1. Ever since I learned Bowlero owns not only Bowl America, but also AMF and the Pro Bowlers Association, I’ve become convinced they’re well on their way to monopolizing bowling across the country.

  2. The Bowlero where I live (Miami) also doesn’t properly oil the lanes correctly. It’s really a puzzle to try and figure out how to work with them. (I joined a league at my job precovid, if not I wouldn’t even bother going back to that place).

  3. Yup. It’s pure monopoly price gouging. Look at any other similar activity where there’s a competitive market and the prices are nowhere near what Bowlero is charging.

  4. I started bowling again recently since high school and I cannot find any other type of bowling alley beside bowlero… out of the crystal city, Annandale, and Centreville bowleros it seems like the quality has really dipped

  5. For folks in the Leesburg area, if you want an upscale bowling experience I recommend The Branch. It's a little in the pricey side, but their costs are listed on their website and they don't nickel and dime you.

  6. Up until somewhat recently I lived like within 10 minutes walking distance from there and I sadly never got around to going. I lived in the area long enough to have got to that alley as a kid back when it was still Village Lanes, I had pretty fond memories of the place.

  7. I met my mom and sister for my latest birthday at bowl America in sterling. We played for 4 hours, got a pitcher and a half of yuengling and a ton of food and spent like $50.

  8. I’ve been wanting to check it out. Is it a decent place to bowl? Would love to change up Saturday activities with the kids.

  9. My family and I went bowling a couple of weeks ago and I asked. All the staff in the Centreville location calls it “bowl-air-oh”.

  10. Losing the Bowl America's in the area was so trash. Bowlero is super expensive for no reason, they don't oil the lanes properly, and the service usually sucks too. I go to the one in Alexandria (closest one to me) and routinely have terrible service every time I go there.

  11. Anyone tried the bowling alley on base at Myer-Henderson Hall? Is it open to the public? I’ve heard conflicting info on their post-COVID status.

  12. They closed the chantilly Bowl America and I will never forgive them for that. And a single beer was like 8$ after all of their dumb fees

  13. It was a kids bday party, not my choice. I'm not against spending money, but getting fucked by the establishment doesn't feel good.

  14. The problem is bowlero is super overpriced, obviously it's not free but it costs way more money than bowl america. Also bowl america got bought by them apparently and the prices have already gone up and it's not unreasonable to assume remaining bowl America's might transition to being full blown bowlero which would suck.

  15. Bowling has been exploding in cost lately and it's directly related to the bowlero takeover of the other major bowling alley companies. It's a pretty stark difference and is signicantly more anti-consumer than bowling has been in the past. Among people who bowl a lot it's becoming a serious problem, as they're also trying to make major changes to the game itself like installing string pins which are cheaper to maintain - but change the physics a lot.

  16. Says the person who’s comment history screams “please accept me, fellow Redditors” with the most bland trash anyone can comment.

  17. What's the surprise here? That no more companies are doing this? Why should companies accept a 2-5% decrease in revenue when taking credit-cards? Other than being a flat amount it seems the right thing to do.

  18. It was a kids birthday party, not really the place to just tell my kids friends I'm not paying, you should have picked a cheaper place. Sometimes you gotta suck it up, just pointing out some extra fees on top of the fees.

  19. I’m more pissed off that no one has quarter pool tables anymore! Everyone now is charging like $16/hr. Wtf. Where the fuck are poor blue collar people supposed to play now?

  20. Fuck Bowlero. Boycott if for a couple of months and see if they can survive. But people are stupid and willing to throw money at anything.

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