1. I am a slow grinder but have been trying to push my cadence because I think it’s better carry over into running with a higher heart rate. Did Matt’s recent 60 minute PZ ride with Z3 high cadence/Z4 low cadence. This was such a good test of form. I surprised myself by managing Z3 in the 90s pretty easily and the Z4 efforts in the 50s/60s felt so hard after that. Really good workout.

  2. Matt has some older 45m rides (2019) where he calls out specific cadences for zones. Very helpful for practicing high/medium/low cadences

  3. My FTP is quite low so my zones are narrower than most other PZ riders. This means even small variances in cadence (5-8 rpm) can make my position in the zone vary. For me, if I can stay anywhere in the zone then it’s a win. Not everyone can maintain exactly the middle of a zone.

  4. For all of the different power zone ride types the intention is for you to be in the exact middle of your zone unless explicitly stated otherwise by the instructor (like there are a few where they talk about The sweet spot which is the borderline between three and four).

  5. On Week 4 of my “discover your power zone”. I haven’t tested since my original week 1 test. When should I retest? I feel like my number will go up

  6. Hi! I signed up for a group that starts Jan 18th on PZ pack but haven’t heard anything. Anyone know what’s up or how it works? Ty !

  7. If you’re signed up you’re good to go. You will get an email from Angie when it gets closer telling you ‘Meet your team’ etc.

  8. Welcome to the club! I love the pzpack!! You’ll get an email with your team and can look at the website for your rides for the week on the website. It’s very easy.

  9. When you're on a non-PZ ride, and they say "goop to about a 7 out of 10," what zone would you think that is? Would it just be 70% of 7, which equals the top of zone 4?

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