1. Tape is likely to obstruct some of the IR emmitters. Use superglue and buy a halo protector if you can find one (the only luck I've had for Rift S/Quest halo protectors is on Aliexpress, haven't ordered though)

  2. Out of curiosity I keep seeing people post to use Super Glue I have a question how long would I need to keep it held for and is there any way I can keep the 2 sides pressed together for it to harden?

  3. Find a two part epoxy. Likely a hardware store would have it. It will stop to anything that touches but will hold for dear life. Apply carefully

  4. If the controller still works, then super glue and use a clamp, or a bunch of rubber bands, or tape..., something to hold the two sides together for a day or so to be sure the glue has dried.

  5. Its fine get over it happened to both of mine just in different spots u don’t need to do nothing unless u want to put resin and paint to make it look like nothing happened

  6. Let’s be honest here, it’s kinda a dumb choice to be using the original quest. That thing is so cheap it could break if you look at it wrong. Just save up for a quest 2 if you can. If not, fix or buy a new controller and a protector.

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