1. congrats on the Newborn OP, i have never played Horizon zero dawn but everyone tells me its a fantastic game, hopefully whoever gets it, gets to enjoy it to its fullest :)

  2. Congrats on the new life! I'd love to celebrate on my newly purchased rig which is on the way by testing out the specs on Horizon :D I've not "gamed" on a high end rig in nearly a decade

  3. Congratulation! My son is next week one year old and since he is born i have not much time to play xD

  4. Congrats on the birth of your second. As a fellow father of two, I hope it doesn’t impact your gaming time too much! Hope I can be lucky!

  5. Thanks for the give away. Second children are awesome. You are way more comfortable handling and taking care of. It was more joyous for me because I had a lot less anxiety than I did with my first!

  6. I've got a second on the way myself. First is currently putting a pipe cleaner necklace on me. Enjoy the ride!

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