1. If you are handy, then try disassembling it, solder the speaker together again, and glue it in place, if it doesnt snap.

  2. Duct tape would absolutely hold that strap in place forever. Disassemble and solder the speaker if that's important, but tape the strap to the headset.

  3. You literally commented on this post criticizing him for highlighting the obvious mess up on my the picture; without even giving him a tip/suggestion on how to fix it. Classic Reddit 🤦‍♂️

  4. Noooo. Rip quest one. I can recommend super glue the headset speaker won’t work. Honestly glue will fix it. The quest two isn’t bad at all. But if you are not wanting to buy even more into meta the Pico Nio 3 is an amazing choice.

  5. I wouldn't recommend the neo 3. The shelf life is a year at best before Pico puts out new hardware. They literally disclose that the neo platform is under active development. I would either glue that fucker back together and get headphones.

  6. I had something like this a year ago, contact oculus support and get an invoice ready, you'll have to send it back.

  7. The same thing happened to mine and I did that and it still wouldn’t work. Idk maybe it’s that I didn’t disassemble it and that I just glued it onto the part it actually sticks on idk

  8. Try to fix the headset yourself first. Gorilla glue can be your friend. Just MacGyver it into place and if that somehow fails, sell the controllers. They are still very valuable.

  9. Love my quest one and see no reason to spend 300 or however much the new one is. It still plays beat saber and is comfy and the strap doesn’t break like the new one which I see every week on this sub.

  10. Not sure if available where you are however Selleys All Plastic Fix with the primer pen works magic gluing every type of plastic iv tried quite strongly with 100% success. Also doesn't make a huge mess like most other glues so can just glue back together again if you manage to bust it.

  11. Did you try clicking it back into place? That doesn’t look completely broken from this far away, but we’d need a closeup to know for sure.

  12. Crazy glue it, and your sound will probably won't work anymore... You can try to use external headphones, connected via cable from now on.

  13. Try contacting oculus support. They are really good and idk why but they even sometimes support all the way back to the rift. I think they still do headset replacements so I don’t see why the quest wouldn’t be doable l

  14. Glue and a pair of headphones and you will be fine. If you can find them the cheap headphones made for the quest 1 are awesome.

  15. Dude I died laughing when I saw the red circle I'm sorry but everyone can see that there is a problem with the connection you don't need a circle

  16. i have tried duct tape, super glue, and duct tape and super glue, i don’t feel like buying a new one, and yes i’ve tried putting it back in the hole, it just comes out.

  17. Please don't glue it. This happened to me and I glued it. The actual speaker is inside the headset and the sound only goes through the strap. Gluing it can block some of the sound.

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