1. Does anyone have a link to more live feeds like this? Or a huge site with tons of links/streams of this stuff? I'd love to have a site that's basically a wide margin chessboard of these rectangle livefeed images. One in Rome, one in NYC, one in Kiev, one in Iran, one in Toronto, one in Haiti, etc etc etc. It'd be like I'm watching a snapshot of the entire world every 5 minutes. Who wouldn't want to sit on the Architects chair? Why doesn't a site like this exist yet?! Insert Futurama meme!

  2. About 7/8 years ago, me and a friend discovered this string you could search in google that would bring up direct links to unsecured cctv streams and stuff like that.

  3. We have a cam like that at my school for a pair of ospreys that make a nest on top of a light pole each year. Here's the link to the cam:

  4. I hate to be the realistic one but most likely she got a new mate. Most likely he died. It's beautiful and I'm very happy they are going to be parents. I actually got to see geese hatching and leaving the nest with mom and dad to the water. I love geese and this was beautiful to watch. I am watching the cam for the Decorah Eagles again this year and the babes are doing great. I've gotten to see mom and dad bring a variety of prey for them.

  5. If it was a new mate, wouldn't she have moved nests? Not sure how territory works with birds.

  6. I think the most likely explanation is simply that the guy who was checking on them just kept checking at the wrong times. Birds that aren't actively caring for babies spend most of their time away from their nest. All those pictures are daytime pictures when the birds are out foraging. A new mate is certainly possible, I'm not discounting that at all, but the most likely explanation is the simplest: Dude didn't monitor them 24/7.

  7. OP gave up looking for the second bird after 10 days. Bitch was probably PMSing so he went out and got himself a bottle of scotch and a motel room before flying back to the nest.

  8. Psh, I know how this story is going to end. She shouldn't have forgiven him, but she still thinks she can change him. Yeah right. He's just going to leave her for some dumb bird as soon as those eggs hatch.

  9. I didn't really think about it before I posted, but does it really matter? It's called "A love story in pictures" not "a true story in pictures."

  10. "stopped moving which could only mean one thing..." Me: oh god, she died in her sleep. "she's going to have babies!" Me: not what I expected.

  11. A lot of stalks live near me along the south of spain. There is a huge road where all the telephone wires have stalk nests above them. A friend told me they stay with their mate for life - thanks for the photos, really nice :)

  12. My parent's have a pond with an island at their house. And every spring the same pair of geese nest on the island. We think the male might be infertile or something because every year she lays eggs and sits on them forever and nothing ever hatches. There is also a pair of mallard ducks that come back every year, the male goose protects them all. Here are a few pics

  13. I live in a college town (Ann Arbor) and this reminds me of these two ducks that I would always see together. I saw the same two ducks in random places throughout campus for at least a few years, it was really interesting.

  14. maybe as ashort before a movie, it'd be pretty thematically similar to the beginning of up though, wordless lovestory and whatnot.

  15. I don't care if that bar is solar powered, it needs to turn down its goddamn lights at night.

  16. You made me cry with birds. You are a badass. Now I must look at cat pictures to stop crying. I'd thank you for that but I'd be doing that anyway.

  17. I typically don't get teary-eyed over stuff like this but for some reason I skipped the blurry vision and went straight to baww'ing like a baby. So much said in so few pictures. Thank you for sharing this.

  18. In the "snowstorm" picture, one of the birds has a metal ring around its leg. Those rings are applied by ornithologists, and they last for the lifetime of the bird. Clearly this is not the same bird as the one in the later pictures, and perhaps also not the same as the one in the earliest pictures.

  19. Did anyone else notice that one of the birds had only 1 leg? So sorry but something makes me think that those weren't the same birds... :\

  20. I was all ready to punch you through the internets if this story went badly.. so I'm glad it turned out to be a happy ending.

  21. Oh my god.... My computers teacher back in the second grade through fourth grade would show us this love feed of these birds.... Holy crap, that's awesome!

  22. What's the phrase? Still a better love story than Twilight? I think it applies here. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Bornheim, Rheinland-Pfalz... Hm, that's a three hours drive from where I live. Should be easy to find, right next to the Gasthaus, same street as the church... Hey, why not? Maybe I can make a short trip to there (they have great whine, after all) and check on them.

  24. You know what: They always wait for each other. No matter what. Including death. If one bird dies while they travelling for winter/summer, other one waits there till death. So loneliness didn't ended.

  25. Hate to tell you this buddy, but I think the female bird cheated on the male bird. You can tell because the male bird had 1 leg and later on another bird comes along with 2 legs. He probably found out and left her, but when he realized no other chicks were digging him due to his disability he returned. But when he came back he found out that she had eggs with someone else, but he decided that he would love them as his own and forgive her for her previous adulterous crimes.

  26. You're the first novelty account to comment on one of my posts. I would have preferred Replies_with_GIFS, but you'll do.

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