1. Damn, I'm in 12th grade and i don't have that much work. I never even had that much work in 8th grade. Just spend an equal amount of time on each assignment, and don't work yourself too hard. Also it's fine to turn in partially finished work.

  2. Dont even bother about the homework. Just make sure that you don't fail the tests. Learn hard for the tests and make sure to finish the year. Everything you learn has nothing to do with whatever you want to do afterwards.

  3. Tried to last year, failed all my classes, and had to spend weeks catching up with the rest of the class. Homework is 30% of our grade. I always got A's on tests, but anything else was a zero.

  4. As someone who took school way too seriously, taking all AP classes - my biggest regret is caring about school more than my social life, if I could go back now, I sure as hell wouldn't be taking AP classes and would not be doing homework either- that shit really don't matter

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