1. I had a really good preceptor for cardiology who can talk about anything-he learns about different cultures, speaks five languages, cooks anything he loves, attached sports politics movies——his ability to talk about anything has helped him keep 20+ long year professional relationships with his patients. I aim to be like him one day -like a percent lol.

  2. Realize there is only so much you can learn, study, and review in one day. It’s okay to not spend every waking hour focused on medical school. Create good habits early such as gym schedule and commit to reading a book. It’s the small commitments of an hour a day that add up overtime. If all else fails it’s usually because a person creates their identity as a doctor as such loosing their individuality beyond their career.

  3. I refuse to become a physician without any general knowledge about everything else, even at the expense of being the best I can be.

  4. I think the most impressive doctors are those that have other interests too, because they made it a prioritize to be well rounded. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and nerd out about it often. But I also Iove working out, video games, graphic design and knitting (all over the place lol). I think having outside hobbies helps prevent burnout. Especially activities involving physical activity.

  5. For news, I have a google speaker at home that I ask to tell me the news while I’m brushing my teeth/making breakfast etc

  6. It seems like every time I find a good news source that isn’t biased they go out of business or are bought out and stop making news. Drives me crazy

  7. You make a very deliberate decision to create time for non-medical things. And I suggest you make that decision at the beginning of MS1 year. Medicine can consume all your time if you allow it to do so. Need to build habits from the beginning that you’re consciously going to create time for hobbies and friends/family.

  8. You just have to make time for the things you love. Like I watched lectures online on double speed so I could go workout. Bathroom break? Time for a lesson on Duolingo. Sketchy really helped me, too. I could remember a ton from a short video vs spending tons of time reading or doing flash cards. I just figured there’s only so much I can read about medicine and actually maintain. I’ll never see it all, so might as well do things I love. Plus having that break makes you more attentive when you are studying imo. I also just really learned to multitask. If I am cleaning, doing laundry, cooking (stuff you have to do anyway) I could have an audiobook or a podcast on.

  9. Keeping up with the world outside of medicine is important not only for your sanity but also for your future career in medicine, I know thats not really news to anyone but its something I have to remind myself of whenever I have an exam coming up and feel as though I need ever minute devoted to medicine. I like having a routine of news and breakfast so atleast I'm getting multiple things done at one and getting some time to relax

  10. I remind myself that if I overdo my studying, I'll just go crazy and eventually hate what I'm doing. Just plan out dedicated study times and keep to it. It's a conscious effort.

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