1. My favorite is when they put the deluxe and ultimate versions of recent games on sale to match the standard version's regular price of $60. Like no, I am not paying $60 for a two year old Call of Duty game even if you throw some bonus cosmetics in as a "deal."

  2. Just in case anyone wasn't aware: They know those games aren't worth that much money. They're not oblivious to what a rip-off that price is.

  3. They are priced high because they don’t want you buying them. They want you buying the new game and the skins, BP, etc.

  4. Newer than WW2 CoDs being back on Steam might mean you could find good deals on them again through Kinguin or G2A or something. I used that for the older CoDs cos Acti refuses to have sales, and I refuse to pay over 30 Canadian pesos for the campaign (no interest in online).

  5. It's sad that it's Crap of Duty you think of when Activision is being mentioned. It should be Vampire Bloodlines, Sekiro etc. Even Valve makes shitty multiplayer shit.

  6. Every other BNet launch made sense, but to this day the fact that Crash 4, a single player platformer, was exclusive to BNet makes zero sense.

  7. If that comes over they better patch out the pointless always online requirement or the user reviews are not going to be kind.

  8. they all do eventually haha. steam is unmatched I don't see anyone ever beating them barring some crazy new tech or the company dissolving.

  9. It’s absolutely Microsoft. Bethesda also had their own launcher and went to steam right after Microsoft purchase. It goes with their money making model: they don’t want people to buy their games, they don’t care. They just want the full price as many places as possible so people can see it and go “hmmm, gamepass seems like a pretty good deal”

  10. My sense is that when all of these companies come back it is because they are now offered (or rather negotiated) more favorable terms with Valve, ie 80/20 split instead or something. So this could be them getting the same cut as microsoft.

  11. Microsoft already made the decision awhile back to start putting all their games on steam again. Considering they are literally buying Activision-blizzsrd seems like a no brainer that all those games will also be on steam after the deal goes through.

  12. I don't think they will atm but as soon as Microsoft owns Activision they will put all their new games on Windows Store (Game pass) and Steam

  13. I don't see them getting rid of Battle.net any time soon. Blizzard games are too interconnected with each other and that application. Seems like getting rid of that in favor of Steam would be a massive change.

  14. That's what I really want. COD can go fuck itself, but if I can pick up some Blizzard classics and the remainder of SC2 (only ever played Wings of Liberty) I'd be a happy man.

  15. No Sadly looks like they have no plans, read MW2 Steam Page, It says Warzone, MW and Vanguard are not available on Steam.

  16. I do t think they will but I hope "somehow" this steam release will save MW 2022 from what happened to MW 2019 because of the Warzone integrations

  17. We have come full circle. Funny how all these great executive minds simply can't understand the logic of masses. All my friends are on Steam. Most of the games are on Steam. Chances are if I want to find new games or new friends, its gonna be on Steam.

  18. They want to eat the whole pie. Not content with Valve getting their 30% (likely lower) cut, they want every cent of profit to themselves.

  19. Epic is going for the masses by pretending to be popular. Most people on their platform just get the "free" games, and epic gets to parade around how "popular" their launcher is. No one chooses to play games on epic unless they are forced to.

  20. Because people here vastly overestimate the importance of store and the "fidelity" of people. In practice, people just go where the game they want to buy are. Did people not play Minecraft, Overwatch, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, AC Valhalla, Anno 1800, Fortnite, Genshin Impact,... because it's not on Steam?

  21. still have a tiny bit of hope left we will get thps1+2 on steam anytime soon. maybe after 2 years of epic exclusivity pass, which should be in less than one month...

  22. Finally, I can't wait to never buy their games there too. Wankers and abusers in the management needs to go.

  23. If the EGS app was actually upgraded on a regular basis to compete with steam on the feature side, way more people would use. With all that money they make, I have no idea why they never implemented a "big picture mode", a version of steam input, and integrated forums/ community stuff into the app. They didn't have to do it all day 1, but the fact that it's been over 3 years, and not one of these things are implemented, shows that Epic didn't take the user experience of Steam into account for why people prefer it over EGS.

  24. I mean, I hope not. Epic Games actually has regional pricing where I live and Steam does not. Many games are up to 60% cheaper from the outset.

  25. What the fuck does activision have anything to do with EGS? You fucking nerds will literally look for anything to complain about.

  26. Why does it need to be before? Microsoft would likely push them to rerelease their games on the MS Store and Steam. Microsoft have made it a point to release all their games on both platforms.

  27. Cool, cool. Lets get Crash 4, Tony Hawk and Diablo 2 Ressurected on Steam, throw in some ACTUAL sales prices on Call of Duty and I'm ready to drop some cash.

  28. I hate these publisher pages, the old search version is much better imo. There are a lot more filters on it.

  29. Blizz only recently added geographical pricing and even that was somewhat sub par compared to other publishers, especially steam. I hope they can do something about that if they come to steam.

  30. Only if it means it directly launches the game from them. So tired of launchers launching a 2nd launcher because the company can't be arsed to make platform specific versions of their games that probably didn't need it.

  31. Wow on Steam would be interesting. If the MMO trend continues it would be a nightmare for the users. With most MMOs expansions and store items bought on Steam are tied to Steam and not available through the normal account pages.

  32. Are we going to see Blizzard games on steam too in the near future because of Microsoft as well? Or is

  33. That's great and all, but with the abusive management they currently have, there's no chance they're getting any of my money. No amount of investigations will change that

  34. I'm still hoping Blizzard do a Bethesda and shift their existing player to Steam. Bringing Diablo 3, 2R, Overwatch and WoW along with it.

  35. I heard the WC3RF campaign works well, even though almost all of the new stuff they announced was never added. I think it was the mp that was hit the most. I wonder if the Diablo 2 servers are running fine now though. When I bought the remaster to play with a friend at release, it didn't work at all. Desync and disconnecting constantly.

  36. For anyone who is curious under the settings (the cog icon) you can select "Ignore this creator" to avoid any games laced with microtransactions and lootboxes (games you have to buy more than once).

  37. Why bother though? Soon all of their titles will belong the Microsoft's Publisher page on Steam. Acti-Blizzard is extremely weird that they're taking their last breaths before the acquisition yet keep doing these things as if any of their actions to remain or meant anything from this point forward.

  38. Not like it's worth it tbf. Their games are still waaaay too much overpriced for the amount of mtx and medium quality (since 2013). Also the bullshit about removing dlc and games.

  39. haha, you can wait until your retirement for nintendo to come to steam. i bet no one of us will ever see that happen in our lifetimes.

  40. Other than some modern CoD, there are a ton of really old games in their catalogue... Zork, PROTOTYPE, Timeshift, etc, etc, the list goes on. Like most publishers these days, they want lotsa $$ for really old stuff.

  41. agreed, but sadly nearly all other companies on this planet are the same, you just don't know this because its not made public.. as long as there are no scandals ppl thing a company consists of good people with other peoples interests in their mind.. hahaha.. good joke.

  42. Great, I can't wait. Let's blast it out like every shred of news and then get pissed Battle.net is part of the package.

  43. Does anyone know if it will use the info from blizzard and steam? And what about cheaters who have been banned? Will they be able to play the game on steam if they have been hardware banned previously on Blizzards platform?

  44. Activision will never be on my radar again until I can finally buy Cod WaW for 2.50 usd on sale, on Steam, like I should have been able to anytime in like the last decade.

  45. Man I hope they put bo4 on steam and we get some actual decent prices on the sale. Never got to play the dlc for that game and treyarch really went all in on zombie map design. Also blackout was probably the most fun br I’ve played, sad they never made it free to play.

  46. i'm one of the lucky ones who owns it on steam :D i double dipped for this game aswell, bought it standalone retail on release and then a year or a few years later (don't remember anymore) on steam before it was taken off :D

  47. Finally. I can now click "Ignore this creator" instead of ignoring every single piece of Call of Duty DLC separately to stop it from showing up in the store.

  48. thps 1+2 for steam PLEASE.. the wait is killing me.. i bought it on epic and enjoyed it massively but i stopped playing it because of the epic launcher and because every single time i was playing it i felt frustrated that this, my favorite game and one of the best games ever made, is not on steam because it would fit perfectly into my steam account...........

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