1. 3 great looking pups!!’!!!! I like the pup on left the ( hi bain)most although all 3 are gorgeous percy is probably a sweet goof ball

  2. Thank you!! Bain is def my favorite(don’t tell them I said that lol) I love them all though. They all have their own crazy personalities. Percy is a huge sweet heart but he’s mr independent and doesn’t like cuddling as much as Zoey does

  3. She’s an APBT(american Pitbull terrier). I just look through your history and she looks exactly like yours! Super cute!

  4. They are what they are( and all i have) my house hippo has completely crashed so hes out for the count but i fixing to make chow so hell come alive soon

  5. Thank you! They are usually wrestling like they're about to audition to the WWE so this is one of the few pictures I have of them all being cute and sitting still lol

  6. Thank you! It's super hectic around bed time but they are worth every sleepless night that I spend trying to get them to stop running around and just go to bed lol

  7. Oh if you only knew! She is def the trouble maker. She's super dominant so she is always causing hell for the other two lol

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