1. Legit Karaoke tip though: 4 Non Blondes - What's Up? is a great and relatively easy karaoke song for the singing impaired like me.

  2. He's a professional singer and twitch streamer, he prettyuxh only hangs out or karaokes with other professional singers so don't worry

  3. I went karaoke with my sister in law, a tiny little Japanese woman. Now, I'm not a good singer by any stretch of the imagination, but in good spirits I still went on stage where I absolutely butchered a song to the point they turned the mike off while I was singing.

  4. I can't really make out the difference between the original and this man I though he was just lip-moving with the actual song in the background for some of it.

  5. Near the end he sang a perfect cover of despacito in spanish with perfect pronunciation rolling his Rs and all, fucking wow

  6. What a fucking genius. I really enjoyed the first 6-7 minutes but that Despacito cover jut blow my mind. His spanish pronunciation is surprisingly good.

  7. His english accent in regular life is just as good. Hes one of the more recognized entertainers in Korea and on twitch

  8. It's because hangul is unique in that it has consonants and vowels just like english. I've always felt it's easier to teach a native english speaker how to pronounce korean words, than other people who speak other languages. I'm fluent in both korean and english and the only mental switches I need to flip on when speaking either, are sentence structure and colloquialisms. I'm not saying it's like going from English to Spanish in terms of comfortability, but it's not like going from Cantonese to English.

  9. I actually genuinely like this song outside of he-man. Now it will be stuck in my head the moment I try to go sleep.

  10. Aren’t we all? I’ve got some real brotherly love after watching this display. I wanna clap for my guy over here, he fucking nailed it.

  11. I think we need to investigate this panty teleportation mechanism, as I too seem to have been wearing women’s undergarments made of C4

  12. This needs to me higher. Totally didn't get this until your comment. This makes it even more awesome.

  13. This guy is awesome. What a fun, high energy performance. I might be his new biggest fan, and I want to see more.

  14. Thanks for linking! I'm 400 years old and love the song, so it sometimes bums me out when I remember that many people only know it from the meme. It's great that people can get introduced to an amazing song from a seemingly silly video :)

  15. There was a REACT channel video where they made them try to last as long as they could. Every single one of them did the Skeletor "NYAAA" by the end

  16. Save some pussy for the rest of us bro damn. I'm out here trying to find the shoreline and this mfer straight snorklin.

  17. His name is Charming Jo. He streams on twitch and has a youtube . He's a funny guy. The girl is 요룰레히 or yodel_ay.

  18. Koreans man, they absolutely LOVE karaoke. Went to a family party at my Koreans friends house. Holy shit, his uncle couldn’t even speak English, but damn did he sing the shit outta “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor, it was the most Astonishing thing I’ve ever seen, no accent or anything.

  19. I loved the little random mispronunciation, like he was repeating the sounds but not actually understood all the words. This is probably what I sound like when I sing as I can't ever remember the words 🤣

  20. I sometimes volunteer at a camp and one year Linda Perry was the lunchtime performer. She prefaced this song by saying, "You won't know this song but all your parents sing it at karaoke." She's a good egg and the story of that song is really interesting. Basically she almost gave up music, this song became a hit, and now she's a major songwriter.

  21. She says "hey eat some meat" at the end and bends down to pick something up. That's how this man earns his meals. I hope she gave him a lot.

  22. Reminds me of some mongolian dude who never spoke english in his life and sang a George Strait song perfectly, even nailing the accent. Literally couldn't tell the difference. It was on some talent show I think.

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