1. I made the jump from FF to chrome when chrome started to get bigger. It was faster and cleaner. With the adblocker support dropping I switched back to FF a month ago and it has become just as fast or faster then chrome. Glad to be back!

  2. Go Firefox. Opera is closed source and as far as I know it's owned by some Chinese company. If you wish to use a Chromium-based browser with a built-in adblocker, use Brave instead of Opera.

  3. Chromium is open source, I doubt they'd remove adblocks. It's chrome that is based on chromium, which will block it

  4. It's weird. Everytime someone talks about browsers there's a fuck ton of people praising Firefox as the only good browser. Yet only 4% of people are using Firefox

  5. So crazy the lengths these asswipes will go in order to try and make me watch ads. Do they not understand that I will purposefully not buy that product/brand if I have to watch an Ad?

  6. Chrome started as a fork of Safari’s rendering engine WebKit (far different now). WebKit started as a fork of KHTML and KJS (same as Konqueror web browser).

  7. Yeah its been a viable Chrome competitor (and, honestly, superior in every way except the fact that Chrome offers first-party support for the Google ecosystem very well) since the Quantum release in 2017.

  8. Basically they’re ruining ad blockers on any Chromium based browser (Google Chrome, Chromium, etc) and ad blockers are a necessity for online browsing nowadays because there are just so many of them. I’m sure someone else could explain it better than I can with a more technical understanding of it.

  9. They're breaking adblocker extensions. Considering that a lot of ads on websites are NSFW or contain malware, it's a dangerous decision.

  10. Firefox is the way. It’s sad, I remember going from Internet Explorer from the early 00s, to eventually Firefox in the late 00s, to Chrome in the 10s. Now it’s back to Firefox. But I will not do it until the day my Chrome updates and suddenly AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin are blocked. That day, I type in “firefox.com”, into chrome and make it clear to googles analytics that they just lost me as a user. Upon installing Firefox, I will be uninstalling Chrome, no need for it any longer.

  11. Why wait? Just switch now and let google now they are making a mistake before they go all in on it. Got rid of Chrome on my PC, realme android workphone and my iphone for Firefox.

  12. Remember when movies were hard to get, and everybody pirated. Then we had decade long "piracy is a crime" stuff shoved at us from every angle?

  13. Yes! For Apple folks this is the way. Best features, best battery performance out of any browser, great security and privacy, everything works seamlessly across the entire ecosystem.

  14. Well I do remember a period right at the start of chrome where firefox was subpar but that ended at the latest with the quantum update which was like ~5 years ago.

  15. chromium will stop adblock functionality. You need to swap off the chromium broswers and basically you need firefox or its derivatives

  16. An update in January 2023 is going to remove ad blocking capabilities. If you don’t use ad blockers then maybe nothing really changes for you.

  17. Brave all the way. Its own adblocker will not be affected by Manifest V3. Furthermore, it's like chrome (because Chromium) but without anything Google, which is perfect.

  18. Ive already installed Firefox and moved my bookmarks. I'm moving over because when Chrome drops adblock the internet is basically gonna be a billboard with tiny writing in a corner all the info you get.

  19. I’m probably going back to Firefox myself. I switched to chrome when Firefox started to get bloated but I rather have blocked ads

  20. i know firefox is far better than chrome but i am stuck to chrome because of easy fillup of those passwords which i dont remember and effortless sync that is only 2 major reason im sticking with chrome

  21. All are pretty good options, though just Firefox isn't Chromium based. Also Vivaldi is pretty good.

  22. I got a new Mac and just decided to use safari since Apple blocks tracking. It’s great not to mention something and see an ad for it in a few hours.

  23. I’m using that right now :’) I did Opera over the GX variation since it’s kind of like the base.

  24. Chrome is taking measures to kill adblocker functionality in future updates. Basically risking everyone's computer safety for money.

  25. Planned updates disable adblocker and more. Then there are the old grievances of them being a monopoly in the browser market and thereby forcing everybody else to follow along in the direction they take.

  26. Existing adblockers and most privacy extensions in general will stop working. The developers may or may not try to port them to the new system but their functionality might be somewhat limited. Some might work just fine and others might be completely crippled.

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