1. I’m hijacking the top comment to share the full version of this battle. It’s my favorite video on the internet and it would be a shame if you didn’t know about it.

  2. He had to go back to his seat where his sax friend left the case. Made sure no one will take the stuff

  3. I love how the cameraman realized he can't leave their stuff alone on a public subway and went back lmao

  4. That quick moment of panic when you realized you were vulnerable and thinking afterwards of how stupid you are

  5. The good old days, where corporations didn’t pay to have their content above independent creators and every time you refreshed Reddit, every single link was replaced with new, just as entertaining ones. God damn centralized authority.

  6. I knew that shit was real! I heard talk of legends of the master musicians battling in public transport, but this will do..So cool to live in a city like that, thank you for sharing.

  7. It's amazing to me that someone randomly begins playing an instrument on the subway and another stranger on the subway has the same instrument, (different types) and they know the same song and perfectly harmonize with one another, unplanned and spontaneous.

  8. I just wish the second guy caught the hint. Our "protagonist" played the flourishes over the other dude's baseline, but then when he tried to return the favour, that guy just...kept playing bass haha.

  9. I'm at my girlfriends toilet right now and don't want her to think I'm pooing at this stage in the relationship so Imma make this comment so I can watch it later with sound

  10. I loved living in New York specifically for the random things that would happen on the subway. I once saw a homeless man in whitey tighties and a bathrobe (nothing else) since the most beautiful opera aria. Only in nyc….

  11. What is this townie nonsense that, doubly so for new yorkers, think this shit only happens in new york. I've never understood it. This is athing in every US city.

  12. When you're doing an impromptu jam like that, how do you decide who takes the melody line and when to hand it off?

  13. Musicians (particularly experienced ones) can feel each other out pretty quickly... It's mostly auditory and visual cues, but I can still only describe the process "by feel".

  14. You can use visual cues, natural pivots in the song, or slightly overpower. The goal is to compliment each other. Both these guys are skilled and can freestyle. They get it.

  15. Battle is a funny word for it. Most higher level musicians are happy to run into others. I used to play professionally and it was always a joy to run into someone who could really play. The other guy seemed like he was into it. This was really pleasant to watch.

  16. Seeing things like this make me miss riding the Subways in New York City. And half of the things that actually happened never get filmed.

  17. I love it but in the metro/subway/tube I am always looking out for scams. I couldn’t enjoy it freely, my mind couldn’t stop thinking this is a scam to harvest everyone’s pocket.

  18. I ultimately think that's great but I know it would be my luck that would happen to me after a shit day at work and I just needed to relax and decompress on my subway ride home.

  19. That thousand yard stare as he assessed his next victim in the beginning was priceless for me. And then backed it up with some funky shit. Get it

  20. I’ll be the grouch and say this would be fucking annoying. I’ll also say I’d just walk to another train. People don’t appreciate silence enough.

  21. Read that with an e in the middle of sax instead of an a. Prepared for a risky click, surprised by wholesome content

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