1. Tai Lee's original swimsuit pitch was supposedly skimpier, because the designers knew Nickelodeon would ask them to make it more conservative no matter what they proposed. So they basically pitched something skimpier than what they wanted so that Nickelodeon wouldn't tell them to tone down what they actually thought teenagers would wear.

  2. Wasn't that the strategy the writers used for a lot of dirty jokes in Animaniacs too? Make something even worse so the original idea gets a pass?

  3. Which makes sense. Like I feel old because my teenage cousins will wear...surprising things. My instinctive (unspoken) reaction is, "Are...are you sure that's what you want to wear...?"

  4. Team America: World Police did the same thing with the definitely-not-for-children sex scene. They threw in everything they could think of, and "grudgingly" cut anything the MPAA said crossed the line from R to NC-17.

  5. Which is odd to me cause when puberty hit was when we stopped watching cartoons. Not because we were too grown for them, just that is often the age you get more freedoms to run around with friends. That and video games were prioritized over TV.

  6. Some of the the more alternative looking cartoon girls/women had me feel my first feels. For me the first few were the Hex Girls from that one Scooby Doo movie. Specifically the lead singer, yowza.

  7. There's a video about "The Goth Rebel Dream Girl" archetype, and when it finally addresses that animators might just be oversharing, it plays the sting from "Hand Covers Bruise."

  8. Chel set the framework for my ideal woman, thus ensuring I'll never actually find one in real life T_T

  9. Her whole dance-battling, finger-poke-of-dooming, chi-blocking schtick is actually really neat and fun to watch.

  10. My introduction was a tv commercial. When I was a kid there was this commercial that aired on tv a couple of times. the gist of the commercial was encouraging parents to have the sex talk with their kids and encouraging kids to ask their parents about sex. I asked my parents that night and they told me they’d tell me when I was older. I didn’t like that answer and went on google and discovered she go-Kim possible hentai.

  11. For me it was a Zelda flash game on new grounds, played it realized what it was, turned it off, then went back, then back again and again and again and then I realized how to masturbate a year and a half later

  12. Which is weird to me. Like, Starfire's costume is more revealing, she's innocent, she's got a great voice, but my gawd, there's something about Blackfire that she just ain't got. And I don't know why, but somehow Blackfire's outfit showing less skin than Starfire's is part of her appeal.

  13. I wanted nothing more than to be like Ty Lee when i grew up. 15 years later I'm not nearly as cute looking but i can do a pretty cool backwards cartwheel

  14. In your defence you’re also not a cartoon girl that was drawn making it much easier to avoid imperfections and with the explicit intent to make it cute, although you could be I bet everyone would feel cuter if paid someone to draw us as a cartoon/anime character

  15. Maybe not that exact one, but the episode that introduced Trigon was rather something, what with Slade ripping her clothes off to reveal her tattoos. Of course the internet rolled with it.

  16. Who are the two on the left or rather what shows are they from? I feel like I remember them from years ago but can't.

  17. You forgot that scene from SpongeBob where Patrick says, "You took my only food! Now I'm gonna starve!" The camera pans down to his morbidly obese gut. GODDAMN! A man could get lost in those rolls.

  18. Eris woke up something inside me when I first saw her, I was like: Do I wanna be her..... Or do I wanna be with her?

  19. I remember I was 12 when El Dorado came out and I beat my meat so many times to that chick the night after I saw it I was shooting blanks after the 6th time

  20. Right? To add to this, i lowkey appreciated the mom from incredibles, because as a teen I felt like I suddenly had hips that weren't represented as desirable in media. Exaggerated hips even in moms in cartoons made me feel that much more normal and seen.

  21. Children don't think about sex when presented with something adults perceive as sexual. We consider children to be "innocent", because the adult mindset is chosen to be the norm.

  22. Hey, these six women are Powerful and you do not want to mess with them. Raven can use Dark magic and can send you to the dark dimension.

  23. I would like to add the older sister from lilo and stitch to this list. The artists knew what they were doing when they drew that dumptruck.

  24. Raven was probably my first animated crush back in the day. I kinda lost my shit on that episode. Long hair, ripped clothes, magical tattoos, oh man....

  25. I remember when I was younger I would talk about how pretty Shego was all the time and my mom was like uh huh sure. Thinking about it now as a 25year old lesbian woman. Why was I shook I was gay 💀💀

  26. I honestly think more characters should look like this or have a more diverse body type. It'd be weird if every one of them looked disturbing or the same.

  27. I mean, if it's for kids under 10 there's a good chance they don't know what they're looking at and don't care. Goodness knows a lot of stuff like that sailed over my head at that age.

  28. Didn’t see anyone else mention it, so I’ll let y’all know She-Go had some very great energy for my teenage tastes.

  29. I mean… I agree with the point, but the number of shirtless/spandex-clad male superheroes showing off a six pack is also not kid friendly if we’re being fair.

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