1. ye, what Zette said is correct, you can keep editing after creation, it's just not super intuitive yet.

  2. This one has my interest piqued. I love everything I've seen so far, the concept, art, characters. I have to wait for it to come out on the switch, but I'm really looking forward to it!

  3. Bears are the best, I will upvote anything positive that has anything to do with bears! The graphics are wonderful and I hope this game does very well.

  4. This is currently my most anticipated game, I just can't wait for it. As a game artist this is the kind of game I really want to make, it looks so nice, and all the mechanics look fun and what I'm into. Love it, can't wait for it, I always reccomend it to people :D

  5. This looks a bit like Don't Starve, and I have heard it compared to games like Stardew Valley. On the other hand, It also looks very "cutesy" and is self described as "laid back". So I'm wondering if this game is designed to be challenging in any way, or if it is more along the lines of games like "Stranded Sails".

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