1. It's not like the developers weren't playing the game, they would have experienced all of the major issues too. Some smaller issues might have gone unnoticed due to poor QA, but those are the least of CDPR's problems during the buggy launch.

  2. well, that's not how it works. If this is true, CDPR paid money to the contractor for a work they didn't provide, and they could sue the company for the damages they created. This inefficiency might have been responsible for a great amount of loss of productivity leading to a worse product on launch.

  3. The devs even compiled (and then was leaked in le' hack) an internal video of all the bugs they were still finding in the game a few weeks prior to launch (iirc?).

  4. You can make the arguement that if the QA team produce surface level bug reports, dev time could have been better spent fixing underlying technical issues. But then again CDPR brought in external QA rather late into the project (Q4 2019 when the game was supposed to launch april 2020) which is already a red flag.

  5. How much did the developers play from consoles though? The PC launch was pretty flawless, so if they were mostly referencing that personally and relying on the QA company for the console reports that would line up with what we saw.

  6. The same company tested The Witcher 3 and that's hailed as one of the best things since porn. It wasn't a bad decision to outsource the QA, but bad management in that company led to issues not being reported. I've worked in game QA, and even in Quantic Labs. There are issues that take half a day to accurately pin-point and reproduce. A 10bugs/day quota will just affect the testers capability to do their job, no matter the experience. Like a I say to my managers, the best KPI for a QA department is how many users complain about the end product.

  7. It's been almost 2 years and Day 1 bugs are still in the game. I think it needed more than an extra year with the pace CDPR works at.

  8. Why do people always talk about the bugs when CDPR straight up lied to us? Showed and talked about content that never was in the final game?

  9. No, no, no. It's clearly underpaid qa staff fault for the game not turning out an rpg and cdpr scrubbing rpg from all the store fronts and descrions

  10. Likely because the people who knew CDPR better just didn't follow their hype train. I've been playing their games since Witcher 1 and while I like them I never quite got how their reputation ballooned post Witcher 3.

  11. Bugs would be one of the more immediate issues given how it affects gameplay. Additional content kind of takes a backseat when you can't enjoy the game because of the bugs.

  12. Right? The bugs were a massive part of the problem but they straight-up lied about what the game was and would be, lied about the terrible dev conditions, and then when the shitshow of a game did come out the CEO threw the QA team under the bus like the cunt he is.

  13. what content they showed which wasn't in the final game? content from the WIP version from 2018?

  14. They definitely over-promoted the game in many areas. Marketing doing what they always do basically. My trust in CDPR through their prior games took a slight hit, but I still think they made another great game that scores in atmosphere and tells awesome cyperpunk themed stories.

  15. I was most interested to see if the AI would actually be what they claimed. I had serious doubts and I turned out to be right. The things they wanted to do were out of their league. They've never made a game this complex before. Only studios like Rockstar have the skill and know-how.

  16. Yep biggest issue with the game. The non-linear/branching story and the actual RPG mechanics and the openess/details of the open world.

  17. 100%, it was never about the bugs, there weren’t actually that many (compared to Bethesda games or something) and most of them were visual things and not game breaking.

  18. Everything except handguns feels so bad to use. I like that CP2077 actually has good handguns, since a lot of games usually make them the weakest guns in the game.

  19. I found it similar to Ubisoft games which haven't changed since... 2010s but people still like them, play them and buy them and they still break records.

  20. yes exactly. i played it on pc and i didnt see any bugs. the gameplay was just boring. also the hispanic bullshit is so annoying. they shoehorned it in so fucking bad. imagine going from witcher to some pandering bullshit. also any story where you can choose your sex is inherently a shitty one because it can't be specific.

  21. I played on release - literally at midnight when it dropped. Experienced so few bugs, but the entire thing was such a shit experience just because it was so empty and dull.

  22. CDPR knew it was a buggy mess, otherwise they wouldn't have told reviewers they could only show gameplay videos provided by CDPR, or held off on giving out review copies for last-gen consoles.

  23. 100%. They did everything they could to hold back reviews to minimise their effect on day 1 sales. Will never understand people that were still pre-ordering on PC in 2020 but always a good reminder preordering is an outdated and bad practise.

  24. I don't understand how users on this sub can say "corporations want ALL the money" in one breath, then in the next say "well they undersold their target by over 20 million copies but they still profited!"

  25. Did no one from CDPR give it a once through after this QA company said it was ok? Still feel like thats a big oversight

  26. I used to work in Game Dev in QA more than 15 years ago back in Poland, and I can see some of the bad practices still haven't changed.

  27. The main issue is the pipeline - with a deadline looming, you have a system to decide which bugs are critical and which ones aren't.

  28. I mean like, that's super scummy on Quantic Lab's part and now with this information they likely won't be contracted by anyone anymore (good!), but like, so did absolutely NO ONE from CDPR play the game in the office or took it home? Like, outsourcing bug detection is one thing, but how do you develop a game and not even play it internally?

  29. The only bug I ever experienced at the launch was Johnny's cigarette hanging in the air whenever he changed a position. Like an artifact that wouldn't go away so I would end up with a little trail of cigarette buds hanging in the air behind him. Actually found it quite amusing

  30. Unless the devs were not playing their own game during development, it would be impossible for them not to notice the large number of bugs in the game.

  31. Devs do play their game, thats often why they don't play it after release because they've already played it so much until that point. Despite that, devs often never encounter some bugs the players might even consider as common. On average one dev would need to play for a thousand hours to find the same number of bugs a thousand players find in an hour.

  32. Lol that would mean Developers, Producers, and Investors didn't play the game before release. This dumb excuse just makes them look worse.

  33. While I'm inclined to believe this might've been part of a larger problem, the idea that we're to believe that a single round of faulty QA is to blame for that mess is a pretty shameful excuse and further solidifies the idea that most studios view customers as morons and CDPR isn't an exception.

  34. Fuck the bugs. There were promised features missing, game was simply unfinished. To me it was never about the bugs...

  35. Were the bugs this bad in witcher 3 when it was released genuine question? I never had a major problem except maybe one or two crashes , but I know i am probably lucky with that tbh never once hit a game breaking bug ever in a game but like I said probalby really lucky

  36. I'm going to guess that CP2077 was your first exposure to the genre, and that you are completely unfamiliar with the source material. Granted, CDPR put much of the 30+ years of source material on shards and in emails, so those who just plowed throughout the main storyline missed a lot of the story, or at least the parts of it you seem to be complaining about the most. Honestly, I might feel CP2077 a bit lacking if I didn't both have a few decades worth of knowledge about CP2020 and read shards/emails fill in some of the blanks in the 50+ years between the end of The Fourth Corporate War (published in 1997) and CP2077. If you got the PC version, you should have a PDF copy of the tabletop game it's based on.

  37. Just let it rest. The main problems weren't the bugs, they overshadowed the real problems. Even if this was true it doesn't bode well for CDPR that means all the bugs, half assed mechanics and disappointing promises make sense because they didn't play their own game enough.

  38. You can't possibly play your own game enough, especially being the developer and having knowledge in your head about how things should work. This is exactly what QA teams are for.

  39. My problems with CP2077 go way, way beyond bugs. Even if the game was 100% big free, it’s missing a lot of promised features.

  40. While I could see this happening for some smaller bugs or QoL things, far and away the majority of this clusterfuck is still on CDPR. They blatantly lied to multiple parties, conning people for money and hype from day one. Over the course of eight years and at least two major overhauls, you're telling me that basically nothing was known, nothing was caught? Yeah, and I suppose I can buy a $400 ticket to get a close-up flight to the moon, right?

  41. LOL. That's great. Most every AAA or even AA game company does both internal and external testing for their games - and there is no way there wasn't at least 5 tryhard QA nerds in either one of those groups that would rage at unfixed bugs or blockers on their test cases.

  42. Apparently it really didn't matter considering it's taken them almost 2 years to come out with 3 patches and Day 1 bugs are still plaguing the game. Indie developers work faster than CDPR.

  43. Anybody who thinks bugs were what killed this game probably didn’t even try it. This game was booooring. The gameplay loop was so overdone and it brought nothing new to the table

  44. Its so weird when i played through the entire game i got very minor bugs but I seen so many people freaking out like it was the buggieet game of all time

  45. Yeah, but who hired that company ? CDPR didn't do their due diligince at the best of cases, they lied to everyone is the most likely version. Had no idea what they were doing and kept redoing stuff until we got the mess we have now.

  46. I didnt really get many bugs on PC. I just thought the game was shit when realising I was lied to throughout all the promotion leading up to the release.

  47. the bugs were hardly the problem. no ai, almost any exciting content cut, no point of almost any of the choices, the story bored me so bad i literally fell asleep three separate times. the only other time that’s happened while gaming was probably exhaustion after halo2/3 & rdr2 midnight releases. cyberpunk is the worst money i’ve ever spent in my life

  48. Sounds like it’s just them trying to get peoples good faith back. I don’t buy it at all. There is no way they didn’t know. In fact they have even said it themselves. They knew. But they didn’t care enough to release a functioning product.

  49. Still not even close to fixed either. I was playing it yesterday for the first time since it's launch and crashed into another car and it crushed me into the road and through the map and had to fall for a good 3 or 4 minutes over and over until it finslly respawned me miles above the map and I fell back to the ground.

  50. Like any developer wouldn’t test their shit during creation. If I made a game I’d be testing all the little features. Just another classic example of a rushed product. They could’ve had an amazing game with a lot of potential. It’s an alright game but poorly executed

  51. lied ? they had internal testers and we know the dev team was aware of the bugs because someone leaked the videos lol

  52. I remember when this game first came out. This sub was positive about the game. Now other subs have become positive while this sub gets negative about this game.

  53. 1.5 patch has been more unstable for me than the original 1.0 release. I can't for the life of me play for more than 1 hour without a crash most days. I did have one lucky Saturday where the game somehow ran for 4 hours without a crash, but it's been pretty abysmal in terms of that bug since I picked it back up a week ago... this is with a 3090 mind you too.

  54. Sure, if the bugs were minor issues. But they weren't. It cannot possibly escape the developers mind that there are a lot of ridiculous bugs some of which were game breaking. However bugs weren't even the biggest issue. That would be them over promising what the game will deliver. When released it felt like a lot of content had been cut out or not even intended to be implemented in the first place. Upper management is where all the blame lies.

  55. The bugs weren't caught because the developers were not playing their own game! How convenient for this to come out now. With all of the millions these companies, QA should be in house, period! If it is not, it is on the developer!!!

  56. Even when you don’t make developers work long hours because of “crunch”, the impacts of crunch are still present.

  57. speaking of bugs was the journalist version of the game ever released? i heard it was this super clean and polished but small version of the game. or has the game already reached that level after all these patches?

  58. CDPR is just the best company, I pray to them every night for the safety of my family

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