1. It was so obvious Sean was going to be a good head coach in the NFL. I was shocked we had him around as long as we did. And a lot of people wanted Beane as well to take over the GM spot since he seemed to be so coveted.

  2. Think of Falcons fan to make yourself feel better. They will get hit 28 times a year first thing in the morning with 3 times the pain! Which should bring you much joy.

  3. Speaking of: shout out to Kony Ealy, who would have won MVP if the Panthers had managed to win. Three sacks (tying a superbowl record) AND an interception.

  4. I honestly don't know if I have seen such a dominant postseason performance by a defensive player like I did for Von in that 2015 run. He cooked the Pats, he cooked the Panthers,

  5. That playoff run was the single greatest run by a single defensive player I’ve ever seen. I did not see LT play but I know he went on some runs in his day.

  6. Even more rare you have a defensive player legitimately have an argument as the best player the whole postseason. Von was on a mission that year and was a terror against the Patriots too.

  7. To our hearts, yes, but it was an odd game. We beat them in basically every stat except sacks, turnovers, and the score. It just goes to show how important those stats are.

  8. Wish Denver had Von, Derek Wolfe, and Chris Harris healthy in SB 48. Still probably lost, but shows what happens when generational talent is hurt

  9. Seattle so utterly destroyed us in that game.. the memory have been reduced to an opening botched snap then catonic white noise. Panther fans are still salty and talk like there was a chance. We had no chance.

  10. I don't know man. Some of the D line, Malcolm Smith and the entire LOB can't land in certain EU contries out of fear of being taken to the Hague and tried for the inhumane treatment they doled out that fine day.

  11. Weird comparison. Panthers were arguably the better team in a battle of the best two defenses of the league. There really wasn't much in it and momentum went back and forth. Broncos vs Seattle was a blow out from the start

  12. Cam just had this bewildered look in his face for the rest of the game. I still feel he was never the same after he lost the SB. Yes, he had a better season after this stat wise, but I think he started doubting himself somewhat.

  13. On point 3, it was actually the first year it was implemented. I remember because it was Belichick's idea and it came back to bite them in the ass when they missed an XP against us in the AFCCG. Ended up having to go for 2 to try and tie it at the end, which was intercepted, clinching the game 😎

  14. Ron Rivera went from "our coach" to "idiot bum" by making Mike Remmers go one-on-one with Von Miller in that Super Bowl. No help, no TE, no RB, no play call adjustments. Just "he's our weakest link on the OL but he'll do fine against the best pass rusher in the league".

  15. As a Panther fan I must announce my commitment to saltiness! A THOUSAND YEARS OF SALTINESS ON THE BRONCOS FRANCHISE AND THE PATRIOTS FRANCHISE! A THOUSAND YEARS! My sons son, his son’s son, and so on will froth at the mouth with glee at every short coming of those “franchises” the great Darnold will deliver us!

  16. As a Carolinian who grew up an Elway fan, I was just deflated after the no show in SB50, not enraged at the Broncos. Pretty, pretty salty after Week 1 of 2016, though.

  17. What sucked even more is that Remmers hadn’t been bad at all that year. Oher at LT too. They both just fell apart in the final game.

  18. Yeahhhh we definitely did not play a good game, and credit to the Broncos defense for bringing their all, but the call on that catch was potentially game changing. Still hurts.

  19. Yeah, everybody brings up this play for being so great and changing this game, but every time I see it I think, this shit should've never even fucking happened.

  20. I forgot about this. I couldn't remember the play so I just looked it up, and it looks like a pretty clear catch to me. Idk how that got called incomplete

  21. Yeah he 0% caught that ball. I know there was copium the week following the SB but I didn't think people still thought this...

  22. I know everyone likes to blame Cam for this game, but his Oline was terrible. I think they gave up 6 sacks that game and countless pressures. But Cam should've jumped on the ball

  23. The o-line was absolutely the biggest deciding factor. Cam didn’t play his best game but a lot of the mistakes made on offense were the direct result of complete breakdowns by our line.

  24. It’s very similar to this past year’s SB in that an O-line can over perform and be steady for only so long. I remember that going into that 2015 season, people had doubts that Oher and Remmers could maintain a high level of play, and to their credit they held up most of the year. But eventually it still comes back on them

  25. Personally like the second strip more. It was still a one score game late in the 4th and despite their offense being DOA most of the game, I was still nervous.

  26. It's not the second strip sack where Cam pulls up instead of trying to recover the fumble? Business decision in a superbowl, absolute madman.

  27. Dilfer. Even when Peyton was a shell of himself and had the arm strength of a wet spaghetti noodle, he was still better than Dilfer.

  28. Dilfer. Peyton was shit in the Super Bowl but you could argue he was a net positive in the AFCCG against the Pats.

  29. Wow looking back at this (why just why do this to us today) I noticed Cam held that ball way too long trying to make the big play. Had Tolbert for the crossing dump off, jeez

  30. This was such a great day for me. I was a sophomore in high school at the time and all of my friends were trash talking me for the two weeks leading up the game, saying the broncos had no chance and shit like that. I couldn’t wait to go into school the next day. Everyone was real quiet after that.

  31. When that kid at the camp told Cam, "Hey did you tell Von Miller Happy Father's Day?" After Cam got in his face. Hahaha

  32. This thread is chock full of some of the dumbest and most ignorant comments I have seen on Reddit in months. It's astounding actually.

  33. This is when I knew we would win!! I new heading in that Von was gonna to ape shit on Cam but this was the play we’re I was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the game cause I knew it was in the bag.

  34. Let’s not forget the catch Jericho cotchery made on the play before to gain 15 yards that was ruled incomplete even tho it was 💯 a catch 🤪

  35. In my mind this was the beginning of the end of Cam’s career. I don’t think he ever recovered from this play or this game.

  36. Cam was so rattled in that game, Von was living in his head rent free.. you could literally see him mentally break. And you know that every team in the league remembers that, I'd be surprised to see Cam suited up again especially after last season.

  37. Thinking about the Panthers fans who think the NFL conspired against them in this game and ignore the fact Von made that entire offense look like a pop Warner team

  38. Cam was normal in 2017 and was having by far the best statistical season of his career in 2018 before breaking down due to his shoulder injury. It was TJ Watt and shitty coaching that put his career on a downward slope.

  39. That Panthers team was so unlikeable. They would take team photos on the sideline during the game, I have no idea why other teams didnt take exception to that. Glad they got what they deserved in the end.

  40. Could be wrong but I’m pretty sure they started that trend that every team does now when they run to the end zone and pose after forcing turnovers

  41. Maybe they were, but I can’t say that Peyton giving a big hug to that fuckin POS Papa John and dropping multiple “Budweisers” for his sponsors in the post game interview was any classier, at least on that day

  42. The team was mostly unlikeable to me because of Cam. I remember in the divisional game we played them in, he was throwing himself on his ass and screaming like a toddler in the second half when things were getting dicey for the Panthers. And then there was his performance in this Super Bowl, along with his response to how it went.

  43. Special moment for me. I (14m) grew up as a Peyton fan because my dad loved him. And so naturally that game is a little nostalgic to say the least. Almost makes me cry.

  44. Von is to the Panthers fans what Brady is to AFC fans. You can’t not respect him but you’re also contractually obligated to hate him lol

  45. Worked at Levi’s Stadium during this Super Bowl. Was soooo excited to see a great game & watch Newton go off but Denver & that defense had other plans

  46. Can not going for that fumble is going to be the most dominant memory of him, such a sad thing, he was so good for so long, but made the wrong decision at the worst moment.

  47. I made a 100 dollars on this play I bet my buddy von Miller was getting a strip sack that play. I would have had to pay him 10 if he didnt

  48. Opponents going 4/29 on 3rd downs in the postseason after that play is mind-boggling. That 2015 Broncos Defense may have been the fastest defense I've ever seen. 2016 Jags are right there as well (& I've been watching Ravens football since 2002).

  49. As a Cowboys fan who was pulling hard for the Broncos because DeMarcus Ware and Wade Philips were on that team this play had me hyped

  50. Any of you guys hear about the fact that Malik Jackson hired a partially disabled man to come to his Mansion in LA to do a security audit on his property and his security system?

  51. Cam was never the same player after this play. I always enjoyed crybaby, towel over his head Cam. Especially when something bad happened 5 minutes after he dabbed and did his Superman celebration after a 7 yard run.

  52. I never tire of seeing Cam Newton fails. He was such a prick in Carolina and Rivera enabled him.

  53. Man, every replay I see of Cam from this game just makes me really confused. There was no way the NFL was going to let Peyton lose his final game, and you can tell by Cam's play and mood the whole game, he wasn't the Cam we saw all season. Sketches me out.

  54. I'll always appreciate the quick shot of Von Miller right before the play started. It's almost like they knew exactly what was going to happen. So awesome!

  55. This play set the tone for the game and basically lock in Mannings legacy as a two team champion. The second one where Cam refused to dive on the ball was the coup de grace.

  56. Not gonna lie I enjoy seeing this. Not because it’s the panthers, but because it’s cam. This “grown” man acts like a bitch baby and wonders why his career is over.

  57. I was absolutely blitzed. I was at buffalo wild wings w/ friends in full Denver gear. Everyone was rooting for the Broncos because no one wanted Cam to win. People were buying me shots left and right. What a freaking time man! Von's still the man! Unfortunate we couldn't keep em.

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