1. Well, they added a few classes and a new area, but early access was always going to be only Act 1 throughout the entirety of it. That was openly advertised by Swen and the other developers from the start, and it fits their history of how they handle early access games.

  2. I was sorta late to the Divinity game but isn't this how they sorta handled Divinity? Like didn't it launch in early access with very limited content and then it got all the extra acts and shit added? I thought I had heard something like that

  3. now? It's just Act 1 or Prolog, whatever they call it. Something like Fort Joy location in DOS2.

  4. Keep in mind that the time estimation is for a single playthrough. The game really can be played in a completely different way for second or third playthrough. You can easily put over 100 hours if you are motivated to experiment.

  5. By the way this is exactly how D:OS2 was developed, only it was just Kickstarter who got Early Access at first. So the method works. Just be patient and wait for full release next year if you don't want to play what's essentially an extended demo

  6. Dos 2 isn't the same for sure they aren't going explosive with the combat in this one. Feels a lot slower.

  7. Besides having to replay the same damn introduction NPE every time I want to try a new character class combination, the game is pretty good. They carried over the magic arrow/explosive barrel shenanigans from DOS2 which could be a positive or a negative depending on personal choice.

  8. Couldn't tell you how far the game is currently. However, my group and I did all the available content and put in around 35-40 hours.

  9. If you’ve played Divinity: Original Sin 2, then Baldur’s Gate III’s act 1 is about the size and length of Divinity’s act 2. Probably bigger tbh.

  10. It's 30-40 hours for what's available in act 1. I assume they'll probably streamline the file sizes in the final version.

  11. Has there been any word of controller support on PC, the Stadia port has it and it's absence is the only thing stopping me from rebuying it on PC.

  12. I unfortunately can't talk for the game itself, but Divinity Original Sin 2 had great controller support so I doubt they wouldn't implement this in bg3 as well!

  13. Weird question for those clued up: Are there any "alternative" power/ability/level gaining mechanisms at play the game?

  14. I'm not sure how I feel about this either. However levels 15 to 20 in 5th edition is like you have the ability to kill gods at that point.

  15. Most people were not happy with the level 10 cap and I don’t think it’s a confirmed thing yet but they were considered boosting it to 12

  16. 5e in its power scope and options is a lot more limited than 3.5 and Pathfinder. But yes, level 10 feels rather limited. The thing, is once you get into higher level spells and can kinda do stuff that would break the realm of programming logic in video games, what do you keep and what do you cut?

  17. Prediction for myself: Decide to wait for it to be finished before playing. Once it comes out, only play the same amount of content as the EA has before getting bored and quitting.

  18. So this may seem cynical, but the 5e rules really hamper the game. Some classes don’t gain any obvious choices or “upgrades” on leveling and the one action per turn makes combat feel sluggish.

  19. Apparently you haven't actually played the game. At level 3 it's nothing but choices and upgrades and some classes (like Rogue) get bunches of bonus actions and offhand nonsense. Fighter gets a whole extra attack on demand. Try getting past lvl 2.

  20. The combat is turn based but it moves pretty quickly and the story just in act 1 is great. Definitely give it a shot on release!

  21. Give it a go. I used to hate turn based, but i liked D: OS2 so much it converted me to preferring it. And if you haven't played D: OS2, give that a go as well. It's great.

  22. I'm kind of scared this game is going to be one of those games that's "never done." It keeps getting pushed back, and they're missing so much stuff with 2023 coming up fast. They have 5 kinds of Drow, and 3 Teiflings, but no Half-Orcs, and are missing key classes like Barbarian.

  23. Barbarians are in the game, though paladins, monks, and bards are still missing. Half-orcs shouldn't be that difficult to add in...

  24. I don't understand what's the idea behind this game... it's been out for what, 2 years now? And it's still EA. Worst off, I only know original BG and never played Divinity. I worry I'll be in for a big disappointment.

  25. It's been in early access, they've been playtesting mechanics in ea while they build up for the release in 2023.

  26. It has none of the mechanics of DoS and plays nothing like it besides being turn based. It has been about a year and a half with lots of major patches. Even if what was two years there are plenty of games in EA that have been in longer. It plays like a lot like a tabletop D&D game. It's good, and the full game will be great.

  27. Looking forward to the full release whenever that might come. Sunk a load of time in DOS2 absolutely loved it.

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