1. “Hutchinson, for instance, confirmed that she was in the room when Meadows revealed that Trump had complained about Mike Pence being taken to a secure location on January 6 and “said something to the effect of, maybe Mr. Pence should be hanged.”

  2. Unsurprising that they would just ignore the female aide being there while they plot treason, totally tracks with their misogyny.

  3. It's so darkly funny to think of political scandals in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, then consider the fact that a sitting president endorsed his own VP's execution by hanging, and watch as it doesn't shake the country as it should.

  4. And now it came out that he tried to assault his security detail to get control of the wheel of his car and go join the mob he incited at the Capitol.

  5. Isn't Hutchinson the one that said "Mr. Gaetz was personally pushing for a pardon, and he was doing so since early December. I’m not sure why."? Like we don't all know why.

  6. Paraphrasing Trump's Truth post ... Hutchinson was just a low-level covfefe girl. He barely knew her. Although she loved him, he heard very bad things about her though and didn't trust her.

  7. Don't worry, the same NY politicians and officials that he's been bribing for 40+ years are THIS CLOSE to indicting him for a bunch of criminal shit that's been thoroughly documented for the same 40+ years.

  8. Even if it was for contempt of court over supplying evidence on a case involving defamation of character over a rape allegation, one day in jail may as well be a life sentence.

  9. The one person that stands up to him and brings concrete proof against him will start a cascade of a life time of people he fucked over coming forward after they are no longer afraid of him.

  10. hes already got away with it. Even if he spends the rest of his life in jail. He did so many crimes and its impossible to get justice for all of them at this point.

  11. 100% We have taken the biggest dipshit in the world and made him untouchable. The worst news is that he'll be our next President.

  12. Yup, and meanwhile we get the "any day now..." schtick... literally watching the collapse of the US in real-time, people think that is hyperbolic but it's not. If you have a way to exit this country and live abroad I'd start getting your duck's in a row prior to 2024.

  13. "The only difference between a criminal and a Politician is that the criminal failed and got caught." - Alan Watts

  14. Yeah I thought he always wore a diaper like Charlie Kirk. Lots of people are saying that, and that’s a fact: Lots of people are saying that. And according to Trump, when people say “lots of people are saying” there’s probably at least a little bit of truth to it.

  15. I think Trump and most of his crew should be in jail for the rest of their lives, but I'm not naive enough to think it will ever happen. We've been reading articles like this for 6 years and nothing has ever happened to him, he's only gotten more powerful with the fascist right.

  16. The January 6th committee has until January to get him if Democrats do not retain the house. New York has a little more time to get it done, but if Trump is able to distract, push off and delay it as much has he can he will have enough time to run for president again and if he wins we all lose.

  17. The DOJ isn’t going anywhere until Jan 2025 as well. We know the FBI is has raided Jeffery Clark and looked at John Eastman’s phone. Hopefully this shit ends the right way for once.

  18. The guy who’s never faced any consequences for his many crimes and shady practices should shit his pants why exactly ?

  19. I'm just going to toss this on the huge pile of Vanity Fair "Trump is sure in trouble this time for real" articles.

  20. Throwing his food like the fucking monkey he is AND tried to choke a guy out? Ketchup all over the walls? Criminal and a pig.

  21. But the question is will he ever be prosecuted? There are a million articles about how scared the Jan 6 architects should be, but until I read about a prosecution I believe this country will still be walking on very thin eggshells.

  22. His cronies completely control the Supreme Court and effectively control the house and senate. Literally nothing will happen in any way, shape, or form.

  23. What about the last six years makes you think he's worried about anything or will face any consequences?

  24. I definitely think he was worried about the 2020 election which is why they worked so hard to cheat it. He knew staying president was the best way to avoid consequences for anything he'd done during his presidency.

  25. Yep...apparently, ever since we heard about the circumstances leading to the first impeachment up until today, he's constantly "shitting his pants".

  26. Sadly, I just don't believe anything will happen to anyone. I'd love to see my man die in jail but this is America and we don't really punish rich people that commit crimes.

  27. Trump is not shitting his pants because AG isn't going to do anything about it. Trump will announce he is running in 2024 and Garland will say "I can't charge a politician because it might look partisan"

  28. My congressman resigned because the DOJ prosecuted him, so we know that they can charge politicians. Good riddance, Fartenberry. I hope you get replaced by Patty Pansing-Brooks today.

  29. Even on the deeply unlikely event that the Biden DOJ charged Trump with his well-documented and ever-growing list of Federal crimes, Trump would just delay any court dates until after the next Presidential election, when the Republican that wins via the EC (whether legit or by GOP fiat) will just give him a full pardon. This is America.

  30. ...why? he has never faced any consequences for his actions. even if there was something in the pipe, the american "justice" system's decades of failures and inaction don't exactly gives us hope.

  31. I’ve been for him to be held accountable for anything he’s done since 2016. He’ll die before he says jail, regardless of how guilty he is.

  32. Dipshit gameshow host attempted to recreate Mussolini's march on Rome. Hope this helps liberals and centrists realize the stakes here

  33. He really shouldn't. These piece of shit spineless Dems aren't going to do shit to him or really any of them. They're going to face no consequences and they're going to come back harder and more prepared and will succeed one of these times.

  34. He's 100 percent not going to prison but I think if he can be blocked from running from office again then atleast that's something.

  35. It would be nice if people writing 'left' leaning headlines would atleast try to sound balanced/reasonable/adult/professional. I hate trump and his fanatical supporters as much as the next guy, but can we not speak in shallow propaganda like them?

  36. Ohhh golly. Tell me what's gonna happen? A rebuke? A censure? People saying he's bad? Give me a break. Democrats are hyping this up because they can't/won't do anything to make the country better, so they do this garbage instead. Tell me, what is really going to happen here?

  37. Trump might be shitting his pants, but Republican Senate and House candidates are loving that Democrats seem to be completely uninterested in the upcoming midterm election this year.

  38. I learned long ago never to doubt the ability of Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  39. There seems to be infinite money available for people who write “Trump’s finally finished this time!” articles.

  40. When did Vanity Fair become so vulgar? It seems all of their headlines and articles are loaded to the gills with swear words. I’m not bothered by it, I just don’t understand why they do it.

  41. It seems at this point that's kinda what theyre known for/going for. I know every time I see one I'm just like "Haha another coarse vanity fair headline". They're speaking the way their audience speaks and it seems to be working for them.

  42. The January 6 committee has been investigating the events that occurred before, during, and after the violent attack on the Capitol for nearly one year now, but on Monday, it announced that it would be holding an unscheduled hearing to present “recently obtained evidence.” According to The New York Times, that evidence was obtained from Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to Mark Meadows, Donald Trump’s last chief of staff at the White House. And based on what we already know Hutchinson has told the panel, it sure sounds like the ex-president and his allies should be concerned!

  43. I’ve been watching. It’s great. Cheeto, Meadows and the chosen ones all knew people in the crowd had AR-15’s, handguns, knives, etc. (probably arranged before hand) and told the secret service to remove the MAGs(to detect metal). Cheeto said “they’re not here to hurt me”.

  44. It’s been refreshing seeing all the SCOTUS post the past few days. I thought this sub forgot about their favorite president ever because there hadn’t been many trump posts.

  45. I mean, the dude probably shits his pants every day just because of his health so he probably won't notice the difference.

  46. Trump probably shits his pants when he coughs or sneezes. He probably believes that the whole thing is a hoax and that his followers will never believe it no matter what. He’s honestly probably more mad about not being the center of attention at this point.

  47. Trump thinks he still has friends within the GOP. He will never realize he was destined to be a scapegoat from the beginning.

  48. Not going to happen. Have to have a concience to be worried about crime. Trump is the poster boy for "no one (except me) is above the law."

  49. I haven’t been able to watch any of the hearing… does anyone have any suggestions on where I can start? Past recordings? Live? TIA.

  50. Is there any chance he could ever face a criminal trial without a jury? Because there is absolutely no way a jury of 12 won't have at least one hardcore maga that refuses to convict under any circumstance.

  51. At this point, if I ever see the headline "Trump arrested" or "imprisoned" I will shit my pants rather than use a toilet, for a full 24 hours.

  52. If Trump had a brain to be scared of what's happening he wouldn't have gotten into this much trouble in the first place.

  53. The more I hear about the inside onversations the more angry I get , knowing how close our country was about to become a tolitarian state.

  54. If you haven’t learned by now that trump will never see a day in jail nothing will. Hopefully he will be banned from ever running in an election again but I’m not sure there is any law that warrants that

  55. “They’re not here to hurt ME” are words that will live in infamy and this might be the Watergate moment of our era.

  56. They're looking for a fall guy now. One of these aides to commit perjury and throw doubt into the process. Probably the other Meadows aide.

  57. Trump isn't "sh--ting" his pants cause of his giant ego and praising followers. Plus we all know nothing will happen to this lump. I really wish Vanity Fair and similar sites would stop with these over the top click-baity headlines.

  58. Based on Cheney's presence and FAFO attitude today, I'm going to go out on a limb and say one of the kids will testify to secure immunity.

  59. He's a narcissist. He could be literally heading to the gallows and still not believe he's ever done anything wrong. If anything he probably considers himself a martyr.

  60. As someone from outside the US, I’m kinda tired of always seeing these “he’s going down” “he should be affraid” news, seems to me like i have better chances of winning the lottery than see any progress over there.

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