterprotesting by waving flags is one of the most disgusting things I've had opportunity to read in a while. Disgraceful.

  15. I’m so sick of these fucking Nazis. And no, it’s not hyperbole anymore to use that term. The Nazis founded their political movement on hatred of other people, and they engaged in that rhetoric well before we actually got to WWII, and these people are doing the same

  16. There is no such thing as an “Armed Protest.” If you are coming armed you aren’t protesting. You are intimidating at best, and more likely levying threats

  17. They can play games with calling them protesters but shooting up a substation to know out power for political reasons Especially involving an armed protest and they should Absolutely be a charge of Terrorism.

  18. They have all this time, equipment and energy to “demonstrate” against perfectly harmless storytime, but I’ve yet to hear about Proud Boys marching against child beauty pageants and the like.

  19. That is so true. And nobody is forcing to have their children participate in the storytime, why do they all all of the sudden care what parents choose to choose their kids to participate in? If rather my kids go to drag storytime than let them be an alter boy at the catholic church I went to as a kid...

  20. They're using "protecting children" as a cover for "hating gay people". I'm sure in a month or two they'll be outright saying the latter, as the right-wing wackos seem to do eventually.

  21. I haven’t seen a drag Queen be arrested yet on molesting children. The GOP on the other hand, I have. It’s also called terrorism.

  22. I feel sorry for the people that felt unsafe because of “protestors”. Normally, you don’t bring guns to a protest, not sure how that was allowed by the police. But sadly, this very kind of thing is the reason I moved out of Ohio.

  23. The constitutional right to “defend yourself” has morphed into people using guns to scare the shit out of people they don’t like while cops just shrug.

  24. Yeah, unless they’re some trained group like the old black panthers or that gun club that defended a bar doing a drag show from protesters, bringing guns to protests is just a recipe for something bad to happen.

  25. Effective June 13, 2022, Ohio Senate Bill (S.B.) No. 215, which Governor Mike DeWine signed into law, permits a "qualifying adult" to legally carry, possess, or conceal a handgun without a license, background check, or training requirements.

  26. The line is being drawn by these terrorists. If we want to be able to peacefully hold events/assemble against the wishes of terrorists then apparently we need to show up armed to the teeth as well. I wonder if stand your ground laws will apply when the far right start getting capped for being intimidating. The state of this country is unreal.

  27. Armed individuals should start showing up at churches when sunday schools about to begin. I'm pretty sure a kids much more likely to be molested in church than at a drag queen story event.

  28. I’ve seen news reports calling these “right wing protestors”, fuck that, these are terrorists, plain and simple. I don’t bring my assault rifle to a protest.

  29. I am a member of a local leftist org, The Columbus PD intentionally scuffed organizing the security around the event, so the Drag queens had to order their own security, and still didn't feel safe around the event, so they cancelled last minute. And afterwords with these fucking nazi pricks still decided to hang out with loaded firearms, we saw the same CPD officers high fiving and chit-chatting with the PB/PF.

  30. Sadly, we already know the answer- they refused to send more than one or two, probably because of the mysterious number of cops taking a “sick day” *wink wink

  31. Just gonna put it out there that armed protest should be illegal. Bringing guns to an argument makes no fucking sense. Its an impLicit threat of violence, so why isn't that a crime?

  32. Why the fuck aren't armed people surrounding a legal event to prevent it taking place, considered to be "brandishing" a weapon and therefore illegal?

  33. I remember the last time I was upset at something and had to bring 5 of my friends somewhere in full tactical gear with enough ammo to kill the whole town twice. /s

  34. "U.S. Ohio drag queen storytime canceled amid domestic terrorism by Christian Taliban" . There fixed your headline for you.

  35. This is who those "macho tough guys" chose as "the enemy". It speaks volumes about their cowardice and insecurities. They are so weak and pathetic. They are terrorists pure and simple.

  36. Aren’t these the people who complain that no one wants to work anymore? Why aren’t they at work? Who has time to play dress up in the middle of the day? Go to work and mind your business.

  37. And these 'proud' boys are obviously biding their time to actually start shooting because they know that right now the system will let them continue to encroach upon other people's freedoms until such time that when they do start shooting, nobody will intervene.

  38. Just keep putting out info that every town is holding some form of whatever the fuck will bring these clown cars to use up resources. Set those honeypots to drag them across a tour of our great lands

  39. Thank god these brave supporters of them 2nd Amendment were there to checks notes stop children from being read to.

  40. https://res.cloudinary.com/teepublic/image/private/s--PeXHpINv--/t_Preview/b_rgb:c62b29,c_limit,f_jpg,h_630,q_90,w_630/v1525898546/production/designs/2670951_0.jpg

  41. All these drag queens need to call out Bobby or Billy as it's a common name and say I suck yo dick last night why you doing this today. There are ALWAYS a Bobby and Billy at any far right group.

  42. It's weird cause just 2 weeks ago, conservatives over on all the right wing news were making fun of "Antifa" for being armed and protecting drag queens.

  43. Fucking fascists. Narcissist assholes making the world a worse place for everyone by spreading hate and terror.

  44. So when did forcing your children to go to church with you and abide by all of the rules of your pastors choice mean anything other than grooming? Cause im pretty damn sure thats grooming too. Especially when the pastor spends absurd amounts of time alone with young members of the congregation doing 1 on 1 chats to help rid them of their demons or whatever the cover story is 🤔

  45. This is the sad thing, really. I very much agree, in theory, with all the people saying "don't cancel it or you let them win." This is true. But while I'm sure there are many willing adults who'd face off with these assholes all day, it doesn't feel right to take children into that level of threat, and I don't know many people who would. The "keep your chin up and continue" approach is the right one.... But probably not when unsuspecting kids are the ones being put in the literal firing line.

  46. Fark me, they’re mad at Unitarians? Why? Unitarians are among the most well meaning but poorly coordinated people on the planet. Question: how many Unitarians does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: honestly, no one knows. The report of the Working Committee on Lighting Sanctuaries and Other Places of Worship isn’t scheduled to come out until September of next year and that will only be preliminary. And these people are so polite they won’t clap in church for fear it will startle someone.

  47. It's only a matter of time before these nazis start showing up at synagogues, mosques, etc. Charges need to be pressed against these violent lunatics before they carry out more terrorist attacks.

  48. Every synagogue I've ever been to has received threats or been the victim of various kinds of attacks from people like this (graffiti that usually involves swastikas, pipe bombs, etc. Yeah, imagine what kind of big tough man pipe bombs a place with a preschool in it. Real fucking alpha male right there). It's not a matter of time. We've been dealing with them for years. They're just branching out.

  49. I know Ohio is a republican cesspool (I’m from Cleveland) but damn, brandishing assault weapons in the street of a populated town should have set some alarms off, for the police!

  50. We need to get average Americans off the internet and in front of these venues standing up for freedom. Parents want to take their children to story time where a drag queen reads stories about tolerance? Go for it. Why the fuck aren’t these “pRoTeCt ThE cHiLdReN” ding-dongs protesting out front of FedEx?

  51. My feelings on this are strict. If the parents are okay with letting their kids listen to a guy in his mama's clothes and makeup tell stories, then you can really tell them how to raise their child. Allow them the respect to parent as they please. I thought it was Republicans that fought for the rights of parents, or don't they?

  52. ALWAYS go private security (unless you are The Rolling Stones). Cops don’t do sh1t for the taxpayers who pay them. Look at Uvalde.

  53. Stop giving in to terrorists and maybe provide some police protection for people just living their lives peacefully.

  54. https://www.baptistpress.com/resource-library/news/former-texas-student-minister-gets-five-years-in-guilty-sex-abuse-plea/

  55. Should not have been canceled. If threatened again, hit me up privately and i will assemble a team for security. Preferably give 24 hours notice

  56. Using a violently stupid misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment to crush people's legitimate 1st-Amendment rights. America remains a shining beacon of idiocy to the world.

  57. I am a three time Iraq veteran, airborne infantry. I gladly offer my services to these LGBTQ folks to protect them. I guarantee I’ve taken more life in combat than any five of those dickless nazi proud girls put together.

  58. Let’s go ahead and stop calling it “armed protest” it’s intimidation and threat and that’s it. Don’t try and make these people seem any better by sugar coating what they are doing.

  59. The cosplaytriots walking around with the guns in front of a business are too big a pussy to do anything with them to worry about them. It's the lone wolf whacko sitting at home plotting an attack we don't hear about is the one I'm more concerned with...

  60. I’ve never worn feminine clothing before. Can anyone recommend some high heels in a size 12 wide for men? I won’t worry about the makeup. I’m sure the girls at those stores at the mall can teach me.

  61. Listen, I need you to know if you're talking about the Ulta in Easton, those fucking girls and guys will be thrilled to help. They salivate for shit like this, especially if they can make a sale AND stick it to some of the jerkbag types who come into their store and harass them for not conforming to hetero beauty standards. You'll be in good hands, maybe the best hands.

  62. The good news is, I am pretty sure these right wingers are going to regret this soon. I’ve never been to a drag show, but I’ve known people who do drag. It’s a group I wouldn’t want to fuck with. Men in dresses singing Paula Abdul for fun is a close tight knit community who sure as hell will watch out for each other. And they will regret it when every drag queen is packing.

  63. Do you really believe that they are capable of "regret"? They will bend reality into five-dimensional shapes before they begin to exhibit one iota of remorse or introspection.

  64. Anyone who thinks drag queens won’t put up a fight doesn’t know what happened at Stonewall, and I’m more than willing to let them find out first hand.

  65. I’m pretty old, in Reddit terms. When I turned three or four, in the 1960s, a Flip Wilson/Geraldine doll was a totally normal toy for a preschool child to get.

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