1. I've failed and gave up all previous years because I didn't have a reason to do NNN, I lacked resolve. This year I thought to myself: "Dude just do it once, you've never gone more than 2 weeks without fapping, see how your body reacts to 30 days"

  2. ngl this might be my last year to did it in 2019 (without sub) and failed 2020. 2021 was easy for me but this year my god fuck this. idk maybe after this year i will participate but just for the fun of it we will see but good work cumrad keep it up we are almost at the finish line

  3. I masturbate a lot even if I'm having sex few times a week cause of a high libido but in November I just won't touch my dick or view pornography.

  4. Yea same, I'm here for the memes and wholesome community. I've saved a ton of material for December. It was a fun journey tho, not gonna lie...

  5. Honestly, I think I broke it, by it I mean my pp doesn't stand up... But I found out I can look at lewd stuff without busting. Which helped me easily surf through the month.

  6. Yeah flatlining is a pretty common thing around there 20-30 day mark. I've been there before and panicked if something was wrong. It definitely returns to normal, don't sweat it at all!

  7. I agree, meditation is great, but i just couldn’t help but think of the guru from ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ when i read this

  8. EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY I was so fucking horny, but now I can control myself. I am not horny today. I was so close to losing yesterday, but I am patient and durable, so I didn't lose. I kept precumming, but it was ok. I am so proud of myself that I didn't lose such a hard mission. At first, Everyone made fun of me that I will not be able to do it and told me to give up, but I didn't give a shit. My grades went down so fucking bad because of NNN. I also felt different and I regret every wrong thing I have done in my life. This challenge made me a totally new person. And I know what exactly to masturbate to at december 1st.

  9. I will be partaking in the upcoming evolution of Don’t Diddle December after successfully surviving NNN. Have a blast on the first brothers. You deserve it.

  10. My reason of participation is to compete with my friends, test myself, and the mega nut at the end. This sub is motivation for me. I loved the journey, and I'm patiently waiting for December to peacefully have a good time with myself.

  11. The urge was getting to me the first few days, but it kinda subsided as I just carried on with my life without nutting. I also kinda distracted myself by being more consistent with my training and hanging out with my friends. One thing that I definitely realized, was that I had more time on my hands. For every cumrade that's still in, stay strong soldiers, you already came this far, you can do it o7

  12. last time I went down on the 14th day, had the worst feeling the whole remaining year. This time idk what changed but don't really have any urges at all, I'm glad.

  13. I participated last year for the first time and i think it‘s way easier this year. Sure i was down bad in some moments but overall it wasn‘t that hard.

  14. the past is destroyed the moment it is created, the future does not exist, the present is all that is, all that was, and all that will ever be

  15. "I don't want to be horny anymore, I just want to be happy". That's my motivation for doing NNN. And now on the 26th day of no porn, I can say to myself that doing NNN is one of the best decisions I made in 2022 and I'm proud of myself

  16. a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs but beautiful in it's own way again. we all can do this past these last days, we just gotta believe in it. Cumrades it's always a blessing to ride this along side all of yall

  17. Pretty steady the whole way. Consistently increasing temptation, but nothing I can’t deal with. Having the experience of last year was my greatest asset.

  18. I've been edging for so long porn doesn't work anymore, so I'm pleased with how nnns gone. Once it's finished I'll go back to nutting but be porn free 🤘

  19. A tough battle. I've edged for a majority of the month. Although the temptation has somewhat reduced on this last week. And luckily I never overdid it. I've practically mastered edging throughout the years. It's been difficult for me, getting erections while I'm at work and trying to hide it all the time. All because of the horny thoughts invading my brain. Not to mention, there's this lady I like who works in a different department but same location. Figured I might ask her out once I get a car.

  20. I didn't have any issues until the 21st and 22nd which were the two horniest days of my life. Since then I've had no libido whatsoever. I gotta make it to the 6th before I can nut tho :/

  21. I was always confident in myself that I can just stop nutting and I wont have a hard time, but I never had a reason to actually prove it. So this year I just thought "eh fuck it, Ill just do this silly meme challenge just to prove a point". Very happy that I wasn't being overly confident in myself and I actually can do it

  22. I watched a bit of nsfw in the first week or so but then I realised there was no use in fulfilling the challenge if I did that so I stopped and now I can’t believe November is almost over

  23. I keep slapping my balls to get rid of edging also today early morning I fucking humped my side pillow while still in dream but didn't nut

  24. Its fuckin brutal man some of my female friends (we're very close) knew that I was still in and they just decided to fuckin tease me with strip teasing videos and shit like that

  25. Last year I got to day 12 didn't know how hard the final week was going to be but still sticking with it 07

  26. Pretty easy. My antidepressant medication lowers my hornyness significantly which made this challenge a cakewalk.

  27. The first 18-20 days were honestly easy, but ever since day 21 it's been really hard (pun totally intended).

  28. I mean I’m terms of failing nnn wise surprisingly easy but in terms of life school fucked me up this past month

  29. Difficult somewhat, used to it last couple days, it's like skipping the nutting part and my mental breakdown controlled over me. only gets hard at night when I'm asleep tho lol, otherwise it's alright.

  30. The only good week was the thirds methinks, these last days were hell and the urges got stronger but seeing December 1st getting closer fills me with DETERMINATION.

  31. First two weeks were alright, third week was hard and I nearly failed, but i lived and regained my composure. This week's been a breeze and I'm set to win.

  32. I am very proud of myself for going from 7 days in 2019, 4 days in 2020 and 2021, to being only a few days away from victory this year. It’s been very difficult sometimes, but looking back it just makes me even prouder of myself. It’s been fun so far, let’s fight together soldiers, victory is closer than ever! o7

  33. It was very easy for the first 24 days. I guess the anticipation from the final countdown is throwing me off a little. I started feeling the urges a little stronger these last 2 days, but it's nothing serious.

  34. It is difficult for me to hold my nut every single day even though I am still watching porn or any type of fetish that I am into. Everytime I feel turned on the rocket is waiting for it to blast off.

  35. It's been the easiest NNN for me so far. I struggled a bit and edged some in the middle of the month but I've been doing a lot better at repressing my urges down the stretch and haven't looked at any NSFW content for over a week now. I'm looking now to finish strong and get my 4th diamond in five years.

  36. Ngl, my balls feel heavier by a small amount. But I have almost failed twice, both times because I am a stomach sleeper, but got a boner. Nevertheless we’re almost there cumrades! Only 4 more days, we can do this! o7

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