1. Saturdays group ride was a blast. 🔥🧨 Even though I might have gotten carried away a tiny bit and crossed the Z3/Z4 boundary once or twice. 🤪 Well, there are #redditPZ rules and then there are #redditPZ group ride rules (especially with a deload week following).

  2. Three things. First, I was thrilled to overlap with the group today! I may have annoyed some with all the high fives. If so, they were directed to one of my favorites I saw before or after you on the LB.

  3. Whatever you would like to do honestly. Deloads are important (when you need them) but they don't always have to be in a certain time frame. I know I personally don't need to do them as frequently as every 3/4 weeks, but some people do, so I program them. So if you're feeling fine, go for it. If you're tired take a 2 week deload 🙂.

  4. My first 75 minute ride today! Holding up the back of the pack, but stayed in my zones. I feel great now. Loved all the H5s! We were around 55 strong today, nice work everyone!

  5. Team! So many things during that ride.... the BEST was I PRd (2nd 75 min ride ever) AND literally kicked my own ass - 75 kjs worth! Totally mental - the last time I was SO not into it and just wanted to survive. Felt about the same today but stayed in my zones! Whoo hoo - thanks to everyone's encouragement - you guys rock!

  6. Congrats on the PR and the ass kicking of old you. Sound like everyone had an amazing time. Took the Monday ride on Sat since I missed it and went up against myself again because Finding growth is great. Allowing yourself to enjoy it and not allow negative self talk is harder. Looking forward to deload week

  7. Congrats on the amazing PR! It was also my 2nd 75 min ride and a PR for me although not as impressive of a leap. So glad we got that checked off the list and onto a deload week😅

  8. I was a late joiner and then my leaderboard was acting up (it would randomly show me at 0 output, then bounce back - but everyone who finished was gone like I joined after them). Never had that happen before (and it didn’t in my stretch after). Looking forward to the deload after 6 of my last 8 PZ rides have been gold ribbons (today’s by about 80 points).

  9. This happened to me a few times too- I took the class much later than the group time so I wonder what was going on there.

  10. I was getting the same thing with the leaderboard flipping to 0 and then flipping back. At least it kept my accumulated output.

  11. Same!!! I had the early/on time crew for a min then gone. Then glitchy the rest of the ride. Thank you for the 5s 😁

  12. Todays ride definitely not my best. Thanks to the pack for literally dragging me across the finish line. Athlytic app has been yelling at me to recover and take it easy, maybe today it caught up with me. Either a major bonk or a calibration issue on the +, either way the last 20 minutes I couldn’t get out of zone 1. Anyway onwards snd upwards! Tomorrow’s a new day!

  13. It happens - and this week is HARD. Enjoy the deload next week. Take some deep breaths. And get back at it. 🙌💪

  14. I laughed at that comment, but I kind of do resonate with it. I started doing warm up rides for this reason. Sometimes I feel like I can't hit higher cadences because I'm not warmed up. The pre-rides really help with that and all I do is spin between 90-100 with 20-25 resistance.

  15. Just did the Matt With A Hat 45min ride and got a PR. I actually PR'd both 45 min rides this week :)

  16. Maybe it was because I was sore but yesterdays class was ROUGH. It wasn’t anything crazy but I was dead by that last 3 minute zone 4. Pumped to wrap things up with a 75 tomorrow. These weeks fly by!

  17. Reporting back from the 75 minute Saturday ride! It’s not a hard ride - just long. I somehow had never done a 75 min class so it was an automatic PR for me 😁 Yay deload!

  18. Just finished the ride as well, and agree. It's long but not difficult. I actually felt good for the whole ride while chasing down my PR.

  19. It was just Millhouse and I on the 9/26 ride tonight - we must have picked the less popular ride, lol. I don’t know what it was with me - maybe the fact that I had to go to the bathroom right before the first set 🥴 - but I just couldn’t settle in tonight. My legs just never felt into it and every interval felt like a grind. My metrics look good and my HR was fine, so I guess it was just an RPE thing for me. Ah well, done and dusted. Time to stretch!

  20. For me, I keep the resistance the same and lower cadence, take some deep breathes and then slowly lower resistance and up cadence to flush out the legs. I used to keep the resistance the same but found taking breaks at higher cadence was better for my stamina.

  21. Looking at the zones for Matt with hat and wondering if anyone else struggles with the change from a higher zone to a mid zone like me?

  22. I just turn the knob slowly. We may feel like we’re in a hurry to get to that recovery zone but it’s ok to take 5 seconds to work your way down.

  23. I think I must just really enjoy multi tasking? I get bored doing the same thing for too long - maybe adhd??? 🙃 I say this because I tend to handle each interval as it comes and as 👟⬇️ says below, see how my body's feeling. It's probably easiest to just slow down until you are in z2, then adjust resistance as you are getting more comfortable. For this ride I def rode the z2s in high cadence, like 90s, to flush it out before heading back into z4. The z4s were varied for me today. Mostly cause I BYOM, of course, and Sirius was NOT cooperating w me. Lots of slower songs, so I was fairly high res most of z4.

  24. Team - Decided to do the ride I already did. I wanted to see my former self. Turns out I beat my old self from 11/10/21 by 112 points/watts/kilothingies. the biggest change is in the confidence. I knew going in that it wouldn't be easy but I could do it. In the past programs, I thought the opposite. It was more, I hope I can, I hope I feel OK. Experience and confidence.

  25. That’s so awesome! Crushing a previous ride’s output is a great feeling. Also, petition to formally adopt “kilothingies” as the official unit of measurement of RedditPZ 😂

  26. I think I'm in the same boat as far as telling the voices to sthu and just knowing I can do it, cause, duh, we have and, hello!, we can!! Well, well done - cheers to you!!! 😁

  27. Funny. I’m the opposite. I did this before when I was really rolling on peloton. I’ve been back for a month now and it was humbling to see where I was. Alas I will get there again!

  28. Today's ride was really tough for me and I don't think it typically would be (felt way harder than Monday's ride, which I enjoyed quite a bit). I have this cough that is hanging around since a (non-Covid) cold I caught back at the end of December and I kept coughing during the ride and lightly convinced myself maybe I have pneumonia (I am pretty sure I don't). I think the cough turned into psyching myself out and made the efforts feel like they were taking eternities. I'm glad it's over and I am glad we have a lighter week next week.

  29. Hi team. Just dropping by to say… I made it through the 75 without tanking :) After two complicated Saturday rides I felt pretty decent today. Onwards and upwards!

  30. I know we are in the middle of a challenge, but did anyone see Christine‘s Instagram post yesterday? She is doing a group ride FTP test. How dumb would I be to do it in the middle of the challenge? Lol I just get such a mental block with the FTP test that I feel like doing it with a group would be really helpful for me, but then I would miss the 75 minute ride.

  31. Got my peloton sick just as I got Covid! Taking the week off and resting. I’d like to retest for my FTP on Saturday or Sunday before I start new next week

  32. Blarg, Olivia's ride was all over the place today. Not my favorite. I didn't bother with the out of saddle bits, just didn't seem necessary. Looking forward to getting the Wilpers treatment in the next couple of rides!

  33. Ok! Thanks to you and a few others below, I'm solid in my choice to swap out Sam's 30 min PZE, 80s style. Don't have it in my today to deal w the glitter queen 🙃🙄😶

  34. Got back in the saddle literally today after 3 days off - took Olivia ride - cant comment on the music because I dont listen to it - I always forget how it pains her to stay in the saddle. She just cant - she wants to like PZE but deep down loves HIIT and chaos. At one point it looked like she looked down and her notes said smile - and suddenly she had this big smile - like she was almost human - Added Tunde's xtra 10Mclimb but the screen metrics were off - Tunde was great but bugs me when screen doesnt match callout

  35. I potentially over trained yesterday, coupled with being back in work at 6am and my BJJ class at this evening means that I’ll potentially end up missing todays ride which is a bit of a pain. I focused on a lower body yoga class when I got in to loosen up my exceedingly tight legs.

  36. I’m away for the weekend, do I just miss Saturday? Should I do Saturday on friday? I dunno

  37. I didn’t know how to think of it until reading this! Boys and girls, let this be a lesson to pay attention the structure during the warm up.

  38. Maybe....I'm trying to figure a date/place to squeeze it in since I'm out of dodge until Tuesday...looking at either mid-to-late Thursday afternoon (3ish) or early, early Friday morning (finishing prior to 6)....Central time!

  39. The enemy looked mighty (but had a nice smile). He was armed with a hat, a bike, and a very bad playlist. The chicken heroine was armed with an unusually high resting HR (clearly provoked by the fear) and a low level of confidence. Nobody was watching. The whole village slept. She took out a better playlist, one with a beat. She called the Winds God (also known as the Fancy Fan). It was a long battle. 45 mins give or take.

  40. I'm working on the same schedule - sadly no sunny Florida! ;) I'm going to sub out the Matt ride with an older one of Denis'

  41. Daughtry! Nothing like dropping into a time machine and heading 15 years back. Might be the last time I heard that song.

  42. Back in town and on the bike after a nice long weekend trip back to Denver for some skiing and hanging with friends. Feeling refreshed!

  43. My schedule this week won’t allow the Saturday ride at 75 minutes (off engagement ring shopping!) so slotted it in after my yoga and strength today….

  44. It’s Hell Week Jr! I can’t even stay mad at LHD for calmly abusing me. No bangers. No philosophy of digging holes. Just an exhausting grinder. Had some doubts my heart was going to stay in my chest a few times, just before a recovery. It all worked.

  45. You got it, of course! So fun w even our small crew 😁 but, hey, didn't I hear something about fat bottomed girls and natural phenomenons??? Lol! Hes the freaking best!! Anyway, done and dusted. Z5 was hell but I found myself saying, I can do anything for 2 mins 😆 - it actually was not too horrifying!

  46. Music (as commonly is with Denis) really helped me get over the hump of that workout. Felt really happy with myself after finishing that last 4 min Z4 (took SHD ride)

  47. LHD ride today was great! The playlist got me through it. I think I need more Grateful Dead in my rides! I also really focused during the much-needed cool downs.

  48. He does sweat more on recent rides. I think they used to downplay the rides a lot more than they do now for entertainment / wide audience value.

  49. Thank you everyone for making me do this ride. It was harder than I thought it would be. I did notice my heart rate was not as high as other rides and I recovered a good 30 points on the Z1 rest periods which is definitely something new for me.

  50. LHD does not mess around...realized about 2/3 of the way through the ride that 20 min (total) in Z4 is the equivalent, essentially, of riding 20 minutes at my current FTP. This probably explains why I need a nap. Any evening stretches to recommend to make sure I'm not too crunchy tomorrow?

  51. I did SHD this morning and it was HARD but doable. Then I did the HCOTF stack for today which was glutes and legs and welp...my legs are over it 🥲 Going to try and make time for another stretch before bed tonight!

  52. First day back after a slow week 2 (keeping it all in zone 2 due to a cold) and week 3 being away all week in Italy. I was dreading being back and almost did the PZE from Wednesday to ease back in.

  53. The program is working, y'all! Today was tough, but doable. I did better with recovering in the 1 min Z1 recoveries than I did a couple weeks ago. I was feeling a little barfy towards the end, and I was tempted to take that last Z4 interval in Z3, but I was able to do it in Z4, feeling good about that.

  54. I only have Monday & Tuesday free to ride this week, do I go with Mon & Wed rides, Mon & Thu rides, or Mon & Sat rides? 🤔

  55. It depends. How are your zones feeling? Do you have any specific objectives for this program? Have you ever done a 75 min ride? How comfortable are you with riding longer?

  56. My decision is usually based on - are there studio riders or not? Which means nothing pre-March 2020 for me haha (Seriously, how do you get over the studio riders? I just...can't...)

  57. I’m going SHD this week. Looks like a good playlist, and that’ll be necessary for another edition of “I said it would be valuable; I didn’t say you’d enjoy it” 😂

  58. I just did the Monday first Denis one from 2021 and definitely the one with killer tracks - Stinkfist, Cherub Rock, All My Life, Fistful of Steel. Actually found the Z4 intervals harder too. Not really looking forward to the later in the week one with a 7 minute Z4!

  59. I think LHD for me tomorrow... slightly better playlist for me and well... 😁😉 Thank you, Blake 🤗

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