1. Agreed, too much flour on the base. I use plenty of flour for stretching and then dont apply any more to the peel. Never needed semolina.

  2. Maybe I'm just lucky but I've never once needed to flour my peel. Stretch the dough in enough flour and it shouldn't stick at all

  3. I may be completely wrong about this, but my gut says that upon contact with the hot stone, the pizza lifts off the stone beginning in the center and extending out toward the perimeter, probably caused by steam pressure which may or may not be related to highly hydrated dough.

  4. One potential issue is that you seem to be loading the pizza up with a LOT of toppings, which will make it take longer to cook on top. I'd try just going a bit thinner on the crust, a bit lighter on the toppings. For me it takes about 60s to cook a pizza, 90s at the most, and both top and bottom finish at the same time.

  5. No matter what I do, I keep getting a burn ring around the bottom edge of my pizzas. I thought that it was store bought dough I was using but the same thing happens with the Omni dough recipe. It seems to happen almost immediately after I launch the pizza. I tried using flour and semolina for stretching and dusting the peel but it happens with both.

  6. mine is not that bad but the bottom of the crust always does seem more well done than the rest, so curious what people will say. Im still new

  7. Your dough might be too cold. Cold dough scorches. The other likely culprit is too much flour on the crust. I had the same issue last cook. It got worse with each successive bake. The research I’ve done led to these conclusions.

  8. You don't say what your stone temp is, but basically there are two options. Don't heat up the oven as hot or cook it for a shorter time.

  9. I preheat the Koda 16 for 30+ minutes on high. The back left corner usually gets to 750-800 while the middle is around 600-700. Within the first 30 seconds, it seems like I get the burn ring.

  10. I just made 20 pizzas in mine last weekend and I try to use my peel and scrape off as much of the burnt flour as I can in between pizzas and when I noticed that it is really building up I took a 20 min break from making pizza and let it burn off...no burnt crust and they all turned out great

  11. Neapolitan should be cooked between 806f - 896f and if you let your ooni run for 30 min straight and then launch a pizza it will be way too hot, well at least that was the case for my koda 16. Also cordierite stones can get way too hot it you let them and can distribute heat too fast as well. You have to really watch your temps and you can’t let that stone temp get much above 800 or it will burn. I haven’t cooked in my ooni in a while cause I got a new oven but if I remember correct I never wanted my oven air temp to be above 830f-840f and stone stone should def be lower than oven air temp, I think I used to like 750f-780f stone temp. Other option is to get a different oven with biscotto stones 😀

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