1. Always online is a cancer in gaming. I absolutely despise it. You never own the game and the game will eventually disappear if the developer doesn’t patch it at end of server. It’s just. Scummy method of renting you their game but charge you the full price of game so that when they decide to release. New game your forced to buy the next one. My internet was down the other day and I wasn’t able to play Gran Turismo 7 it really fucking pissed me off

  2. The new Hitman Trilogy will one day quit working right and you will lose access to all game unlocks. Such a stupid idea.

  3. GT7 was in the Nvidia leak for PS games coming to PC. If (when) it does come out here, I hope people here are ready for the always online requirement and the issues that come along with it. Polyphony said its due to the fact that you can't "cheat" and increase your save progress quickly to get better cars. I say fuck all that. If I wanna race with a GT500 class race car as fast as possible, let me. This is the biggest turn off with the GT series for me and I have GT1 to 6. You can't do basic single player things like license tests or time trial runs if you don't have an active internet connection. Keep that with GT Sport which is a multiplayer title. We don't need anything like that in a single player GT experience. Which really sucks because GT by far has the best progression out of any racing game

  4. Gotta make sure people can't bypass around microtransactions in single player games, think about the poor executives.

  5. This is probably exactly why they’re doing it. You know Ubisoft is rubbing their hands together right now.

  6. On another note, manifest v3 is coming so prepare yourself to say goodbye to all your adblockers in a few years.

  7. Sick of DLC and Microtransactions it's going to get worse now with how corporations are trying to make 70$ day one games a thing now.

  8. Daily reminder that this DRM bullshit is overwhelmingly used by publicly traded AAA publishers led by C-level executives who are expected to gouge you for all they reasonably can and the developers behind these games hate it just as much, if not more than the customers they're forced to 'hurt'. The publishers know it doesn't work. It's all smoke and mirrors for the investors and the investors don't give a shit about your experience.

  9. Denuvo is pretty seamless that most people don't even know it's there, but it is really devastating to pirates because it pretty much guarantees the game to not be cracked for basically months.

  10. As someone that uses game trainers (in single player games) to get out of microtransactions, this is gonna be very annoying.

  11. Would this also hurt those of use using cheat engine to increase amounts of resources in our inventories, I wonder.

  12. Boycotting is the only way. I really hope and wish this shit and any other shit like this dies a miserable death one and for all, very soon.

  13. And you not buying it has made zero difference to them deciding to keep Denuvo or not. Piracy has a huge impact to sales and Denuvo is pretty much crack proof for several months and only costs them a few dollars a license, big no brainer.

  14. Always online is sincerely the only point at which I weigh anchor and cast off to the high seas. I would have happily bought RDR2 if you could play single player offline. I waited forever For FF7R to come to PC only to find that I had to be online to play it. I refuse to pay for games that don’t give me a controlled sense of ownership. I played both anyway. I even payed for FF7R when the Steam version came out because it lets me play without a connection (no clue why Epic’s didn’t when people claim it’s a developer decision and not an Epic decision to do so).

  15. The telemetry should be treated as harshly as a peeping tom, voyeur or a snail mail thief. Along with upgrades to charges for committing the espionage and surveillance electronically. I'm talking about actual jail time for every goddamned secretary even, from alphabet, inc. to nvidia 'user experience' video card driver add-ons.

  16. Denuvo is almost exclusively used by publicly traded companies. Imagine you're a C-level executive and you're going into quarterly investor calls and they're all asking you what you're doing to prevent piracy and make as much money for the investors as possible.

  17. Complete BS,been boycotting games with denuvo since Iv learned of such thing,it just dosen't make any sense to implement drm in single player games. I thought it would maybe die out over time,but the average gamer doesn't care enough and now its gonna expand...

  18. Only trash companies that make trash games do this so the few people that pirate it had to buy it or wait, but games that are good or well made don't need denuvo since they will sell not matter what

  19. Honestly with the fact that it’s hard to be hyped for any game release nowadays with how much nonsense happens, and the fact that you can’t escape this nonsense on consoles either (in fact, it can be worse in a lot of regards), I think this stuff is eventually going to break me and have me quit playing anything new in favor of retro games.

  20. My guess is that it’s mix of both. As we get older, there are more responsibilities which eat up our time and energy. Then there’s the new games which are all so goddamn huge and grindy that it would take months to finish when playing only a couple of hours a week.

  21. I will never buy a game that has denuvo. I was naiv enough to get a high end build, so the performance won't be hit that hard... I was wrong. The denuvo protected games were running much shittier than the ones that had nothing. Shame. When i see on a steam site that the game has denuvo, then it's an instant off for me.

  22. Steam should offer a "just don't show me Denuvo games" option. Then constantly talk about how many people have enabled it.

  23. Meh, indie games usually don't implement denuvo and usually those are more fun than some generic AAA crap that uses denuvo

  24. There's literally way more good games already released than I will ever able to play in my life time, I don't know why people still fall for any bullshit from publishers.

  25. Now that the Steam Deck has made PC games on the go much more viable, I could see Denuvo being an issue for even more people now. I've personally never had a problem with Denuvo, as I have a reliable internet connection at home, but on a flight I noticed just how many of my games I can't play on the Steam Deck without a connection

  26. yet i haven't connected my laptop since 2020 and can still play every steam game that's installed on it, including Resident Evil 2, the version with denuvo. 🤔

  27. I agree there are several ways drm could be implemented more fairly, including what you suggest. But as I already said in other posts, is drm really that big of a problem? A bigger problem than an online only multi or single player game that someone invested several 100s of dollars and thousands of hours and then the publisher shuts it all down and that someone loses everything? You don't really need drm for that? Isn't that worse? Sorry, i think that's far worse... and personally im pretty sure i can play 99% of my games offline, drm or not.

  28. Let them. Most games these days are so bad on release that I almost lost interest in this hobby completely. On rare occasions a game is good, thank god there are indie games.

  29. Fuck that. Fuck that company too. What shit, intrusive, performance-sapping crap they build, that does absolutely nothing for the end user and actual customer.

  30. Hasn't been the case for a while now, DRM protection works incredibly well. Denuvo games aren't getting cracked on release anymore, period.

  31. Not sure if you follow the cracking scene, but there is like only one person working on cracks anymore and they aren’t exactly a fast worker. There are plenty of games still uncracked after a year or more.

  32. God, I dread the day a developer like IOI kills the servers for Hitman 3. Their entire World of Assassination trilogy has been always-online and your save profile is stored on the server-end. Plus with IOI working on a new James Bond game, it’s only a matter of a year or two before they kill Hitman off for good.

  33. ITT people not realizing that if a game had microtransactions to begin with, of the kind this kind of protection would serve, they were always trash to begin with.

  34. Cool so I just won't buy those games? And if they slap it on singleplayer I'll just wait 0.5 weeks for FLT or CODEX to break it and get a better version of the game for free.

  35. Anyone who buys a game with DRM is supporting the practice and actively degrading their own experience, in effect being part of the problem. There are plenty of games that don't use denuvo etc that you can play.

  36. Like with how all publishers eventually return to steam, I really hope that the publishers come to their senses and this Denuvo shit stops. It's made games that should run fine on my PC a stuttering mess (I know this because if these problems happened, I'd test the pirated version, and surprise surprise, no problems. Most recent example being Resident Evil Village.) Pirates are gonna pirate. Don't make the customers hesitate from picking up your product.

  37. I am happy with my gog games and no Drm steam indie games. They can go beepidy beep booop themselves. Fuck drm, fuck tpm and win11.

  38. Ya know, I never actually cared about this stuff because most of the world relies on the internet anyway, but then I moved and my new area only has ONE - I repeat ONE- internet provider, which I personally think is the worst internet provider to exist and as mean as it sounds I pray for their downfall (because they don't give a shit about their customers), and my internet goes down often, leaving me unable to play many of my games. Even some SP games which I thought would still be playable even when my internet is down, are actually not playable.

  39. Look, I'm generally open-minded and I'm fine with DRMs for the most part, I could even make peace with Denuvo aside from an occasional "Fuck offs" when they had verification issues, but online-only is where I draw the line.

  40. Just means less game purchases for me, and more once a blue moon one month purchases for subs like Ganepass to play games.

  41. its surprising only microsoft and sony doesnt use denuvo on pc and i will continue to buy their games

  42. AAA games are just not worth the hassle the majority of the time, just wait for them to be super cheap and hope companies remove the DRM eventually, like Capcom does.

  43. Games with Denuvo are mostly trash anyway I'll stick with respectable AAA devs, AA and mostly indie games or old game with denuvo removed.

  44. Oh no! Now I have to pirate them because that is the superior version! Ah, it’s so hard to be a PC gamer sometimes…

  45. Even if they protect microtransactions, people will just access them via cheats or cheat engine or whatever right?

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