1. I fucking loved EE as a kid. Awesome sandbox mode (robots vs knights, let's go) and campaigns. The game never got the respect it deserved.

  2. Best game evarrrr! I played it for a minimum 4hrs/day. I mostly played it in the one-shot-kill mode +150% game speed. Got ranked as high as 37th in the world according to the UT rankings online. Loved all the maps, especially the one that is supposed to be the bedroom from Toy Story.

  3. Wolfenstein 3D maybe, though I do have a folder full of dos games that's pretty much been a permanent part of my gaming life since the 90s that has much older games.

  4. Are you aware that we are currently in the Golden Age of AOE2 in terms of the competitive scene? It's truly amazing how this game has held up.

  5. I stopped playing CS regularly about the time GO came out, but the BETA versions of Counter-Strike while it was still a Half-Life mod are some of my favorite teenage memories!

  6. I really enjoy it when it came. Sad,long not big clue on what or where you must go...but i havent enough time today for playing again. But whith Baldur's Gate Warcraft 2, Diablo and witcher 1, best memories in new universes for me

  7. Starcraft brood war. It was also recently free to claim if you were an Amazon prime member. I play offline with use map settings and play 1 vs 7 computers it's fun trying to build a wall of defense. The fastest maps make it easy to harvest currency and go nuts.

  8. Master of Orion 2 is still the best 4X game ever made. You can play an entire game with all it's crunchy goodness in 2-3 hours. The retro sci fi art still holds up.

  9. Dune 2000, the remaster of the 1992 game Dune 2. The remaster is ultra faithful while adding a bunch of quality of life improvements. The Gruntmod edition adds a ton of cool features as well.

  10. The oldest one I regularly play is DOOM. I guess it's the simplicity? not really sure, and the modding scene is still pretty good with stuff like brutal doom and such.

  11. Diablo 2... I had 1 but just finished D2 main campaign...I'm getting the community mod Project Diablo 2 that adds alot of improved features and loot

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