1. Who would have guessed that not playing in a real game for 700 days would have negative effects? Definitely not Browns fans.

  2. The narrative around Watson by the media is fucking gross now. All these headlines like, "Watson a changed man, let's welcome him back" and shit like that. The only attention his return should get him is booing, shaming, and continued reminders that he's a total piece of shit.

  3. Regardless of the off field stuff, I find it absolutely insane that the Browns were willing to pay that much for a guy who they knew probably wasn't gonna be playing football for such an incredibly long time

  4. This doesn't show him killing the run play right before the snap and Chubb checking with him like "are you sure?" lmao it was poetry

  5. I wouldn't go that far; most of Watson's actions happened under their watch, and possibly with some of their assistance. They're not the heroes here either.

  6. Wait why does this sub love texans now ? Werent they were the ones that allowed watson do the sexuals assaults and then pay the hush money ?

  7. I just want you to know I refreshed and saw you misspell his name, just in case you thought you got away with it /s

  8. Can we give Deshaun the Brock Turner treatment? As in, can we make sure to always add “the rapist” whenever we mention Deshaun’s name?

  9. If I’m the ball carrier, I let Watson try to tackle me so I can truck his ass into the ground. I go seek him out.

  10. I'd say that Watson is mid, but that's an insult to mid. Today he is horse shit as a player and somehow still worse as a person.

  11. Deshaun Watson is a sexual predator. I hope he stubs his toe so hard he forgets how to throw a football and the Browns cut him and no one claims him.

  12. Just give chubb the ball. Have we learned anything from the first 11 games? Watsons throws just look bad.

  13. The best part was the announcers for the Houston radio station said that was the deepest penetration the browns had yet and I was just like ooh people are gonna meme that, especially with how bad it turned out for the browns.

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