1. Yeap, it saves desk space, and it's not like you always have to reach down it (unlike in the CD/DVD era and floppy times before).

  2. I used to have it underneath but my house gets dusty with our four dogs and five cats and I need to clean it often and having it on top keeps it cleaner and easier to clean when I do need to clean it. Plus I have a motorized standing desk and I like not having to worry as much about a cord getting ripped out aggressively when raising the desk. Bottom shaming is a sin but I’ve changed my personal beliefs. Peace to you my brother in PC Master raceianity

  3. People in this sub act like fan filters aren’t a thing. I’ve been over clocking since before Intel announced the Core line, I’ve never had a problem with dust killing my PC.

  4. I've got a fairly large desk, but still keep my PC on the floor. I bought a large desk because I wanted the space, so putting my desktop on it seemed counter productive.

  5. Couldn't be more true. My desk is occupied by both of my monitors so unfortunately, the beauty has to sit on the floor and watch from the deep dark corner of my desk area

  6. If you have a small desk and can hang shelves, you can just put two shelf brackets on the wall and sit your PC onto them. Ezpz extra space above and below the desk.

  7. Yeah I would rather have the desk space, but I solved this with a little table/drawers next to my desk my PC is on.

  8. I worked for a company who had all the PCs on the floor for the same reasons. Then a sprinkler broke and flooded the entire building over a weekend. PCs are now mounted under the desk or on top.

  9. This subreddit sometimes acts like things that are absolutely 100% a matter of opinion and preference are instead actually matters of right / wrong lol

  10. Because prominent gaming / pc YouTubers tell them that having the PC on the floor will result in uncontrollable dust buildup, bad airflow and thus zero fps in counterstrike. I don’t get it, before I had a standing desk my tower was always on the floor. It performed the same.

  11. I just made the switch to on the desk for my new PC. Mostly due to the amount of dog hair that got into my older one because of being on the floor, but a small bit is because it looks nice on the desk (I think).

  12. I picked my case for practicality. It makes a nice foot rest and was the lightest one I could find because I want to go to LAN parties.

  13. I didn't pay thousands of dollars and spend dozens of hours building my PC with tons of RGB and custom hardline water cooling to keep it hidden under my desk!

  14. Get a glass table so when you drop your glass side panel the table also shatters leaving you PC, monitor, keyboard and mouse all in a messed up glassy heap on the floor.

  15. Our towers hang under the desk from this strap platform. Small metal shelf suspended by good quality straps. So when the desks are raised or lowered 10x a day the tower is safe and out of the way

  16. This is the way. Gotta have space on my desk for monitors and speakers, no room for the pc so I grabbed a cheap table and have that beside my desk for my pc to sit on. Best of both worlds, also gave me an excuse to make the inside of my pc look pretty since I can actually see it.

  17. a MIDI-Tower to be exact. Back in the olden days we even had Big-Towers, those were fun to lug around on LAN-parties. paired with a 19 inch CRT you barely got two systems in the back of moms mini-van.

  18. And, if you have carpet, just buy a shelf board from your local hardware store for $5 and put it on that. I put plastic casters under it so I can slide it out when I need to mess with the wires.

  19. If they want me to put it on my desk, they should stop fucking every piece of component with RGB lights. I don't want to look like a Rave glitter girl everytime my PC feels fancy

  20. i swear dude i think rgb to that extent is super played out , a small light glow is really all you need if any at all

  21. I put a half height modular wire shelf (the ones you get from Home Depot) on my wall under my desk. My tower sits about 6 inches off the floor on it. My desk is deep (31") so there's plenty of space so no worries of kicking the PC.

  22. They should go back when you put your monitor above the PC. They just need to rotate the cases. I had a Pentium in the '90s and It was like that. So comfy

  23. They really should. Towers make sense for preserving space by moving the bulk of the computer from horizontal to vertical, but the current size and weight of video cards makes tower cases an increasingly obsolete design.

  24. My pc weighs more than 15 kilos. Also its out of the way and I have way more desk space. Its useless having my pc on the desk

  25. My desk has very limited space cuz my tv is in the space of the desktom and it has a compartiment specifically made for a desktop, what am i suposed to do?

  26. isnt it better to be on the floor tho for desk space and it has feet for a reason to be on the ground but no one cares about that

  27. Put your PC where you want it. I personally don't understand why you would want to look at it all day and have the noise right in your face. But if fancy RGB and looking at it all day is your thing, do what makes you happy.

  28. Technically this is a tower. Towers aren’t made to take up space on a desk. What makes this system a desktop is not the chassis, but the interface.

  29. I have an glass side panel case, rgb and still put it under my desk, because it needs less space on my desk. My window swing opens over my half desk, so I have even less space for a pc. Why should I look at a big black box? xD Less noise and less hot air on my desk.

  30. I'd rather have more screens and more space than a huge, noise and heat generating box on my desk area, thanks

  31. Tower cases have always been made for the floor. Desktop cases are completely different. Get off my lawn kid.

  32. I'd rather not have a massive tower case blocking the sound dynamics coming out of my stand mount speakers in mid-field configuration though.

  33. This is because you/people are using the term "desktop" wrong. A desktop computer is a flat case that sits on your desk and has the monitor on top of it.

  34. my desk isn’t big enough because my rooms not big enough because my house isn’t big enough. I guess pc gaming isn’t for me.

  35. I put my PC in the room next door, cut a hole in the wall between, and ran some longer cables to my desk, monitors, and USB peripherals.

  36. I have two PCs: A custom built Lian Li 0110 D case on the floor, and a Mac Pro on the Desktop. I have the Lian Li on some yoga blocks to lift it off the floor for additional airflow.

  37. Last year, i spent my vacation money on a new case, some new CPU cooling with RGB fans, a vertical GPU mount. And ofcourse, i moved the case on my desk to look at the awesome RGB lightning show.

  38. Depends on the size of the desk and the PC. Small desk, big PC? No. Small desk, small PC? Maybe. Big desk, small PC? Sure! I have an ITX build and a fairly large desk with my monitors on arms, so it makes much more sense to have my PC on my desk.

  39. Its like gay sex. We should accept that there are tops and bottoms. I for example am switch. I have a dektop and a dekbottom...

  40. Look man I have had this desk since I was 7. It was made with a 7 year old with a 10 inch screen in mind and it barely fiths my new setup with space leftover for studies.

  41. If you are a teenager or youtuber/streamer, put it on the desk. If you are an adult, get it below or to the side of the desk.

  42. Nope. That's not a desktop, that's a tower. "Desktop" is a horizontal form factor that allowed you to put your monitor on top of it, back when 30lb CRTs were the norm.

  43. Does no one actually remember what a desktop is? They used to sell them in a sideways form factor so they could go on your desk with your monitor ontop of them. What's in the picture is a tower.

  44. I don't know how y'all have desks large enough for multiple monitors and a desktop. I really hope none of you have standing desks, the weight imbalance would be crazy.

  45. I'll never put my PC on my desk. Why take up your desk space with a PC? The whole thing about it getting less dust on your desk is a complete myth. As long as you're not on carpet, that is.

  46. I have a Corsair Obsidian 700D that weighs near as makes no difference 16KG and 3x27 monitors. That sucker is going on the goddamn floor.

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