1. Lol my thoughts exactly. Like, THAT'S the one you post as a hype video? You could actually see Tyreek having to remind himself how much he's getting paid as the ball comes down

  2. That's what's hilarious about this. This obviously says nothing about how Tua will perform this year. We're nit even at OTAs for christ sakes, but this throw sucked, and they still put it up

  3. On April Fools Day, someone posted a flipped visual of Tua and said it was "rare footage of him throwing with his right hand." It was only then that I realized that his mechanics are way funky and just don't look right.

  4. While it’s true, Waddle had a fantastic rookie season. If McDaniels follows the Shanahan style, you don’t really need a lot of arm strength, just scheme these guys open and get YAC.

  5. Tyreek's going to cry into his sacks of money at a night club in Miami. Then he'll beat some women and child with them

  6. I have only watched Tua play once and it was against the titans. He was awful. But, everybody has bad games. We all know Tanny has had his fair share… :(

  7. I must laugh how Miami fans on twitter defending him with clips of Mahomes throwing “same” underthrows… While they posting Mahomes runing for life, throwing during fall, across body, while being sacked etc

  8. Damn they made that 15 yard pass look like a punt, gotta hand it to whoever creates Miami social media content. I imagine it's difficult when the QB can't throw for more than 20 yards.

  9. Did they highlight Tua throwing a duck behind the child/woman beater? lol Watching that little shit become a locker room cancer is going to be hilarious.

  10. Usually you’re throwing a deep ball if your man has the db beat, i.e throw it on him or in front. Underthrown deep balls are only good if you’re trying to bait a DPI or trying to get intercepted

  11. Because it looks like Tyreek had to make a full stop to wait on the ball. I think the angle makes it worse. Also because it's Tua and people love to shit on his arm.

  12. Omg! He underthrew him in practice… wearing shorts and with no defenders around….. Josh Allen in shorts would never

  13. Obviously I am not an expert and suck at football, but it looks like Tua was twisting his body to put everything he possibly could into that throw. Like that’s as far as he can go.

  14. We are talking about practice, like Alan Iverson once said., people losing their mind over this. Tua has plenty of arm strength and Hill and Waddle have crazy YAC.

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