1. I had a fan in the early 2000s from the '80s that I had to start it on low and jump start it like this. Wouldn't work if I had it on high or medium at first, had to start in first gear. (Wasn't designed like that obviously, I assume the motor was just going out)

  2. That fan is over 30 years old. I had the same one as a kid, and had to do the same thing to it, until I realized how dangerous that was and threw it away.

  3. I had a digital alarm clock in high school that made a startlingly loud buzzing noise. Not as the alarm-noise I mean, just...all the time. I could kind of feel it vibrating when I touched it, in fact. If I squeezed it harder though, the buzzing noise stopped. So I wrapped a rubber band around it. Problem: solved! I recall being very proud of my cleverness.

  4. I'm sitting here reading these comments and realizing how close I was to an electricity initiated fire in HS. I should know better as an Engineer but sometimes I just don't think haha. Have a good day.

  5. Newer ones are $5 in a thrift store FFS! Buy your mother a fan unless she trying to collect on the home insurance.

  6. Yeah that thing is way beyond its useful life span. Get rid of it before it starts arcing and causes a fire when she forgets to turn it off after it won't spin.

  7. Just clean out the dust build up and spray some new lube, that should fix it. Unlikely but if the motor is burnt, that's usually beyond most people's repair skill, and at that point, I'd agree to toss.

  8. What makes this a fire hazard? Everyone's bringing it up in comments without explanation. My first guess would be the bearing just needs new grease. I suspect the motor is too weak to overcome the friction.

  9. AC electric motors use capacitors for current manipulation so the electromagnets pull/push the rotor at the right time and that's how they spin.

  10. I’m not exactly sure, but from what I’ve gathered from reading the comments, dust gets in and clogs the gears, so when the fan won’t turn on, the engine tries harder and harder to spin, which draws more and more power, until eventually, it draws too much power, something breaks, sparks fly, and starts an electrical fire.

  11. That's exactly what's going on here. This has nothing to do with the electrics not working. The motor shaft is just seized up and needs cleaning and new grease.

  12. motors get warm based on how much current they pull, and they pull more current if the motor is under load. clearly this motor is barely strong enough to keep it going, so it probably gets pretty warm.

  13. Motors use the most power when they aren't moving. If that fan stops, and she doesn't start it again, the motor could will act like heating coils instead.

  14. The capacitor needs replacing. My ceiling fan was like this. I had to stand on the sofa a start it like it was an old propeller plane. I was convinced the fan engineer was going to say we needed a new one, but to my pleasant surprise it was just a new capacitor (:

  15. Exactly my thoughts when watching this. Don't throw something out that has a broken motor. There is a good chance that the capacitor is broken. Which cost only a few euro/dollar to replace. Some don't even need soldering.

  16. It looked like none of the power buttons were pushed down until the end when she presses a speed then it works after a spin. I feel Bamboozled.

  17. Fans start at the highest speed because the lowest speed isn’t enough to get the momentum up to get it started. Also, please just get a new fucking fan

  18. the fact that there are two cuts in the video during the part where she is spinning it means it took even LONGER then what we are witnessing to start the fan. I get having items you want to keep but this is ridiculous

  19. That’s the problem with this new generation and their disposable culture, and their work ethic, and their genders, and their napkins, and their mini-phones, and their freak flags, and their digimons, and their swing music, and their Miata’s, and their new porn, and their compression socks, and their 5Gs, and their food processors, and their acceptance, and their veganese, and their pet chinchillas, and their braille, and their YouTube’s and TikTok’s and legos. I could go on.

  20. It's possible that it's just the starting capacitor is gone? Single phase AC motors need a capacitor to produce torque from zero speed. Could just be this which needs the hand spinning to start it for you?

  21. I'm pretty sure the internal resistance of the motor shaft is the problem not a capacitor. Otherwise"kick" starting it should've worked the first time

  22. I have a video of myself doing the same thing last year. Had to throw it away after a few times because it got very hot. Still haven’t found a suitable replacement. :(

  23. Most small motors need a jump start of a higher voltage via capacitor if this ever happens to your ceiling fan or fan it's because a simple capacitor went bad they cost a couple bucks Max.

  24. I had a fan that would do the exact same thing. Always used a fork so i wouldnt cut my fingers off in case it started immediately

  25. I don’t think this will set a fire like people think. All fans need a “jumpstart” from a motor to start then the electromagnetic coils spin the fan after that. The motor is probably shot so and cranking is totally acceptable. Here’s a video how

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