1. Sorry to hear it. As a niner fan and watching another young QB finally start performing well. Then have something like this happen really hit home. I hope for a fast recovery for Tua. Gut wrenching to watch

  2. Teddy just can’t start next week. It’s like watching the cutler season the guy just has no fire anymore or something. Give me a few weeks of skylar until tuas back healthy

  3. I kinda thought we were going to “win it for Tua” when we were up 15-14. Then I realized quickly that wasn’t the case and went back to staring blankly

  4. I truthfully do not give a shit about this game after seeing Tua. I only hope that he's okay and fully recovers. Praying for him.

  5. How many of us had the team going 3-1 in the first 4? If Tua doesn’t get hurt I have no doubt we are 4-0.

  6. Most people had the team at 1-3 if we were lucky. Hopefuls has 2-2 and fantastics went wild and said 3-1 possibly 4-0. Well those people look smart now. I'm happy cause I assumed 2-2 at best but would have been happy. So I'm happy and even happier Tua is all good in a sense.

  7. Even without tua getting injured, I was worried about this game all week. I feel like we were the better team, but short week after playing the bills, traveling, and worrying about a hurricane had me concerned. I feel like had we played Sunday, we would win

  8. I'm not saying Miami made the best decision last week, but if Tua cleared protocol (NFL doctors) then why the fuck are the targets only on Miami and not the NFL's procedures? Maybe their protocol isn't thorough enough?

  9. It’s not stupid, but it should only be with teams coming off a bye week, which I feel like the NFL used to make a very tiny effort to do at the beginning, but maybe I’m misremembering. Both teams should always be coming off a bye week. For all the safety talk in the NFL, having players play with only 2 days rest (as the 3rd day is a travel day for the away team) is ridiculous.

  10. All I care is that Tua is ok, if I was him I would never play football again. If he does come back for us we can compete. I’d rather him stop now and not risk the health it’s just too brutal a sport. Fml

  11. Same man. All these guys worried about this or that or the season being over, but not Tua's health. Tua's health should literally be all of our #1 priority over the season. Football is a sport man, Tua is a fucking human being.

  12. Before the season started, 2-2 was projected to be good for us with how tough the first 4 games were. Hopefully Tua will be okay, but we need to march on without him until he's 100%.

  13. For his sake I hope he quits football, brain damage is not worth it in any shape or form but so tragic bc he was the truth

  14. So legitimate trauma doctors test Tua at a hospital and people are still complaining… and the nfl sub is pissed we are happy he can come home? FL has had enough the past 48 hours. I’m happy he’s alive wtf.

  15. No man you just don’t get it. These doctors that studied not just medicine, but neurological health, nearly their entire lives. They’re fucking morons compared to someone who can’t even make it out of their parents basement.

  16. The fact he's cleared to travel is a terrific sign. It might not be as horrific as it looked. It is still a serious injury. But Tua seems to be on the better side of this situation and that is wonderful to hear.

  17. I think people overreacted to the fencing response he had. i follow rugby and we have a player having that response every week and returning to play the next weekend. There was a player full on convulsing in a game like a month ago and he came back for his teams playoff game a fortnight later.

  18. We've had deflating losses in monumental spots numerous times over the last decade (2021 - Titans and getting crushed 34-3, 2020 - Bills and getting annihilated 56-26, 2013 - needing one win and losing to Thad Lewis/Geno Smith in back-to-back weeks).

  19. I felt like McDaniel called a much more conservative game in the second half. I felt like every drive was run, run, pass punt

  20. He got discharged from the hospital. Doctors evaluated him and determined he didn’t even have to stay overnight.

  21. You can really feel the difference once Tua is out of the o-line. The atmosphere completely changes.

  22. Tua flying back w the team and being discharged is a win in my books. 3-1. On to the Jets. Rest up over the next 10 days. Regroup and FTJ

  23. No way Tua plays against the jets. Have to hope McDaniel is able to scheme enough for teddy to put playmakers in positions to win. Defense will have to be well rested

  24. Discharged from the Cincy hospital. Will he be going into a Miami facility when they land or just going to neuro-doctors for the next week?

  25. Tua should sit out a few weeks. See how teddy plays against the jets, if he loses that throw Skylar in for the next one.

  26. I don't give a fuck about this game. I am just glad Tua is awake, feeling his extremities, and can leave the hospital. Beyond grateful for that. This shit shook me to the core about the importance of life man. I don't know if I am over reacting to the sudden nature of the injury Tua got, but I am just grateful for the small things, and just glad he is ok.

  27. I feel you I have school then work then OT cuz its Friday. And my favorite player just got a severe brain injury while I wore his jersey while watching with family in prime time. And we lost to top it off. Shit had me crying for a little too. 😔

  28. All the people calling for Teddy to be the starter can now take their heads out of their own butts. Thank you. Welcome back.

  29. Start Skylar if tua is out for some time. Teddy doesn't know wtf is going on. I'd rather have a young slinger out there with these receivers than Teddy. Missed FG missed PAT. Unnecessary long ball amounts when the short game was working fine. Cincy was just waiting for every deep ball.

  30. The loss hurts but I really just hope Tua’s ok. Sounds like he’s doing a lot better but I really hope we don’t rush him back. No point in ending this dudes career/ruining his life for the hope of a playoff berth/Super Bowl.

  31. I feel like everyone's gonna blame the Dolphin's medical staff for "clearing" Tua, but doesn't a 3rd party neurologist have to be the one to clear him per the NFL's protocol?

  32. The loss is depressing, but not as depressing as my fellow fans are. Chill we are 3-1. We beat the bills, all we can do now is hope for the best with Tua. Don't make excuses, we ain't bills fans

  33. Is it impossible to consider Tua was fine from the Bills game and today’s hit was just that devastating? Like the whiplash on the hit today looked rough in realtime.

  34. I think this game definitely settles the Tua vs. Teddy debate for good. I know most of us were already sure but I still saw a few naysayers here and there.

  35. The Bills and their trailer park fan base are absolutely at the top of my shit list, surpassing New England and the Jets. I can’t stress how much I hope Baltimore whoops their asses this weekend.

  36. Most backups qbs are bad around the league but Teddy doesnt inspire much confidence is my main game takeaway

  37. Thoughts for Tua. Don't care about the loss. Literally couldn't tell you what happened in the second half. I was F5ing for Tua news the entire time.

  38. It’s been a rough week, and this was a pretty awful cherry on top. I’m glad Tua is being discharged and that he’s flying back with the team, though. It’s a huge relief. That said, I’m dreading all of the takes about the supposed concussion from last week being connected to this definite concussion despite there really being no reason to think so (the hit he took was enough). The same drive that leads our brains to find solace in team sports also forces us to make connections and find patterns so that we can fool ourselves that life is not random and unfair. Does this mean that the NFL hasn’t been negligent? HELL no. But they took Patrick Mahomes out in a playoff game a couple years ago, so I doubt an early-season game is important enough for an independent neurologist to risk their medical license.

  39. Tonight was tough. I generally stay away from the sub on game day because the game threads are exhausting but I wanted to post some thoughts:

  40. Very obvious Tua was dicing up the bengals. Dolphins win this game easily if Tua stayed in... unfortunate.

  41. I’m sorry but people acting like their is some crazy conspiracy surrounding Tua are exploiting this situation. You are challenging the integrity of multiple people. It’s embarrassing.

  42. My biggest takeaway from tonight's game is that there are a lot more doctors on this sub than I could have ever imagined

  43. Team played tough but ultimately outplayed in the end. Definitely have some things they'll need to shore up. Gotta be better than this going forward but we all knew the Bengals are a tough opponent. Take the week and a half rest and come out better next week!

  44. Bengals fan, I see a lot of people talking shit from various fanbases, and I'm sure there are a few exceptions, but our fanbase isn't one of them. Tua not getting the respect he deserved didn't sit right with me before the season started. I hope y'all still win the division, I'll be rooting for y'all as my second team this season.

  45. I said this in the game thread and I'll say it here; there is no fucking way an independent non team affiliated neurologist cleared tua from the concussion protocol knowing they would risk their license for malpractice for whatever the NFL or the dolphins bribed them for because losing your license is losing your livelihood and everything you worked your entire life for. Who in the absolute fuck wants to start over at 35 with no money in the bank and 12 years of college debt after lawsuits?

  46. Yeah this narrative is just clickbait. That’s why the league has independent people. Sadly Tua just got wrecked. But this wasn’t nefarious. We’re not the pats.

  47. Please Skyler Thompson start cause next week Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle better torch the entire Jets secondaries

  48. Every troll and unnecessary post I saw were removed, mods were doing a good job imo. They can't see everything, gotta report the shit you see.

  49. If this game is played on Sunday, I feel we win this game. Thursday games need to be removed altogether, except for Thanksgiving. Defense played well for the most part, but looked tired at times and losing X hurt. Frankly, I'm just glad Tua was released already and will be headed home tonight.

  50. Just finished McD presser. Dude is committed to the Dolphins players like I’ e never seen since maybe Dave Wanny! Seriously, I feel like he’s got our best interest in mind !!

  51. For lack of a better term, it was interesting to see the raw unfiltered commentary on concussions from a bunch of recently retired players (Fitz, Whitworth, Sherman) in the Amazon postgame. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen that candid of a conversation about the dangers of football on an official NFL broadcast. Whit told a story about passing the protocol when he knew he was concussed. Richard Sherman said this is a kid’s game, the sport doesn’t matter compared to the players’ brains and their health.

  52. Can we talk about how we had to change our entire game plan because Teddy didn’t know the playbook? He had the whole thing on his wrist and you could tell he didn’t know where his receivers were going.

  53. Good news is Tua is coming home with the team, we hung in there against the reigning AFC champs without Tua and X… and last but not least my personal favorite - even if the Bills best Baltimore, we will still be first in the AFC East

  54. The armchair/internet neurologists need to stop. It’s like AB last year and it turned out he was just a narcissist.

  55. If this game was on Sunday Miami probably wins, Defense was gassed after Buffalo game. I hate Thursday night football, shouldn’t have games so shortly after Sunday. I didn’t expect much tonight but damn worst case scenario. Hope Tua is ok

  56. Hope Tua had a speedy recovery but it’s going to be a long fucking season if he doesn’t get over his hero ball mentality and just learn to throw the ball away

  57. Bengals were the better team tonight. Had Tua not gotten hurt I think we could definitely have won that. I hope the best for him, congrats to the Bengals on their win. It’s time for our guys to get some much needed rest.

  58. Ok we lost, but the defence looked great until they were clearly gassed in the 4th (which we expected). The running game showed some signs of life (we need a short yardage and goal line back though) and…I’m sure there are some more positives

  59. Teddy Bridgewater has a great football name...like Rudy. Maybe he has a cinderella season.

  60. Praying for Tua man, his health is all that matters. I couldn’t watch the game after that shit. I really hate to say it and I wanna see Tua ball tf out for us for years to come, but this man is so injury prone, I really fear for him. Every time he gets sacked or hit, I hold my breath. Even the play right before he got concussed he almost lost a knee or an ankle. Idk it just feels like he’s cursed with the injury bug. I really hope I’m wrong and he comes back better than ever and healthy.

  61. I can’t believe anyone would think McD would let Tua play this week if he legitimately thought there was an issue. This is a non division game that is basically meaningless compared to the risk of losing your QB for a significant portion of the season.

  62. I know the last person you want to hear from right now is a Bengals fan but im praying Tua is gonna be ok no one wants to see that happen to a player. Y’all are still gonna do big things this year and your future is looking bright.

  63. I can't think of one dolphin fan being mad you've come in the sub giving your support. We appreciate it and the loss feels more like a loss for our QB than the game itself. We pain for him but thanks Bengals fan ..... gg

  64. Josh Tupou. That's the name of the scumbag who slammed and tried to injure Tua. As non local writers are noting, Tua was lifted and thrown and no flags were thrown nor was this bastard ejected.

  65. No excuses tonight. Team showed up with zero energy. Methodical approach to this game. Offensive play calling is protecting Bridgewater for not knowing the offense. 15+ carries for mosart shows that Teddy doesn't know what's going on. Defense was lazy and nonexistent. The tua injury weighs heavy, but this was win-able.

  66. Everyone, the season ain’t over. Stop that shit! We’re 3-1, still better than most and still better than the bills (yeah I’m calling them to lose to Bal). We’re good. Our defense needs to heal up and we’ll see about Tua. Teddy is better than Chloe Lemon so it’s not all bad. And maybe we can see Skylar? But we’re 3-1!! Fins up!!

  67. With how banged up we were at the end of the Buffalo game seeing Howard and Waddle limping in the 4th comes as no surprise. They battled hard. One dropped TD pass away from winning this game

  68. NFL tales are wild man. The ONLY reason the dolphins beat the ravens and bills was because both of those teams were injured, yet injuries had nothing to do with tonight’s outcome.

  69. Imagine the Ravens without Lamar or the Bills without Allen. Would they have performed better against the Bengals? Probably not.

  70. Defense played well being so short handed and tired. Coach really channeled his inner Adam gase in the second half. Really got into his own head. Teddy sucks sure but sling the rock tua is out for an extended period of time what is there to lose. Instead ultra conservative mixed with pretty dog shit qb play not going to win. They should have never played tua in this game never.

  71. Yeah. With the pressure we got on Allen last week I thought we would feast on burrow. I'm guessing they were just gassed from last week

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