1. Those have actually gone down in value since '96.... I'll give you $75 bucks for the lot but that's just because I feel bad that you've held on to them this long.

  2. Check the corners, most of these are collector's edition (square corners, gold back, not tournament legal). Still valuable, but not "imma retire" valuable.

  3. Collector and international edition. Bought at LCS Albany Oregon. Jeff was a true mentor to us kids. He played the Alpha/beta/unlim against us kids as long as we deck shielded. This made my buddies allow me to play them while everyone else was blacking out borders to try to get away with it. Mine stayed pristine...I recently sold power and some duals for 5k. Probably could of got more, but now was the time. Hey I still got some cool old stuff left and now have the standard itch.

  4. Yep I posted that when I was selling, those. I sold some and got some left. See my ancestral posts. Anyway I don't gave a freaky about Karma if you want to buy a good condition card I have at starcity low...

  5. Your a child troll. It is what it is... Wanna see my living death/ God deck? Didn't buy for investment, bought for ass handing because my areola honored gold border in the 90s. Just us poor folk out here having fun.

  6. Nah bro that’s actually pretty worthless. You might even hurt yourself lifting that box. Please let me know where it’s located and I will dispose of this nuisance for you.

  7. If you in desperate need of money yes, otherwise, prob not, even if you quit magic they are all just growing in value

  8. Well, my friend: A $100 purchase in 1996 with a COLA at 3% per year has increased the value of your collection to a present day purchase value of $215.66.

  9. No that's not, but I got 5k. I do have some old stuff left I would consider parting with. I will post new pictures with verification later today. Please know this is mostly international edition and collectors edition, gold border stuff.

  10. I sold most of them. Still holding a few for the memories. I haven't played paper in a year and was years before that.

  11. Nope I was 16, came home from a Ozzy Osbourne concert fryn on acid and left my backpack behind the seat of my pickup and got broken into. Lost my poison/land destruction R.G.B with duals, ice storms sink holes and strips. Kobald deck, Goblin, merfolk and ante deck. Said F that I'm gonna buy power and made living death, hermit druid, ball of lightning deck. My buddies named it the God deck. I found girls and didn't play after 99 except here and there. Currently I have been dabbling in MTGA.

  12. For a $100 this was a steal in 1996. Those beta moxes were selling for that or even a bit more in 96'. I think the unlimited dual lands were like $20.

  13. Ya'll OP literally posted pictures of his penis to this subreddit and called people slurs in this thread but alright YAAAAS them up I guess, lmfao.

  14. Obviously the newer stuff, is what I bought when I tried to get back into it. Everything is so confusing now. Guess that's what happens when you were serious in your teens and now you're turning 42.

  15. OP is like "I already sold most of them." But have said this dozens of times. Not only in this post, but their post from a year ago where they did this same shit.

  16. You got taken! /s. In 1999 I paid $100 for a full international collectors edition set, and about 15 revised dual lands, plus a few other choice cards like promo mana crypts. Best investment I ever made.

  17. Please child will you look up the value of collector's edition or international edition they are not alpha beta or unlimited young Padawan

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