1. Most women who abort do so for financial reasons. If any of these ghouls were actually pro life, they’d support policies that address the root cause: poverty. But we know they won’t do that.

  2. The same Republican Party ripped babies from the arms of their mothers and locked them in cages. The same Republican Party insisted for the pandemic that mask mandates were a violation of their freedom. The same Republican Party that recently argued to SCOTUS that vaccine mandates violated rights to bodily autonomy.

  3. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2012/10/richard-mourdock-mitt-romney-and-the-gop-defense-of-coerced-mating/264035/

  4. Same. If I even have that choice. This bill says I could be raped and the rapists family could sue me for aborting his baby. I could be stuck with a baby I don’t want, that I didn’t consent to, and then financially raped for aborting it.

  5. Sadly they aren’t the party of limited government anymore, only the party of hating “the poors”…. I would love to see a revolutionized GOP that goes back to states rights and limited centralized government. For a second it looked like the Libertarian party might be that, but they’re just the fringe psychos that didn’t get accepted now…

  6. Every one of these assholes pushing for this bill has somebody in their life that has had an abortion. None of them will admit it. It doesn't matter if it was their sister, niece, daughter, aunt, MISTRESS, or mom... all of them know somebody who had one and yet they are STILL legislating against a woman's choice. And the more conservative, redneck, asshole, small-town they are? The MORE people they know who have hidden an abortion.

  7. It’s pretty incredible you’ve written off such a large group of people entirely without knowing anything about them as individuals. Powerful stuff.

  8. My husband and I thankfully came to the decision for him to have a vasectomy well before this. I have a disease called Ehlers Danlos. If I did get pregnant, the chances of success are very complicated--hemorrhaging is much more common and there is a 50% chance of a child if they DID make it inheriting this terrible disease that I wouldn't wish on anyone. I fear so so much for people who can get pregnant and what this means for them and their partners.

  9. I mean, we care about freedoms here in Tennessee, just like Texas. You’re free to be whoever you want and do whatever you like. As long as those don’t include being a woman, trans, gay, black, Hispanic, Asian, middle eastern, a democrat, a goddamn commie socialist, someone who hates the confederate flag, someone who wants proper history taught in schools, Jewish or Muslim, a gun rights advocate, or - and this one is really important- a fucking Californian.

  10. The next bill they introduced made it a crime to abuse unborn children, because of all the drug addicted mothers. They give birth to babies that have to go to the NICU and then taxpayers have to pay for it. And they need to make it a crime, because right now they don't have anything to charge them with.

  11. They’re so obsessed with punishment and never focused on prevention, education, or rehabilitation. They don’t even care about fully alive people who are being abused.

  12. Women are being convicted of manslaughter and thrown in prison for having miscarriages. Something that happens naturally with 25% of all pregnancies.

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