1. As a dad, I have done this.. it only takes having the thermostat cranked up to 98 degrees in the winter a few times without anyone claiming responsibility to push one over the edge.

  2. Kids don’t realize how expensive heating and air co is. When they get their own place and have to pay the bill guarantee they’ll get a passcode too!🤣🤣🤣

  3. Oh this kid will learn one day when he has kids of his own. Peabrains don’t seem to understand that AC’s use electricity, and electricity costs money. I’ve had a smart thermostat since my kids were old enough to reach the buttons for this reason exactly.

  4. As a hvac service guy, almost all thermostats these days have a keypad lock function no need to go out and buy an ecobee just look up the user manual for your thermostat.

  5. This is done a lot in commercial settings too, numerous times as an electrician I had jobs to install dummy thermostats in offices, would hook power to them but they didn’t control anything.

  6. Did it still keep the house comfortable? Depending on where the closet is, it can sense temp in a manner that is way off from the rest of the house. They are usually out in hallways for a reason. But! If it worked fine regardless, great!

  7. Did that even work properly? A thermostat in the back of a walk in closet won't be able to read the temperature of the open areas of the house very well.

  8. Unless he was using the one in the hallway as a temp sensor but controlling the heat pump with the closet one it's very idiotic. The closet will never be the same temp as the rest of the house and the house will never be comfortable.

  9. It looks like they probably made it twice the width of a regular button without considering spacing between buttons.

  10. I certainly am. Almost every day my daughter complains that it's too cold in the house. The thermostat is set to 75 and it's pushing 100 outside but she doesn't want to wear anything more than a sleeveless nightgown and then want to turn the heat on.

  11. I came here to cheer this move. When you get your own house you can set a password too, checkmate dependents.

  12. Is there some type of training school or online class where my husband can learn these “dad” inclinations? Because I swear he’s the opposite of the whole dad-saving-energy trope 😂 He cannot turn a light off to save his life. Even if he goes into a room to grab one thing, the light will stay on. He will also turn on the heating instead of putting on so much as a long sleeve t shirt and long pants. Some of us wives have to be the dad in the marriage!!

  13. I have a dummy thermostat that the family can change all they want. The real one is on the side of the boiler and uses a remote sensor. It's been like that for a year and a half; they still have no clue.

  14. I used IFTT to setup a routine that would change the temp back after 5 minutes. Long enough for the system to kick on and make my kids think they'd done something, and walk away.

  15. I am a Dad who struggles with his 3 kids changing this constantly. This right here is a Boss Move, your Dad is a fucking LEGEND. As we speak, I am on Amazon ordering a thermostat that I can lock out with a password. Brilliant.

  16. Wait till you look into home assistant. I’m working on what I call “Dad Mode”. Where it starts shutting off lights and adjusting fans to optimize energy usage. Can even update thermostat settings.

  17. What if one kid wants it hot, they turn it up, house reaches tell, another wants it colder so they change it, it get to temp. Your heating and than cooling and heating. And it's fucking stupid. I mean cooli.g a house in summer is costly, or heating g it in winter. But constantly having a heating and cooling system go at it will make it been to be replaces sooner on top of wasting electricity. Move out I'd you want to control it

  18. The fact that you posted this picture makes me believe you kept touching the thermostat even though you were told not to. Your father got mad at you, and locked it so you can't touch it anymore.

  19. Bro people (myself included) do NOT realize how expensive that shit is. Once the money is coming from your own pocket and you have to see the bill go up you learn the lesson quickly.

  20. I can hear my dad yelling at 7am to “turn the goddamn heat off” in mid-January in New England. “Go start the goddamn fire.”

  21. I stayed at an AirB&B that had a pswd protected thermostat set to 80F. I tried to get ahold of the owner, but couldn’t reach him for several hours.

  22. My Wife and I share the same sentiment with temperature - You can always put more clothes on, you can only take so much off.

  23. Logic dictates colder will always win. You can always put more layers on, you can’t always take layers off. Cold takes priority.

  24. “My dad has to pay out his ass when is fucking kids crank up/down the thermostat, so he put a password on it… what an asshole.”

  25. That’s what I was told growing up. Once I start paying the bills I could keep the house the temp I wanted. Now that I pay the bills I don’t keep the house the temp I want. It stays up a little bit to save on energy costs.

  26. Don't be foolin with the thermostat unless you're contributing to the electricity bill. When you get a place of your own, you'll realize exactly why dads do this. I went on deployment and the first month away my electricity bill went from $98 to $489.. Found out the moment I left the family turned AC's in every room to 69 and left them that way 24/7.. When you're budgeting and expecting $100 out of your account and lose $500, that's a shock, especially if you don't have $500 extra in your account living paycheck to paycheck.

  27. I had to do this on purpose to teach an ex house mate who kept turning on the heating instead of putting clothes on. His theory was "if it's on all the time, then it doesn't use as much energy to heat up from cold."

  28. I moved in with my parents for a spell following a divorce. I offered this pay the electricity bill solely to avoid this conflict. They were happy to save, I was happy to be comfortable.

  29. ive offered money to my dad to help with the bills COUNTLESS times if i can increase the AC so my bedroom is not a sauna while the rest of the house remains cool(due to the layout of the house and hvac system), and he still wont let me change it.

  30. Oof I feel this. Just paid my bill and it was just over $400. And it's gonna be even hotter this month. I'm expecting to pay over $500 for Aug.

  31. You know what’s more infuriating than finding out someone put a pass lock on the thermostat? Someone who has no concept of how a thermostat actually works fucking with it and then finding out when you wake up to get ready for work and you have to sit on a freezing toilet seat that the aforementioned ignoramus turned the heat completely off all night long in the middle of November because it was a little hot.

  32. Welp, my roommate who owns the house I'm renting a room in won't allow me to lower the thermo past 80.... In northern California. I pay half of all utilities

  33. If the fan is set to on all that does is keep the blower going, all in not to terrible a cost, keeps air circulating it should not keep the condenser on unless it's wired wrong

  34. I had to disable the mercury switch in a thermostat due to an old roommate. The agreed upon majority vote for winter temperature was 65°. He kept turning it up 10° when he was alone in the house and refused to pay the difference. The numbers on the thermostat would change, but the lifter arm would never tip the switch to engage the furnace.

  35. As the proud owner of a $700 monthly power bill during our blazing summers here in Nor Cal I commend your father! Single dad with 4 kids here none of who pay the bills lol. So of course they run the temp at whatever they want. Fans? No way. Opening windows in the morning too cool down? Forgot about it. All AC all the time. Maybe you can get us dads a link to what he’s using lol. I’m seriously considering buying one! OP you may have just screwed over thousands of kids here lmao 🤣. What you find mildly infuriating us dads see only genius here 😉

  36. I share the code to mine with anyone who contributes to the electricity bill. Which has been zero people since I set it 3 months ago. 5 working adults in the house, only one paying the bill. They must like being 80 degrees.

  37. If he's as inspired as my old man it would be his birth year. My FIL goes with the more complex version using his own phone number.

  38. I'm a dad, I do this, I also pay all the bills. If you don't like it feel free to get a job and get your own place, or complain about it on the internet service i pay for too. Either way I promise you, I don't give a fuck.

  39. I got my ecobee thermostat for free during a green promotion. Including installation. It's a fantastic unit. I have it connected to my smart home.

  40. The only thing mildly infuriating is that you feel entitled to change the thermostat in your parents house where, chances are, you don’t pay for the electricity or gas.

  41. I know this is hard for you to understand but the light bill can get up to the $300s if you don’t control the central AC. You want the passcode? Help pay for it.

  42. Sorry OP, but I'm with your dad here. He pays the bills, he sets the thermostat. If you genuinely can't handle it, adjust your clothing choices.

  43. AC is expensive as hell. I used to lower it in my parents house alot growing up and never understood why my parents would get mad at me. Then I moved out and started paying the electric bill. Sorry mom and dad...

  44. They put ours in plastic cases at work with vent holes. My coworker started putting ice packs or cold water bottles on it so the heat would turn on.

  45. Dad's wallet was pretty clearly the victim here until he found this device. I agree with the rest of that.

  46. Quit touching it if you're not paying the electric bills each month. Where I'm at everyone's has increased by $200+ each month.

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