1. The NFL wants everyone to forget about that. I'm not sure I've even see the national anthem played before games on TV this season. Less optics that way for sure.

  2. That’s what your receivers have done in their last two Super Bowls, whereas Giants receivers have made the most iconic catches of all time?

  3. What needs to happen between now and next Sunday night to make certain the Raiders/ Chargers game is a Win-and-In situation?

  4. Maybe slightly off topic, AB released a rap song immediately after being cut from the Bucs that shit is hilarious.

  5. Nagys dominant win over the football powerhouse that is the new York giants has earned him a 5 year extension so it's gotta be the zimzam

  6. How are these political ads allowed? Lmao they look blatantly racist. In any other country they would hv taken down or never approved.

  7. At this point Mannion is just playing cautiously enough so that he can sit on the bench the rest of his life and be just good enough not to get released

  8. Seriously I'm about to go play league of legends, a notoriously toxic activity, because that would be better than this game. And I'm a huge fan of one of these teams.

  9. I agree. Let him throw the ball. What’s the worst that can happen? You’re not gonna win with a 1920’s offense

  10. Patriots scored more points in their game today (50) than the Giants have scored in their last 5 games (49).

  11. Packers have a real chance to just ruin this Vikings franchise tonight, eliminate them, Mike Zimmer would really be on hot seat missing the playoffs the third time in 4 years.

  12. If Packers win today, do they rest their starters at the Lions next week with the 1 seed locked up?? They played their starters last year in Week 18 with the 1 seed already locked up and killed the bears again.

  13. I was playing against AB in the final and just won by 6 points. AB having a manic meltdown on the field legitimately could have just won me $3k

  14. I really, really wish that security at Met Life continued to think AB was a fan on the field. I mean technically he was the moment he took of his jersey and pads. The scene of ABs last appearance being him getting tackled and dragged out by security would have been endless fun.

  15. What an amazing fucking day for football... It had everything, blowouts, shirtless quitters, game ending field goals, MTV's Dan Cortez.

  16. NBC really needs to work on their segues lol they just gave a tender tribute to Dan reeves then followed it by saying "he was involved with the broncos organization. Now, let's watch highlights of the Broncos getting the ever loving shit kicked out of them by the chargers"

  17. I think so, not sure on the standings, but whatever matchup has the most implications on the post season will probably be flexed to the night game.

  18. All I'm saying is that if the Cardinals lose that way this sub would be non stop "wow cowboys didn't really win they robbed the cardinals cowboys suck"

  19. 51-29, well good win but sorta moot at this point. I guess Seattle can be a thorn in Arizona next week. Should be fun.

  20. Just to be clear, NFL players on the field can call timeouts, correct? Seeing lots of crap towards McCarthy for using the last timeout on the 2-point, but he didn’t call it, the players did correct?

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