1. Given the average age and condition of most OO members, I can see why the PSNI would prefer GAA members

  2. This is class. The PSNI get criticised a lot, this is a good move and one that should be commended. The more representative the police, the more it can be trusted.

  3. “The more representative the police, the more it can be trusted” Not necessarily. Sure, it may mean they’re less likely to be biased towards a single group over another, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether a cop is white, black, gay, straight, catholic, or Protestant; all of them can be twats

  4. It would be a start, but the problem with a blanket stat like the stats for representation is that they usually skip the nuance. It's entirely possible to have a PSNI that has a lot of low ranking catholics but is run at all significant scales by loyalists who use their power to inject bias into the system.

  5. Alright so I've taken an active effort of ignoring Bryson. He's a nakedly sectarian pundit that shouldn't be worth a second of your time or day.

  6. You'd be best getting of this sub as they can't go a day without 2/3 threads about this Walter mitty character. It's bizarre to say the least.

  7. I'm sure the fucking rat would prefer that no catholics are in the PSNI. Do I really need to explain the difference in the GAA and the OO. The OO are likened to the KKK for a reason

  8. Stop giving him an outlet. Stop following him on twitter. Stop sharing his posts. Stop listening to him. He's a fucking moron and an attention seeker that represents a criminal drug dealing gang. No mandate. Fuck off and give our heads peace ya wee cunt.

  9. I do wish we could freddie kreuger him out of existence by collectively ignoring him. I blocked on twitter etc ages ago he just enrages me too much

  10. It's just community outreach, They don't need to advertise in Orange Literature as that demographic is already well represented.

  11. He’s just saying the most stupid and inflammatory controversial ballix to gain traction on his account.. I really highly doubt he even believes most of the shit he spouts. Although I’ve been wrong before..

  12. Someone should write steamy King Billy x Paisley with Seamie jacking off in the corner literature. That’s some literature I think the all-male dress up club known as the Orange Order would read.

  13. Orange order literature...I am guessing colouring books where everything is orange so it doesn't matter how bad their colouring in is...

  14. This man has a serious chip on his shoulder. Why would the Orange Order be advertised? The PSNI serves the entirety of Northern Ireland, The Orange gobshites only serve other orange gobshites.

  15. Is this wee cunt ever done fucking crying? He could be handy in the event of a a hosepipe ban.

  16. Maybe someone could set up a Jamie Bryson sub and put every fucking thing he posts on there? If anyone is really this interested in his output, they could just follow him on Twitter 🙄

  17. Obsessed with outting bigots who have no place in our country in 2022……. I’ve a great photo of Jamie Bryson holding a hurl Proud as punch!!! Blaming the actions of peoples ancestors on the current economic situation…. Vile! I am from Ards and work in the import and export industry! DUP ARE LIERS! You all are! How many supplementary declarations have you had to fill in since the protocol…… 0 all fools who are losing the respect of their own community! And fast!! More Irish passports issued in ards than ever before! What does that tell you??

  18. For the uninitiated English person, would someone mind explaining who this Bryson character is? I’m getting a lot of red flags just looking at him….

  19. It must be a nightmare inside his head. Always thinking 'themmuns are out to get me'. When in reality most people dont give a shite. Only the few that have been brain washed in to believing his bullshit.

  20. I actually can’t stand this pathetic little man. My family are unionists. (I’m not). But I hate the way he purports to speak for Unionism. No you dont Jamie. I bet he was the wee lad at school who went between people shit stirring so he could try get in with biggest ones. He actually stirs the pot so much in this country. The littlest thing to pick at and he’s on it. Him and Jim likely have a burn book somewhere.

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