1. Oh man people were going mad over the nightclub level but I didn't realize that one of the other new stages was a god damn Hollywood pedo-ring. Perfect timing too.

  2. The nightclub is awesome and incredibly difficult. So many already open doors, weird lighting and tons of long hallways for the new improved AI to use. Got shredded quite a few times trying it out.

  3. Why do they sell 2 different versions of the game and more importantly, what the hell happened to individuals buying into early access games not counting as supporters anymore?

  4. It's very SWAT4. Currently doesn't have alternate entrances, briefings, or snipers, but the gameplay is very solid. Only complaint I really have is their stupid "earlier access" scheme. I was enjoying RON so much that I actually went back to replay SWAT4 with SEF, and as much as I love SWAT4, I think by the time RON is done, it'll be the better game. In some ways, it arguably already is.

  5. It's SWAT 5. Up until recently they were using assets from SWAT 4, they still might be. The single player is exactly what you're used to but honestly MP is just where it's at.

  6. I’ve only played solo and really enjoyed it so far, the new update has added a few bugs with AI, so it’s a but harder now, but still fun

  7. Played two rounds of barricaded suspects on 213 Park Homes last night and it was completely different each time with regards to enemies and trap locations.

  8. Love it, it's edgy and not Twitter "edgy", it has an actual edge in that it feels like you're put into real, horrific scenarios. The way it should be don't let anyone tell you it's "tasteless".

  9. Update overview video for those who don't want to go over the long list of patch notes (unofficial):

  10. This is for all the normal people who have bought this game and don't somehow have like 100 hours doing the same thing over and over again. Does it actually have a decent amount of varied content or do you get bored after a couple of hours?

  11. The levels actually differ quite significantly depending on what mode you're playing. At least on most of the levels right now.

  12. Its not in yet and Im pretty sure it wont ever be. But thats a kind of silly take given there are levels in malls and diners etc, presumably you been to those places.

  13. I played the gas station level. Pink lighting doesn't really make any sense and there was a ton of random visual bugs. The new secure mechanic for downed enemies didn't work well either. One guy was magically alive after I secured him. Equipment menu seems like a downgrade too. Shitty patch for me.

  14. Not a huge fan of the changes to the UI on this one for getting your gear together. Huge amount of wasted space that they could fill out so that it isn't so nested. Love all the other changes, and like the addition of gun art instead of just words however I think they can still iterate on the layout a bit to make it easier to quickly change gear around.

  15. Do you know if regular early access owners need to change the build type to get access to this? I see NONE and supporteralpha (

  16. pve for the time being, pvp was in development but it was on hold or scrapped due to negative feedback from pre-early access users.

  17. PvP was originally in the game and the community hated it. So it got removed, all plans scrapped and that dev time is now going into coop. Arguably where it belongs.

  18. I’d buy this instantly if it had controller support. They mentioned it a long time ago but nothing since.

  19. This is the right-wing copaganda game where you shoot up a gay nightclub right? Too bad Valve couldn't keep this trash off their store for good.

  20. Might be better if the title mentions the name of the game. Why would I click the article if I don't even know what game the update is about?

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