1. Idk but considering the stories and news articles. If they make it out with minor bruises they are lucky. Men will kill the women or brutally injure them

  2. As a guy from paki I agree the scenery might be nice but the people are god awful idk what the hell is wrong with them man it sucks to be from there and thank god we moved I don’t remember anything from when I was there but my parents said the main reason for it because of bombing and kidnappings it’s terrible man

  3. ahh the favorite past time for pakistan, get your family, get the kids (only male), go get your nephews, get you grandsons, and lets go harrass some women.

  4. It’s something we may never understand but as a tourist you should know the rules and laws of the country you visit so this doesn’t happen. Not all countries are created equal, not all cultures are progressive, rather than testing the people who are locals we should be respectful and abide the rules they have and not cry about it if we do something offensive. It’s 2022 the knowledge is at everyone’s fingertips, ignorance can be avoided.

  5. Why American school systems fear letting students wear spaghetti straps. Could cause the boys to look at their shoulders and do this.

  6. I used to praise myself of respecting all countries, but the more I learn about these countries the more grateful I feel that I live in a civilised first world country away from these single minded scabs

  7. Christians burned people like me in the past, but my biggest fear is Islam. It's bizarre. IT'S JUST HAIR! HAIR! KERATIN!

  8. this has nothing to do what Islam. Islam orders men to avert their gaze and not even touch women they are not related to. even if the better half of men in the video claim to be muslims, they are nothing but animals acting on their own desires. Don’t bring religion into this.

  9. I'd love to see a Muslim law come into action making all men have to wear bright pink miniskirts - how do you like your rules now!!!

  10. can we please not bring Muslims/Islam into this? Islam is 27292727% against this. Islam orders men to avert their gaze and it is a huge sin to touch women they don’t know/are not related to. This is men being plain animals. Call it ignorance, call it what you want but this has nothing with Muslims and/or Islam so don’t even bring it up in the context of such disgusting heinous acts!

  11. Same thing happened to me, except I am a medium built, 5'9, Filipino guy (I have a fair skin) who happened to buy my grocery at a store with multiple Pakistanis. had my butt (I wore shorts that somehow shaped up my buttocks) pinched at least 3 times. Flaccid pee pees intentionally rubbed against my skin and even followed by a group of guys in the streets of Dubai. That was the scariest thing happened to me abroad.

  12. Not true though. In these countries they are yes, but come over to any great country that actually evolved and you'll see that people whom believe in Allah will not and will never force a women to cover!.

  13. Total madmen. In a way its just as bad as the people over here who want to control women's bodies. I hope they are safe.

  14. Ignore the dipshit downvoters. You are 100% right - it all stems from the same hatred and need to subjugate women.

  15. LOL, you mean the very same people who were criticized for not wanting a vaccine injected against their will?

  16. Doesnt Islam tell men to avert their gaze and not even touch women they aren’t related or married to? this has nothing to do with Islam. as horrific as this video is, these comments are super xenophobic. Islam isn’t the problem.

  17. It’s crazy how a Muslim man could commit so much atrocious acts yet when a woman isn’t wearing a headscarf it’s considered blasphemy.

  18. We can be critical of this behavior while simultaneously protesting the deplorable acts that occur in this country. Two things can be true at the same time.

  19. "yeah you may be blind, but you don't have cancer, so you don't get to complain" is a detrimental mindset. Comparisons should be for bargain hunting not human rights.

  20. Thank you! Tourists shouldn’t be ignorant to another country’s rules. We see this and cringe because we have been raised with more freedoms but to talk down on people that have been raised a certain way is just as unappealing as seeing this. If someone plans to travel to a country that has strict rules then learn them, it may help save you.

  21. To people who still think the USA is a terrible country of oppression and unfairness. I submit to you exhibit A for consideration. This is no way to treat women, regardless of cultural habits. I really hope they're ok.

  22. did you get a first hand account that this was indeed the reason, or is this just typical made up headlines with no actual context other than " i am american and better than you " ?

  23. Religion is evil. All religion is evil. They are all death cults. Leave your religion yesterday. Read god the mother rules by Jill T.

  24. Its not ISLAM..go read instead of associating these behaviors to any religion! The women knew about the community and went like this anyways and men like this are barbaric and that behavior is not at all associated with the teachings of islam …stop being a sheep and believing what the media wants you to see and start thinking for yourself and making your own judgment.

  25. Horrific. India on the other hand, is another shithole, the rape capital of the entire world. Hinduism, caste system, martial rape and their pathetic misogynistic ideologies are really going to destroy them. I hope these countries disappear.

  26. Bro as fucked up as it is, the west has not been appointed by the Pakistani women as their saviours. Stop thinking we have the right to go into other countries and change them as we see fit. And as imperfect as the west is, we are lucky as hell if you look at vast majority of sócio political situations around the globe

  27. There needs to be a way for liberal women to leave these places and live free lives. If there was the option to do so perhaps eventually all the women wpuld leave and the men who behave like this will die out.

  28. See this is why I hate religion. It turns people into braindead zombies that follow some stupid tribal rules and try to force it on other people.

  29. Don't worry people, America is way more oppressive according to liberals! I can't believe we give them the right to say and do whatever they want here.

  30. And that’s why they got a shit ass culture, cause they refuse to accept new ways of living and choose to stay in their old ways, soon they’ll find themselves without women and blame it on societies outside of theirs, bunch of morons

  31. What were they expecting?! I want to know why those three girls were there in the first place and what were they trying to pull off.

  32. Not all of Asia is like this. It's a massive continent with so many different cultures. I've visited Japan before and felt completely safe the entire time.

  33. These guys a barbaric but the women know what they were getting into. I get that it’s a stupid tradition but know your surroundings and in this case remember your in Pakistan dumbass, go let your hair down somewhere you won’t get stoned .

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