1. Dark Cloud 3. But, I'm like 75% sure that White Knight Chronicles started life as DC3 and shit got messed up there somehow.

  2. The new Silent Hill. The P.T. demo game scared the living hell out of me. I was so disappointed when they cancelled it.

  3. Hellgate:London. It was a big mess and i played it one hour to deinstall it. It felt so anticlimatic, the ads promised it would be Diablo in 3D. They also had some programmers from Blizzard in the Leading positions.

  4. A game before it’s time. It would have done super well nowadays if it was given just a little more time in the oven.

  5. It was diablo in 3D. It's loot pinatas. What they lacked was proper shooter mechanic and proper 3rd person action elements like dodging.

  6. Even to this day, modders are still trying to recreate FR's Battlefront 3. The EA Battlefront 2 isn't bad exactly, at least not now, but it's a far cry from the sheer scope that FR's BF3 promised.

  7. In addition, another Free Radical project: A followup to Timesplitters: Future Perfect. Not a fan game.

  8. The extensive first person interactions (mantling, sliding, and shooting from cover in first person) are among the things that got me REALLY interested in this game back in the day. There are some pretty awesome gameplay clips floating around. Here's a compilation of most of them,

  9. Every time this gets brought up. Do you REALLY think they had the technical prowess back then to actually live up to what they said.

  10. The original Prey was so mad. And it did crazy portals way before Portal did them, and imo way cooler.

  11. Totally feel you; War for the Overworld was made by devs who loves Dungeon Keeper and wanted to make a third one but didn’t have the rights. It functionally is DK3 and is very fun.

  12. It's actually on a shelf somewhere. They just didn't think it was good enough... Oh how the times have changed

  13. HL3 isn't cancelled, they just haven't committed to releasing it yet, but valve like to slide decades in between there releases

  14. Stargate deserves some games. Now that Amazon own the license, I hope they bring back shows (first) and games for that universe.

  15. Donkey Kong Racing on the GameCube. It was on the GameCube box art for the system. I was so pissed.

  16. The problem with Loadout is players quickly figured out which were the best weapons. And you had to grind to unlock all the fun parts.

  17. Ultima online 2, that made no sense to me how much dev went on with that game and then suddenly cancelled. Such a let down and it was never picked up again.

  18. Really wanted to see what Kojima could do in a 100% horror focused game. P.T. was exceptional and it's a real shame that it got canceled

  19. That doesn't really look like it was intended to be different, it just looks like there's some unfinished and placeholder objects?

  20. Well it's technically not cancels yet but I doubt it will ever see the light of day. Beyond good and evil 2. What they have shown looked awesome and it was a Ubisoft game I genuinely was excited for. But given the long time they stayed quiet about it I don't I'll ever play it

  21. Ironically Ubisoft will soon release a pirate game, that was also in long development hell, because the singaporean government demanded as such in exchange for subsidies. BGE2 doesn't even have this kind of obligation behind it, so sadly I don't have much hope for it

  22. Tiberium: Command & Conquer - EA showed a bunch of Trailers and then cancelled it like that. I would have liked to know how the Story would have progressed and maybe we wouldn't have gotten the Game that shall not be named.

  23. Man both the C&Cs hurt. EA totally screwed up with C&C 4 and then the only C&Cs they released up until the original C&C/RA1 remake was failed browser games and a really bad mobile game. The browser games weren't even just the mechanism to open up a more advanced application. They were so bad.

  24. There is a mountain of cancelled C&C games, personally the ones I would’ve been interested in seeing get the go ahead were:

  25. After 5 titles of quantity over quality and degradation of rpg systems. How can you trust EAWare ever?

  26. Dead Island 2 - looked great back in 2014 with the E3 reveal. Supposedly onto its fifth developer with nothing more to show for it. Maybe not officially cancelled, but it's vaporware at this point.

  27. Hawken - really unique mecha shooter. Tribes: Ascend - very fast and quite hard team shooter played on giant maps. Both f2p, both shut down years ago.

  28. Hawken could've lived if they hadn't implemented that shitty World of Tanks style upgrade/microtransaction system

  29. I'd like to see another stab at Tribes, it's always suffered from sn identity crisis without quite enough substance to define it. It is kind of in the vein of planetside.

  30. It would have been awesome if the mechs didn't constantly get stuck on the level geometry in their fast paced close combat mech game haha

  31. I and my family second the Worlds Adrift vote. That was such a huge potential that just never could overcome the technical challenges and the griefers.

  32. EverQuest next. It was a whole new level of mmorpg. The A.I. was more alive than most any other games. Orcs had needs and wants meaning the hated dryads and they would actively build settlements away from each other. If you killed off all the orca dryads would over run the place and the orca could of had something much worse captive and killing them off releases it. I’m not doing it enough justice but it was going to be amazing.

  33. I remember playing Landmark, which I think was originally meant to be part of EverQuest Next in some way. Can't recall the exact link, other than I think they both got cancelled not far apart from each other.

  34. I came here to say this. I got disappointed only years later after seeing the tech demo for the first time and going, "they canceled this?!"

  35. Even without the DLC scheme, it was just boring after a while. Once you play as few games it's the same loop over and over.

  36. Honestly, Anthem. I was certainly part of why it died, the initial release was just so poor I never bothered playing past the beta. But the game felt like it could be a new Division/Destiny, you were quite literally encased in an ironman suit shooting big guns at bigger enemies. I'd wanna play that, but not knowing an online game has it's support canceled.

  37. Man the combat could feel so fun especially flying with a game pad. I enjoyed the hell out of the buggy mess and if they had just given more time and resources it coulda been something real special

  38. Fish was truly a pioneer among indie devs and modders, namely being a stuck-up pompous and easily-offended arselock, who spends his days arguing and spewing bullshit on twitter

  39. Surprised to not see more people saying this. FEZ was an absolute blast, with fantastic puzzles and amazing music. Kills me every time I think of what could have been. That FEZ 2 reveal was so awesome when it happened, such a let down.

  40. one that is not PC but was an arcade was an arcade version of Starfox assault. it was to have a slot on the machine that would allow you to do something special with a gamecube memory card if you had the console version.

  41. Team Bondi's Whore of the Orient. They were gonna make this game exactly the same way as they made L.A. Noire, but that game bankrupted them while Take Two and Rockstar kicked them to the curb after they developed it for them.

  42. Check out Matt McMuscles' What Happened video on LA Noire, basically the studiohead Brendan McNamara is a psychopathic asshole, who mentally destroyed everyone working at the company, and then hired flesh blood from universities to suck the lifeforce out of them too. Soon everyone started avoiding Bondi like a hot potato, and Rockstar got tired of a studio that produces nothing, only burnt-out people due to sheer crunch. TL;DR: No way Bondi could've developed WotO properly without some deep restructuring, a task that most likely wasn't worth the hassle and money for rockstar

  43. After reading the Hell that game went through to get released I get it. It's just sad that so many people got burned on it.

  44. Warhammer Age of Reckoning got an "official" private Server. Great Devs, they had add thé Dwarf and Greenskin capitals. Great work so far.

  45. Wildstar - Treasure planet style MMO - terribly managed but damn did they have a gem underneath. I stuck it out and almost 100% the game - it really was what WoW 2.0 should have been, especially with having some of the original devs.

  46. FireFall was such an amazing experience that it's such a shame it's completely gone. Even the Chinese MMO gimped version was still better than anything on the market.

  47. Same, I really enjoyed Firefall. There's a game in the works by one of the founders of Firefall and there are similarities but so far it seems aimed at a less matures audience.

  48. the 3rd of the newer Deus Ex games. They were good games that sold well. Only cancelled cuz everyone was in a rush to do as much online/live service/microtransaction craps as possible.

  49. Ambrosia Odyssey. It was meant to be an online action RPG for PC and made by Enix. Then after the merger they pushed it for PS2... but then it got cancelled. YoshiP, yes that YoshiP, was the director and he recently talked about it

  50. Half Life 3. I remember being blown away by the graphics in HL1. Even more with HL2. Then... Nothing. Gordon will forever be locked in temporal stasis waiting to be the right man in the wrong place again.

  51. I really really really wanted Evolve to succeed. I was all over the beta, bought the highest tier pack when it came out, and it just crashed hard.

  52. Not cancelled, but I’ve been waiting for a pixel art Metroidvania RPG called Heart Forth Alicia whose Kickstarter ended long enough ago that two of its original platforms were going to be 3DS and Vita.

  53. Divinity: Fallen Heroes. Don’t think it’s confirmed cancelled, but pretty sure Larian was working on it until Baldurs Gate 3 opportunity appeared. Looked like Xcom in the divinity universe, I love those types of games and LOVED Divinity Original Sin 2.

  54. The Culling. It was one of the games that brought me over to pc. I don’t even know what happened. Seemed like a game that could really last.

  55. Anthem. Was really hoping for a revival / rerelease. I had a blast just flying around exploring, dropping in on fights Iron Man style and then zipping off. So much potential 😣

  56. I don't mind the Team Fortress 2 that got released, but I was sooooo pumped during the prototype or so process that it wasn't all cartoony and looked like a cool army shooter, where you can parachute into battle and such.

  57. More that it died so soon after launch, but Tribes Ascend. I LOVE tribes style games, and they always die.. not enough mass appeal I guess.

  58. Kingdoms of amalur was a lot of fun for me and they had a lot more planned for it, but man did that studio ever screw up. Interesting story behind that if you got the time to look into it.

  59. Dawngate. As a huge MOBA fan it was an amazing game that to me fixed a lot of issues in the genre and mad ethe game play fun. Champions weren't designed for roles as each role was a buff you picked pregame. You got to select your summoner spells throughout the game to answer threats and such and you got 3 instead of 2. The stats were much simpler with Power effecting both physical and magical damage. Characters had really interesting kits. Map control was more important. The core was a boss you had to fight with the more "inhibs" you drop the fewer abilities it got and the baron buff being how you spawn super creeps. There was a fan project to bring it back but I just wish EA would give up the IP or put it to use so we can get a finished Dawngate.

  60. The Settlers, the reboot of the classic civ building mechanics was promising and exciting, but what they made in the end was horrifying.

  61. Fez II. Nothing was ever detailed about it but I really liked Fez. Probably wouldn't have been very good compared to the origional.

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