1. Freeze dried food has very low nutritional value and most reptiles/amphibians do not like it. You should switch to live food. It's much healthier and will cause less health issues long term.

  2. I would like to go on record, I did not buy this frog, it was given to me for a birthday gift and the person who gave me the gift gave me everything I have currently…. I was obviously not prepared it was a surprise present…. I do not like taking a living animal in unless I have the proper information and things needed to take care of it before I get something…. IM NOT NORMALLY LIKE THIS IM SORRY

  3. mine didnt eat for a month when i got her. but then she got comfy and started eating. just give them time to adjust to the environment change. but it wont hurt to still try to offer food every day. also i agree with what other people have said about freeze dried food mine LOOOOVEEE earthworms

  4. I had feed my man mealworms ,tiny bits of chicken 🐔 and crickets now he is a big boy nd loving life I work for them all lol 😆 🐸 🐸 🐸 🐸 🐸 🐸 🐸 🐸 but my boy was the same way I tap it on his nose like a playful fight with him nd the food that always works out for me I'll post him when I get off work 💯💯

  5. UPDATE: she ate, I dusted 3 crickets and she ate them in her enclosure. Thank you everyone for your advice 👌👌🏻

  6. Good job man! Good luck with your new frog, it really sucks you had to start off with a surprise pet gift but they’re amazing and fulfilling little creatures

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