1. The difference are what make each stadium unique and wonderful. Plus, the home team tends to have a bit of an advantage because they have better knowledge how balls act in their home park. Think Fenway (Green Monster). Yankee Stadium (Short Porch). Comerica (Deep Center Field)

  2. they are many factors that could have influence on a ball being a home run or not the size of the ball park is the on focused on more because it's really easy to understand. But altitude air pressure, heat, wind are many factors that have influence on hits being home run or not

  3. No, it gives the game a little character. Different umps with different skills at each game too. Every game is a little different than the others.

  4. Stop trying to change what is unique about the game. One of the best parts of baseball is the difference stadiums and field dimensions and the strategies that go with it.

  5. I'm not trying to change anything. If the fans like it, keep it the way it is. I just found it interesting and wondered if you guys were cool with it.

  6. It creates statistical anomalies. A power hitter that spends his entire career in a bigger park may get penalized statistically in the home run column. Maybe a trade off though, as roomier parks might allow more doubles and triples. Players don’t seem to mind though.

  7. Honestly I’d like to see a field with a homerun line but no actual fence in the outfield for like 500ft. Just chalk the or paint the grass where the average fence is and only play a game or two there a year like the field of dreams game.

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