1. Fun fact: the music in Insterstellar was made using the same scientific principle—using objects in a special recording space to make sound

  2. Why is reverb in this case different from multiple close-together echoes? Is it just a matter of it overlapping versus not-overlapping?

  3. We need David Attenborough narrating this display of territorial dominance between two adult human males.

  4. Watching it without sound is pretty damn funny, just two very particular yet inconsistent dudes battling it out in a confusing game of one upping each other

  5. I wish there was a pedantic award that I could give to comments like this. It would punish people with extra ads or something.

  6. You know, actually, the internet has a rich history of time wasting videos and activities like this which, in my opinion, make up the absolute best aspects of our culture and shared experience. You could even say that the influence of mid 19th century British imperialism has played a unique role in how modern day vampire sitcoms interact with meme culture…🤩

  7. I really want to go there and do what they’re doing, making conversational noises, creating auditory exchanges [takes a drag] yah you know? I think it would be around two hours before I had to leave. And that’s a long time to be around art.

  8. I mean that's awesome but can we get some badass guitar or just anything besides a wooden chair

  9. I feel like if you meditated in this room with an “ohm” chant you’d achieve enlightenment in 5 minutes or less

  10. I recognize the long haired guy. Check out Petr Valek on Facebook. He makes crazy videos and is also a fantastic painter and electronics wizard.

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