1. Not even having 4hrs to yourself sounds like a true nightmare to me. Imagine not being able to just nap without getting 20 missed calls. Hellish.

  2. I'm kind of a pushover and even I would be setting boundaries then. No, mom, you don't get to call 911 because you didn't hear from me today. No, sis, you don't get to call me 10 times because you didn't know where I was. Y'all are blocked until you learn some chill. I am reachable by email.

  3. Like another commenter said, it’s possible OP was supposed to meet these people somewhere, and when they didn’t show up, and no one could reach them, naturally, even starts to worry.

  4. They would break into my apartment because of no rent payments for 6 months to actually see oh shit he dead

  5. I feel like if I were to die on My couch no one would notice I was gone until the stench of me rotting finally reached the neighbors. Not even my job would care. 3 days no call no show? Fired

  6. I sometimes lay awake at night thinking about how if I died in my sleep, my son is too young to call or tell anyone & would just be there alone. I’ve been through some rough shit, but that terrifies me in a way I’ve never felt before.

  7. And here we see the difference of how men and women are treated differently by society. It must be so hard being a women what with everyone giving you compliments all the time and making sure your ok and people wanting to socialize and people doing nice things for you randomly.

  8. I actually did that once…. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to let work know. If you’re reading this and it sounds strikingly familiar, I’m sorry about that.

  9. Honestly. This one kinda hits home. I was out with a bunch of people my age yesterday at a church party, and I try, but I’m not good at making friends. It’s been about a month of being active in this group, but if I disappeared without a trace, there are only maybe 3 people who I would expect to eventually even notice, and they probably wouldn’t give it much thought.

  10. Ah yes real people like “mama🧑” most know for saying, “Call me 911” and “SISTA💖”

  11. I haven't responded to any texts in like.. months, you're more likely to get me to respond to you by replying to a comment like this one

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