1. There's a Bucc-ee's sign down here in Central/East Texas that says "You can hold it!" but I forget how many miles it expects you to hold it for. 50 or 60 I think.

  2. I’m a Canadian, and I did a road trip last year down to Florida. I literally held it to poop in bucc-ee’s I’ve heard so many good things about it, and I’m glad I waited lol.

  3. If you’ve ever been in a Bucc-ee’s restroom, you’d hold it till you got there too. They are the cleanest and best restrooms of any gas station you’d probably ever visit.

  4. Well there's one that's 62 miles facing south bound side of i35 between Dallas and Austin that says that. I laughed at that with my buddies. Clearly the marketing team has too big of a budget.

  5. There used to be one on I-10 in Florida around Pensacola that said the same but the mileage was the buccees outside Dallas. I have no idea I'd ita still there. This was back when buccees was only in Texas.

  6. They have full walls in the toilet stalls. And lights indicating if they are in use. And they are fucking huge!

  7. And the snacks, my god. 20 flavors of icee at my nearest location, hot bbq almost all day, beaver nuggets, bohemian jerky; and most of it doesn’t give you the “road trip runs”

  8. They are rebuilding the first Bucees to make it the largest Bucees. It will be 88,000 square feet. The current largest is 82,000 square feet and they have several over 70,000 square feet.

  9. Stopped in a buccees in 2008 and just got gas. Asked a coworker what the big fuss was about. Said he'd leave his house to go sit on their porcelain throne because it was better than his at home.

  10. My first thought. I helped drive a friend from PA to The Villages to stay with her mom for a bit. We left at like 11pm (after having been up all day as usual) and by the time we got to South of the Border, we could barely see straight and we were so amused by the place.

  11. Literally just moved from south Florida to Virginia less than a month ago. Definitely stopped at a bucees for the first time

  12. Guess you haven't driven through Texas much. That's how we judge how far away we are from our destinations.

  13. I drive down HW 45 from Dallas to Houston every few months to visit family. The Bucees signs & locations are my waypoints to mark how far I've travelled. I usually end up stopping at the one in Ennis, Madisonville, and Wharton on my way.

  14. When I was on a road trip from Michigan to CA, I remember seeing a sign that said something like "stop and get gas and water or you'll die".

  15. I've been to multiple Buc-ee's, Wall Drug, and South Of the Border all this year. Buc-ee's is the cleanest but I had a great cheeseburger at Wall Drug. SOTB is a dump. And it's a shame because as a kid raised in SC, I always wanted to go. It did not live up to my childhood dreams.

  16. Was in the South for the first time ever last week, and got told by a local that we had to stop at a Buc-ee’s.

  17. Strong disagree. The owner donates a massive amount of money to the craziest Republican PACs. Including over a million dollars to Governor Abbott's campaign. As much as the gas stations and their shitters are nice, don't give money to that asshole.

  18. Took way too much scrolling to find the real answer here. Saw this a few days ago and laughed to myself. That's a hell of a placeholder for the new one going up about 2-3 miles from that sign.

  19. We have a few in Florida too and they advertise their locations hundreds of miles away as well.

  20. Where else can you get a brisket sandwich, a bag of candy, some wall decor, a smoker, a cooler, and some ammunition? NOWHERE

  21. I saw that same sign and was hypnotized by the beaver. I had no control over my body or car. Before I knew it I came back to and I was all the way across the state parked at gas pump 526 with a brisket taco and a bag of cinnamon glazed almonds. Still not exactly sure what happened.

  22. It is an experience. My wife and I stop at the one halfway between Salado and Waco or whatever every time. You know, THAT stretch of I35.

  23. I had no idea what Buc-ees was, and I saw a billboard that said, "Is this the beaver you've been looking for?". I think it was on the interstate in Arkansas.

  24. We flew out of Dallas/Ft. Worth to take my son to Disney World. After the trip, we stopped at Buccees on the drive home. Guess which one he talked about more?

  25. Buc-ees is a complete shit of a company. Not only do they sue anyone whose logo looks even remotely like theirs, but they tried to trademark all images of cartoon beavers and the color yellow. They've put several smaller companies out of business with these insane lawsuits. Don't give these assholes any more money.

  26. This conversation is why they made the billboard. If it said 30 miles, nobody would be talking and they wouldn’t be getting this free advertising.

  27. They are actually building one 2 exits down the interstate. I figured it’s a funny place holder until they finish building it.

  28. What's funny though is the one in Crossville TN is still under construction too! At least it was back in March when I drove by it.

  29. This is the real reason you stop at Bucee’s. Everything else around it is kind of meh… it’s a really big gas station that sells BBQ sandwiches, Beaver nuggets, and merchandise, and sometimes it has a nice car wash.

  30. In terms of locations, they are probably outnumbered 1000-1 by many chains. In terms of the station size, yes. It's hard to imagine a larger gas station existing anywhere in the universe.

  31. I had never heard of Wall Drug before this summer when I roadtripped through South Dakota, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this comment. Holy moly are they aggressive advertisers…

  32. I've seen this twice now. For people who have eaten Texas BBQ, this sandwich is MAYBE a notch above typical gas station food.

  33. You must have never been to Montana or Wyoming where a sign saying “next gas station, 220 miles” is a common sight.

  34. They are what's right with America. Each one is like it's own little city. Open 24 hours. Has like 200 gas pumps. REAL walls in the bathroom. None of those chimsy fiber board dividers.

  35. I love this, because as a Brit, this would be the equivalent of being in Aberdeen, and seeing billboards for things located in London. Which is just hilarious to me, obviously because there are several massive cities en route, as well as utterly countless towns and villages. Just goes to show the difference in population density.

  36. Oh so that’s the deal with Bucc-ee’s. I am from a state where we do not have them. While driving x-country I could not figure out why they were so heavily advertised, and none of them were actually on my route.

  37. Serious answer is that in a place like Texas where 3 - 5 hour drives on a regular basis is a way of life for many due to work and relatives, everyone dreads the road trip bathroom.

  38. I noticed 1 every mile from Sevierville to Crossville, TN today. First one I noticed was 91 miles away

  39. Have you ever been to a Buc-ee's? I didn't get it either when I saw a sign on my way to Miami. It isn't a gas station, it's an attraction that has a gas station as part of it. The fucking bathrooms were bigger than my house

  40. There’s supposed to be one that will be opening on 44 over by the Springfield. That’s newish, and I believe it’s there so that they will just replace the numbers to however many miles away the new bucees is, and already having it fresh I peoples minds

  41. I remember on the car ride to Vegas, there's ads for Bun Boy for hundreds of miles out. Every 20 miles or so is another billboard. Those ads work. By the time you get to Vegas, you're curious WTF Bun Boy is.

  42. If this was Australia I'd assume it was one of those "There's literally nothing for the next 500 miles so buy fuel and water and pray to your gods" kind of signs

  43. The bigger the hype the more suspect I am about things. I was hugely suspect of Bucees. Then I went. Cheapest gas on my regular road trip, house coffee is fantastic, fresh made cookies and awesome sandwiches. Five Star bathrooms. I'm a convert. Yay Bucees.

  44. Buc-ees is a damn staple of the American interstate system. You can and will hold it until you get there.

  45. It’s overrated. I stopped at one for the first/only time a few weeks ago. I’d have no reason to stop at another one though. It’s kind of a “once you see it, you’ve seen it all” sort of thing.

  46. This is right about exit 82 on I-44 east. They are building one on the next exit east of there… exit 84 to exact. My guess is they bought the billboard to change to “next exit” once it’s finished. Source: I take exit 84 to work and it is closed right now.

  47. Sorry but Buccees is not just a gas station. Yeah it sells gas, but the place is like an adventure. Great food, crazy trinkets, high quality nuts (which is what got them started), and entertainment. Place is pretty wild tbh.

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