1. I’ve seen so many replies like this lol I guess I just needed an outside perspective to realize how emotionally charged everything between us is. Or at least I think it is. Aaaaaaah

  2. That sentence about her using reddit shows that you are dying to tell her. This friendship won't ever be the solution for you, it also seem a really strong friendship, you could be friends even if she doesn't feel the same way.

  3. I've found myself in a similar boat before, I resigned myself to not say anything for fear of damaging what good we had. It ate at me and tore me apart every day, to the point that I would just randomly start sobbing out of an intense longing. Then she found a partner who made her happy. It devastated me, despite my overwhelming happiness for her, that she was happy, I was and still am devastated that the someone she is happy with, isn't me. Our friendship was impacted, as I struggle to speak around her as a result for fear of giving up any of how I feel, despite knowing that I would rip my own beating heart out of my chest for her if she needed it.

  4. I kinda have a similar situation. I posted a little while back about still loving someone 20 odd years later, but I genuinely don't know how to tell him. I've no idea when I can next see him, no idea if he feels the same and I'm married.

  5. I'd watch this movie in any platform! In all honesty, it sounds like you're great friends. You have made no mention of significant others in your post OP so I assume you're both single and ready to mingle. Next time you find yourself in an intimate, flirty situation with her, dig deeper and shoot your shot. I'm sure no matter what happens your friendship will live on, and I wish your loveship takes its first steps

  6. I'd recommend being chill with the love confession, to not be overwhelming. It'll be a easier rejection and it'll he easier to overcome this later for the both of them. Even though I think the answer will absolutely be yes

  7. oh man guy. this is a lot. it sounds like she might be into you? but it’s hard to say for sure. at the very least she trusts you and is very comfortable with you. best of luck man. also cool username

  8. My take: either you’re BOTH madly in love with each other and refuse to communicate about it because you don’t want to “ruin” the friendship OR you’re both extremely codependent. However, it feels so much like option one. You’re already acting like a couple but without the s3x. She’s joking you’re her “boyfriend”. She’s likely in deep, too. Most people don’t make that joke unless they’re interested.

  9. I agree with others. She may be into you, I think if she hasn’t brought anyone home from a date in six years to your apartment - that is a huge clue! Shoot your shot! Find a way to tell her, or ask her. It seems like even if she’s not interested you both are good enough friends to move past it. Best of luck OP. Really hope you can post an update here.

  10. Woman here. It sounds A LOT like she has feelings for you too! It’s possible she just need to hear it from you first. It’s better to say something asap, before she starts dating others to get you out of her system.

  11. Tell her how to feel. This is such a beautiful story. In the short term if she’s not interested, it’ll hurt like hell but in the long term you will be so happy you told her and have no thoughts of, “I wonder what would have happened if I told her I was in love with her?” If she feels the same way, you will have an amazing life together and an amazing story to tell.

  12. Met my girlfriend on tinder. We hated each other after the first interaction. A month later we caught up.

  13. "It's a risk to love. What if it doesn't work out? Ah, but what if it does?" - Peter McWilliams

  14. I need an update first thing tm morning my love life is SAD and I need this stranger to succeed!!!!!!!!

  15. Same on god I have so much anxiety for bro. I wouldn’t do a sit down about it though I’d be super casual and genuine and be like, ur it hon, like it or not 🤣 and she’d prolly be like bet let’s do it

  16. When I was in college, I was crazy about one of my closest friends. I told her how I felt when we were drunk one night, and she didn’t take me up on it, fearing it’d ruin our friendship. I know now that she certainly felt the same. I mention this because I handled it well—I wasn’t a jerk, or snotty about it in any way. I just continued living well. And I think if I hadn’t, she wouldn’t have put the moves on me just a few weeks later. It didn’t last forever, but it was the first great relationship of my life. Personally, I think you should be honest. And if it doesn’t go how you want, don’t stop being the person she obviously already is so fond of.

  17. This is a hard situation man. Hope it'll go around the way you wanted. And also please keep us updated it's hell of a story.

  18. This reminds me so much of me all of last year, I know the exact feeling you're going through right now, it's the feeling of pure love and adoration and the way you describe it so perfectly just sends me back.

  19. I swear someone is cutting onions up in here! I'm so happy for y'all, even though I don't know you. I've been invested since I read this yesterday and so happy to check back and see your update! Best of luck to you guys. Can you tell us where you are now? 😊

  20. Thank you for your kind words, it truly means so much. We are in Canada at the moment. She has family here that we’re visiting before moving on. We’re thinking either Chile or Sweden next. Undecided but we’re in no rush :)

  21. I was having a ton of “the world sucks” anxiety today. Reading this story just made me so happy and kind of reminds me how my boyfriend (soulmate) and I stared dating. Covid really brought us together as best friends haha. When he FINALLY made a move after me being in love with him for so long it was the best thing ever. Sounds like you two are in for a lifetime of adventures! Best of luck :)

  22. If she hasnt been actively dating, you're likely looking at someone who is mutually pining. Have you thought about telling her? Or asking if she wanted to take things to the next level?

  23. Y'know how most of the time when people get a cat, it's not because they went out and got a cat, they just wound up with a cat one day? Yeah, I think you may have done that.

  24. We talked for a long while and it seems she fell the same way I did - during quarantine. Before that we really were just best friends. So both of us have been feeling this way since 2020ish. Man I wish I said something sooner. But I’m glad it turned out this way :)

  25. Oh my god this is so nice!! It’s so crazy how shit just happens. Everything eventually falls into place it seems. Thank you for sharing… I wish you guys all the best 🥰

  26. Man, I read this somewhere else, and was getting so damn mad, lol. I was about to come through the internet and beat you with your own shoe if you didn't ask this woman out.

  27. There’s only one way to find out man. You either 1) let it die and go on wondering if it could’ve worked or 2) you try and it works or it doesn’t.

  28. I would go all in my dude. Prepare to move and drop the bomb. If she feels the other way well anounce that you are moving out. If You are lucky you have a brand new gf. I wouldn't live in this limbo state.

  29. Okay I’m just holding on to myself this week but damnnnnnnnnnnnn I wish somebody felt the same way about me the way you do with her!

  30. i can’t believe you waited 6 years!! i have a best friend for the same amount of time but we were always dating someone else, we were both single and i texted him to hang out as friends truly. it didn’t take long for me to realize i had romantic feelings for him and it also didn’t take me long to blurt it out and kiss him lol. enjoy this, it feels so great and i’m happy for you!!!! 🥹

  31. Yeah, I've been there before once or twice with someone (a neighbour and another friend). It's without a doubt the worst feeling I've had as you are constantly so on edge. It's practically debilitating. Quite simply the only way out of the situation is to tell the truth about how you feel. Sometimes it doesn't work out and you'll get over it with time and other times it does.

  32. Dude shoot your shot. Believe me you will regret it for the rest of your life if you don't talk to her about it. Love is all about timing and guessing by what you just wrote she's definitely into you. Even if she wasn't it worth talking to her about. Good luck

  33. I know this comment isn’t relevant, but if a guy ever talked about me like this, my heart would surely be won over. I hope everything works out for you and she returns the feelings. I have a feeling that if she gets that close to you, she’s probably interested in you too. Maybe she likes teasing you a bit too, not in a way that she doesn’t care about your feelings, but more so that the reason she gets so close to you is because she knows you like her, and she likes you too.

  34. I cannot this is too heckin cute! My heart has melted holy moly I wish you all nothing but the best! I hope you travel the world and learn all the languages and just enjoy being together and in love for the rest of time. Thank you for sharing with us and taking us along for the ride! Enjoy Canada and then Chile or Sweden or wherever your hearts take you next!

  35. This was so sweet and such a nice read thanks for including an update it was such a nice conclusion to this very sweet story. All the best to you both!

  36. Way to GOOOOO OP!! I’m tearing out my eyes in disgust and jealousy at how well this worked out for you😂😂😭 I’m so happy for you, this is literally everything. Wishing you guys the happiest and longest relationship ever!!!

  37. I just finished reading the last update & I’m so happy to you both , I can tell that she’s a very lucky girl for having you 🤩🥳💕💕

  38. This is lowkey frustrating. Tell her!! Maybe it's just me but there's so much romantic tension between you two and I can't believe that you aren't noticing it. Telling someone "i'll move anywhere with you if you want me to" doesnt sound exactly platonic my guy. Not even if you were to tell her in the most non romantic way possible. "i'd love to go together to a lot of countries!" now that sounds slightly more impersonal but emphasing the fact that you would be doing it for HER is like writing on your forehead that you like her. Seriously dude, just confess.

  39. Honestly it sounds like she's into you too. Please for the love of everything sacred tell her, AND THEN TELL US WE NEED TO KNOW

  40. You have to tell her. I realize that potentially losing a best friend is terrifying, but it’s even more terrifying to me to never know if she feels the same way.

  41. I fell in love with a roommate. Most beautiful and painful experience of my life in equal measure. I feel for you, OP. It ain't easy. I agree with everybody here- you have to tell her. Maybe she feels the same and you guys have a beautiful romance, maybe she doesn't and you're heartbroken- you are valuable and will be ok either way it goes. Best of luck to you.

  42. I lived with a guy who was my best friend for almost 4 years before we finally expressed our feelings for each other. I was terrified of losing him. But now we've been "officially" dating for 5 years and getting married next year. You absolutely need to tell her. And if it doesn't work out, you have the ability to move on without regret.

  43. The best way to have a long lasting loyal and honest romantic relationship with someone is when you become their best friends. I’m willing to bet she feels the same way you do.

  44. Fucking full send bro you only live once and what you have seems rare and If anything you got us to lean back on. Your anonymous Reddit family 🖤

  45. Tell her. You know you're going to have to, but at least clear the air. Don't leave things unsaid, and don't assume that someone can/can't read between the lines.

  46. In my experience, unrequited love only ruins friendships from the person that has those feelings and can't handle them. I think you should tell her because frankly there's a good chance she feels similarly but even if she doesn't it would be totally up to you to be able to either handle it and keep the friendship intact or not. So, if you think about it the risk is minimal with a high reward.

  47. Tell her! My boyfriend and I were roommates for almost 2 years before we started dating. When we first moved in together, we both established that we were just roommates and that’s all it was. Almost 2 years of hanging out, living together, watching shows together, going out to lunch, eating dinner together then one day he’s talking about something and all of sudden I realize he is REALLY cute. I realize how much I enjoyed all of our talks and how much I enjoy hanging out with him. I come to the realization that I like him and suddenly I can’t get near him without my heart fucking racing and hoping he doesn’t notice. It takes me about a week or two and I finally build up the courage to tell him I like him. I was SUPER nervous to tell him I ended waiting like 10 minutes before he had to leave for work and I just kind of blurted it out. I felt like I was going to fucking pass out I was sweating and everything. But I told him! He told me he needed to think about it and I just accepted that it wasn’t going to happen. But like a week later he asked me to be his girlfriend and we’ve been dating ever since. That was over a year ago! This is the best relationship I’ve ever had and I hope this is my last one! You can do this OP! I promise after you tell her you will feel so much better!

  48. GO FOR IT!! from what i´m reading here she is also into you or she thinks you are gay. You will miss all the shot that you don´t take.

  49. You'll be alone forever if you don't make the move❤️ well maybe not! You sound like a great guy! Just do it! Before someone else does. Best of luck 🤞

  50. I'm so very cynical because of my recent past with my horrible marriage, but even I think you should tell her man!

  51. This is honestly so cute. I’m gonna be checking on this post for the new update cuz you got me all invested. Best of luck, friend!

  52. TAKE THE DIVE! I was dating a girl without knowing in high school, our stories similar to yours. Felt the same way you did. When I moved back some years later I told her how I felt and we fell madly in love and dated for a decade and moved around the country, we aren’t together anymore but we unlocked each other’s potential and I wouldn’t be the man I am today with her.

  53. As someone going through a divorce, very happy I found this. This restores a lot of faith for me. This is an amazing story and you absolutely need to tell her! Sounds to me like you are both crazy for each other.

  54. Fam I need an update. I’ve been pining for my best friend in exactly this way. I’ve never had such an emotionally charged relationship with anyone else even though we’ve spent more time in different countries than we’ve ever spent together. I need you to update us so that I can have HOPE for my own situation… good luck!!

  55. Just wait til she’s dressing you up and making boyfriend comments and then start talking back playfully and say something along the lines of, “ok I accept. I’ve decided you are the one,” and just stick with it. Good luck bro you got this. I mean u already got it but u got this

  56. The possibility of true love is a rare butterfly that might land on your shoulder once or twice in this life if you're lucky. Good luck!

  57. I'm commenting purely because I want to come and look at the update later. If there is one...god I'm hoping it's a good one!!

  58. This post was so fucking wholesome. I love it and I'm rooting for you. Keep in mind that she might feel similarly and also be afraid! Good luck, hope to hear an update.

  59. Too cute! Super sweet. Everything to be said has been said. I’m waiting for the movie of your lives.

  60. Nothing like a community coming together to cheer on a dude who wants to profess his feelings! Good luck bro!

  61. Honestly, this is the most wholesome thing I've ever read. Good luck to you both, and may you have a healthy and lasting relationship in the future!

  62. I am so fucking happy for you! That's so amazing and I'm sure you'll do lovely!! Congrats and enjoy life and each other!!!

  63. OMG I just saw your comment on another persons post OP!! Congratulations, I’m so happy she loves you too and you are both together now!!! Best love story ever!!! Best of luck ♥️

  64. Hey girl if you are reading this then just go and hug this guy, kiss him do whatever you gotta do just tell him that you love him cuz I guess you do and just be like this forever. :)

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