1. Ya, it was the same for 3/4 of the country when they announced Uproar. Regional exclusives suck (and I have 2 Casey's in my little village).

  2. I didn't mind it when they did it with Kroger, since one of their subsidiaries is in almost every US state. Same goes for KFC's Sweet Lightning.

  3. I don't think you're really missing out, I was excited to try uproar but it doesn't really taste like kiwi it's one of the ones that just tastes sugary, I haven't had overdrive yet but I'm fairly sure that's gonna be the better exclusive to have

  4. Whoop whoop a local exclusive! Now to drive across town because they decided they only want the 2 local caseys on that side of town. Then find out they don't have it yet.

  5. Your not missing much. It is not that good unless you love fruit punch. I bought 2 and I am done with it already.

  6. I'll trade you for some purple thunder, I didn't care for overdrive but it seems like a lot of people like it

  7. I'm in Virginia, smh at the coastal hate lol but I'm really lucky that I just happen to be going to Tennessee for like the only time in a dew days

  8. Ain’t it a bitch. I hate it when store exclusives become regional exclusives by the retailers not being in several states. Luckily I’m going to Illinois next month so I’ll get to try Overdrive

  9. All of the exclusives have been popping up in Sunoco stations and random bodegas here on a regular basis - I've yet to see Purple Thunder in a Circle K, but have seen it many other places. Hoping it will be the same with Overdrive.

  10. You can find Overdrive on eBay for a slight mark-up and just have it shipped to you. I’m in NC and we don’t have Casey’s either, so that’s what I had to do.

  11. I don't drink much mountain dew, but saw it at the fountain in Casey's. To me, it tasted like a fruit punch pink lemonade with the iconic Dew taste. I'm not good at picking out flavors, so I my guess at the flavor may not be great, haha.

  12. Being on the wrong end of this normally, it should feel good being in the right place this time. But no, hate seeing anyone miss out on tryin any of the new Dews. I’m still searching for a Circle K for Purple Thunder myself.

  13. I'm from Iowa. Store originated here in Ankeny. California will have a Casey's in 5 years time. Expansion is RAPID! 4th largest chain in America and went from 1900 to 2230ish stores from 2016 to 2020.

  14. I understand that exclusives are frustrating, but I think I kinda get why they do. One, it can help promote brand loyalty for the brands they partner with but also kinda creates a nation wide hype scheme. There's something kinda fun to it. Was considering a day trip to nebraska for overdrive, as I'm in Colorado.

  15. I'd be willing to grab some for anybody who wants to try it as long as y'all pay for shipping and the drinks. I have 2 Casey's in my town then like 10 other Casey's within 30 minutes of here.

  16. Eventually they will learn that they can offer it in store AND on their website too. They could make so much money. Instead they basically leave the door wide open for people to scalp and re-sell on eBay.

  17. Ya it just got to Ohio a few years ago and has been slow to open new stores. Where I'm from in northwest Ohio had a few, but none in Columbus

  18. I know a bunch of people are saying this, but so willing to setup a trade for white out or purple thunder for overdrive.

  19. You aren't missing much, it's generic like Baja Punch and Frostbite. I'm not being mean, I'd tell you if it was awesome.

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