1. It’s a controversial opinion, by the revvy is my favorite hopper. It’s not as fast or small as the new hoppers but I love the way they look.

  2. I wish I still had mine. Got rid of it to buy an ego7 package for sponsorship reasons back in 07. Wish I hadn’t been a poor.

  3. Nice. Also got one in good condition in a package this Friday. May i ask how much you paid for yours or how much you think it would be worth?

  4. I paid $245 for mine. I’d say that’s a pretty fair price but I’ve seen them going for as much as $600.

  5. Nice! The PM7 with UL frame is one of my favorite guns ever, I'd still feel 100% comfortable using one in a tournament today. Shoots about as good as anything out there today and the ergonomics are top notch too.

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