1. I've endured that line to change my address. Clerk gave different requirements than what was posted on the website. 😡

  2. One time I changed my address, they mailed the title to the NEW address, but I was registered at the old address?? And had to pay another address change fee?

  3. The 2-person barber shop I used to go to had online appointment booking. I can’t imagine it would be that hard to implement.

  4. Is there something we can do as a community to get them to provide tents/water etc.? I’ve been putting off going to get my new tags due to my heat urticaria. There’s no way I’ll be able to stand out there for hours without passing out. Then god forbid I lose my spot in line.

  5. Make the drive to Millington. I still had to wait 4 hours, but there was plenty of seating inside in the A/C (on a day where Mullins Station line was out of the front door, across the building, across the parking lot, and across the next building).

  6. This is one of the few things about this state that I find odd. I mean no disrespect really, but I’m originally from a country where you could do everything, and I mean everything, that this office does at the comfort of your home using an app. The last 5 years we began to digitalize these government services and all you hear from the people is praise and satisfaction. Here it feels like living decades behind when it comes to these services.

  7. I drove by the one in Poplar Plaza at 10am and the line was out the door and wrapped around to the other side of the Paul Mitchell studio. It’s outrageous.

  8. I remember years ago going there to update my address using the closing documents for my home purchase. You would have thought I had three heads by the way they looked at me. I was told I needed two forms of verification of my address. I was like I literally have legal documents showing I just bought the house. Needless to say I had to make a return trip. Freaking nightmare.

  9. Some of it Memphis's fault for sucking, probably, but I think the majority of the problem is that the state decided to issue brand new license plates while everyone and everywhere is short-staffed. People aren't getting their license plates in the mail because they aren't actually being mailed, but cops are still ticketing for expired tags/plates, so everyone goes to the county clerk to pick them up.

  10. Rookie mistake, you’re supposed to bring your entire filing cabinet with you whenever you go to government buildings.

  11. I went downtown to pick up a plate last week and walked right in with absolutely no wait at all, guess I timed it right.

  12. I also went in to the downtown location 2 weeks ago and there was only 1 person in line ahead of me. Went in around 11 am.

  13. My tags need to be renewed. And I’ve since moved. This gives me nightmares thinking about next week when I have to do it.

  14. It’s awful. I tried several times and places recently. The best luck I had was around 2 at the Mullins Station location. A lot of people left the line when their lunch break was over. The wait was only an hour. Take water and an umbrella to shield you from the sun as part of the wait was outside in direct sun.

  15. Thanks. I was able to finally get done with what I needed to do. I went downtown the most recent time and was there before the office opened. It still took me 2 hours end to end. 3 people working the lines and only 2 at the window.

  16. YES. I had to switch ownership of my car and had to come back 3 separate times in ONE DAY because of “errors” in my paperwork. Literally none of them being errors in the eyes of anyone else on the face of the other other than the people that worked there. Ridiculous. Got up to get there half an hour early (at least) and there was a line wrapped around the building. Had to wait in it the second time. And then I asked for some kind of pass when I was told to come back again. They gave it to me and I was one of the last 3 people they “assisted” (if you can call it that). I was literally there from open until close.

  17. It’s the new license plates that are clogging up the works, they didn’t have the budget or the manpower to get everybody their new plates efficiently and it’s been a cluster fuck. Can’t get them on the phone or anything. Usually if you go around 2pm they’re pretty slow but right now all bets are off.

  18. Yeeep. I feel like someone needs to take some responsibility for this fiasco. I had a dream the other day that a cop pulled me over because my license plate was up to date and he thought that was suspicious.

  19. Generally I completely agree. I will say I had a wonderful experience this week at the downtown location getting a duplicate title. They were fast and kind.

  20. I generally try to go at opening (7 or 730) closer to the beginning-early mid of the month at the Germantown location, and they have been incredibly quick & efficient in my experience. Only 2-3 clerks working at a time and a very small waiting room/area, but they’ve gotten me in & out with very little waiting game.

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